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Part 44: Bouquet Complete

Bouquet Complete

Music: Fall

Short one today, for reasons that will become obvious soon.

Link's gonna be busy this morning, so we're not jumping right into a request for once.

But there's always time for Pia being weird.


Why are you...hissing?!

This particular bit of Pia weirdness is tied to the request of hers we recently finished and overrides whatever she would have normally said today.

Also it's Blaise's birthday. His tastes are pretty much the same as Rusk's, so he'll be getting Hot Chocolate too since it's super easy to make.

Hi Sharance, this is dad.

He talked funny, and was drawing some flying whale. But why didn't he paint the whale rainbow colors?
Why does it need to be rainbow colors?

That's nice, cram this hot chocolate in your facehole.

This armor's run its course, let's get back to something more normal.

Original edgy link do not steal.

With that out of the way, let's plot!

Wow! It's so pretty! Thank you very much!!
Oh, s-s-stop. I'm going to blush...
Now I'm sure we can get our feelings across!
I can't just sit here! I need to get going! Thank you, Shara!
Good luck!

It'd be nice if it was obvious all the flowers you grew were in it, but I'll take what I can get with DS graphics.

Hey Kuruna, this is enough to make up for whatever horrible things our ancestors did to your people, right?

Music: Sadness

Everyone in town collaborated to create this Bouquet, Kuruna.
We made it for you because the settlement means a lot to us, too!
Well...I guess the flowers are pretty. Sort of. But the Hornless have caused my people such anguish......Is it time for me to open my mind and heart to the Hornless?
Have you decided on a date for the Unity Festival?
You'll come?! Kuruna, thank you!
Oh, don't you dare misunderstand! I haven't forgiven the Hornless. But I didn't want to hold things up with my stubbornness.
Well, it doesn't matter why you did it. The point is that you DID.
So, as I asked: Have you decided on a date for the Unity Festival?
Oh, not yet. We were waiting for you to.agree to it.
Well, I've agreed to it. Any day works for me. Let me know when you have the festival scheduled.
Okay. I'll come back when we've worked the details out.
I'll be waiting.
Thank you, Kuruna. I know how hard this is for you.
...You're welcome.

Making progress! Time to hike back to Wells.

About the day of the Unity Festival", how about Fall 12?
Very well, we'll hold the Unity Festival on Fall 12. I'll let everyone know. I'll leave it to you to tell those in the settlement.

The Unity Festival is the only festival in the game that doesn't have a set date(for obvious reasons). By default it picks a day two days ahead, but won't overlap with other festivals(and presumably also birthdays).

It also contains a metric shitload of dialogue, so it's going to get an update all to itself.

Music: Love

Fall 12? I'll be there. And since you're so persistent in inviting me...I assume you'll be my personal escort for the event?
Oh, of course!
I'm relieved to hear that. I may not trust the Hornless...but at least I know you.
Thank you, Kuruna...
As long as I'm with you, I know I'll be okay. I'm looking forward to the festival.

And with all that done with, we can talk to Kuruna normally again. Not that she has anything interesting to say today.

Onward to requests.

Sure thing.
I'll do the talking. You just re-stock the shelves with things.

Huh? This is just paperwork. It's all claims and messages. Takes up lots of time.
Oh, I see...
Link. Thank you.
We're not done working.
It's just an excuse. As you can see, we don't have any customers. This store is based on the things that you guys bring to me.
That's not...
But I'm not talking.about this store. It's about Karina.
You know how she hated working the store and kept saying she wanted to go to the city.
You knew?
I'm her parent after all. I can tell what my girl's heart says.
Her heart says?
That girl, she doesn't really complain out loud. But she's thinking it. Wonder where she got it from. Always so picky.
Oh, I think I have an idea.
But...It's really my fault, I think.

She just didn't say much so as not to burden me.
It was her way of showing compassion.
But she's changed a bit since meeting you. Just a while ago, she wanted to open her own store!
Although it didn't go so well. But...

So...Thanks. Link.

Well, that's it.
We're done here. Today's pay is included in what I gave you.
So professional.
You gotta be! Now go on home.

Keep looking after Karina.

Being lonely almost feels like a luxury.

How to make a sapphire brooch: Smash together three sapphires. Done. Yes, sapphires are pink in this game - irl they can actually be all sorts of colors, along with the traditional blue.

In the morning, Link dispenses some poorly-worded advice. I can do requests today without an issue, but I don't want any active going into tomorrow. And "I should go home today" just means "don't stay awake all night like an idiot, because the festival scripting assumes you wake up normally".

As usual, everyone has something to say about the upcoming festival.


Sadly, since Raven's reveal is tied into her requests, I'm pretty sure we never get a "PS we have a half-phoenix person along with our half-wooly, our dwarf, our elf, and our insane mermaid."

I can see how nervous you are. Don't worry, I'll help you out if something goes wrong.
So don't be so nervous.

Don't go out of your way to make a good impression during this historic reunification or anything.

Keep the dream alive, Pia.'s the middle of fall.

You don't have anything good for sale anyway.


I mean, I do kind of want to finish the plot at some point.

Have we considered just locking Marian in a basement somewhere until the festival's over?

It might help if you did something about your insane granddaughter before she caused another interracial incident.

Since this festival is the first to include the settlement folks, they get dialogue too! Including the first new thing Zaid has said in several weeks.

W-Why would I be uneasy about something like that?


Yes it is. I'm also taking credit for assembling the bouquet and crafting the brooch and ribbon.

I went to do a repeat of the 'someone left stuff here, take it if you want' simple Raven quest(because this one's a good way to get at least one decent thing out of a simple request without much work), and it turns out there was actually some interesting stuff involved.

Yes, you can murder things with a weapon-carrot.

Next up, a proper request. Or at least the start of one.

You have more potential as a cook than my own children.
I know how it may sound, but I have high hopes for them. But, Link...I have the experience to be able to tell. You have more potential to be a cook.
So lets find out. Could you make me something? Your task is to make Fried Veggies.
I am making a formal request. It may seem selfish, but I must see for myself.
Okay. Fried Veggies, is it?

I almost have all the stuff to make it.

The general store happens to have onions for sale...

...but I'll have to get a cabbage the old-fashioned way.

By this point in the game you really need to be taking notes about which quests need what items, because so many things will be left hanging several days while you wait to grow/fish stuff.

Taking the chaos blade out for a spin.

Incidentally, the pink cat finally grew. Finding that one in the fridge didn't save too much time, but oh well.

That's it for now. Next time: