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Part 31: Just Eat It

Just Eat It

Music: Summer

Another short one today to make up for how much I've been slacking.

Despite all the typhoons, I'm still managing to get some crops out of this season. Not as many as I'd like, but it'll have to do.

Also it's the worst character's birthday today.

Against my better judgement, I give her a pumpkin.

And...well, Marjorie's the quest-giver here, so we probably won't die or be turned into an ant or something. Probably.

Yes. But are you sure? Inviting me to eat with you...
Yes, I'm sure. You've taken care of Marian so well. Just--Could you bring a Omelet, a Rice, and a Ketchup?

If that sounds like a bizarre dinner menu to you, just know it's a Japanese food thing.

What? Um, weren't you going to treat me to dinner?
Everyone here is like family to me. So I'm just asking my family to chip in a little bit.
I-Is that how it is?
It is. Now, come back when you've got the ingredients.

So, there's a couple problems here. The first is that we need tomatoes and onion to make ketchup. The second, and much more annoying one, is that we need the same size of milk and egg to make an omelet. My Buffamoo are already making medium milk, but my newly recruited Cluckadoodle is still only laying small eggs, so making an omelet is impossible until medium eggs start happening.

I can't believe it took until RF4 for someone to go "wait, can't we just have it accept any size of milk/egg for the ingredient slot instead of having three different omelet recipes?"

Since that quest is getting backburnered indefinitely, let's see what Sherman wants today.

I'm not having a sudden craving for some sandfish dish.
Sandfish dish?
Actually, I didn't ask the chef, too.
You asked Blaise, too? Then there's no reason that I need to...
But Link, I don't have high hopes in your cooking ability.
So you want to compare my cooking with Blaise's?
No. So please hurry and don't make Fried S. Flounder.
Okay. I'll do what I can!
That's not the spirit! Now, bad luck!

To the desert, then!

Sand flounders can be fished out of the desert sands. Just roll with it.

Then fry it.

Please, enjoy.
Of course! *chomp chomp smack*!
Yes, it is disgusting! Too disgusting!

Seconds please!!

But, opinion is that the chef's dishes are more horrible.
I see... was really bad. I don't thank you.
And no congratulations to you, Link.
You're a chef now too, Link. This is from me. It's not something special.

Don't improve!
Okay! Thank you very much!
By the way...since when am I trying to become a chef?

Who cares if Sherman's trying to make us a chef, do you see how well the man pays?

So you did...

Yes, you can learn weapon techniques if a runey skill up procs the right skill at the right time. I'll show off the ultimate spear move eventually, but I'm having too much fun with this overpowered sword for now.

Time to bribe a chicken into slavery.

Love me.


Koo koo kachoo.

For some bizarre reason, Walrus immediately lays a large egg in the barn. But after today he goes back to laying small eggs like I expected. It's baffling and also doesn't help me with making an omelet.

The next day...

tl;dr: Everyone will be selling stuff tomorrow. What Wells doesn't tell you is that a few people will be trading items for other items, and there's actually a trading chain to help you get some of the really good stuff.

This ought to be good.

That's it? Okay.
Do you have any dreams?
Dreams...? Do you, Daria?
Yes...I do.
What kind of dream?
I...want to build a castle.
A castle?
That's right. A giant castle bigger than the Sharance Tree.
And what will you do once you build it?
Good question! I, I! I want to look out at the world.

Phrase repeated as a question?

When I was little, my dad took me to a large tower in the city. And the view...was amazing. Everything seemed. so close, yet so far away.
Anyway, it was amazing! That's why I want to capture the world with my art.
You you're out for world domination.
Well, this is still far in the future. Right now, I want to make art pieces.
Let me know if there's anything I.can help you with. I would like to help.
Link...Okay. No take backs.
Let's stock up! 10,000 pieces of lumber!

Somewhere, LordHippoman is waking up in a cold sweat.

I'm kidding, ha ha.
But maybe I'll take 20 or so.
So you are asking me for some.
Now go, my assistant!

That's like three stumps of wood. Why not just lumberjack it yourself?

OK OK, fine.

This was nothing compared to 10,000.
The castle's name will be "Link Rainbow Tower".
Ha ha...oh, stop.
Thanks, Link. I'm really happy that you helped me.come closer to my dream...
...?! What's the matter?! Why are you suddenly so timid? What?! What?! Another face of Daria?!
How rude! I only have the one! And what's so wrong...if I'm a little...

D--?! Daria?!
Oh shush. Let me speak.

Thank you for everything today. You can tell me your dream next time.

Quest rewards get a tiny bit ridiculous as you get further along each quest chain.

Vegetables: Will Rusk eat them?

I know that...I can't stay this way.
I see.
So I thought I'd try a sweet first. So, please, Link. Could you bring me any kind of vegetable to me?
Okay. You want me to bring you a vegetable.
Yes. Thanks.

I already had a tomato on me, so might as well.

Thanks...I'll do my best to eat it.
Good luck.
Here, this is for everything. Well, bye then.

Oh hey, something to make crops grow faster. I abuse the hell out of these in RF4(where they affect a plot of up to 9 crops), but they're considerably less worth it in RF3 since they only apply to a single crop. But hey, free is free.

Incidentally, since Pia knows our deal now, we can talk to her normally in our Wooly form. Whoopee.

Labelling text boxes properly is hard.

While I'm doing herb/grass gathering things in Privera Forest, I accidentally recruit a Pomme Pomme.

Pomme Pommes are bad at fighting and don't produce anything, but there's no reason to release it unless I need the space. So Ringo gets to stay and be forgotten about.

I've also used up some antidote grass so I can get rid of some of these annoying poison plots. They're not that hard to avoid & poison is really easy to cure, but they're still annoying.

I'm pretty sure I've shown off Raven's diary before, which only had this entry in it earlier. But now that she likes us more, she's written more!

It's a neat detail for a diary you'll probably read once in the 'examine everything in everyone's houses' phase and forget about afterwards.

Tomorrow: An overly complicated flea market.