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Part 20: ...


Music: Spring

Hmm. Maybe if we get her something good, she'll stop biting us?

(Literally all her random dialog at this point is variations on her hating us and wanting to bite us. There's a reason she's stayed mostly offscreen.)

The stock at the blacksmith does upgrade as you complete dungeons, so I can't just buy her a Cheap Bracelet. I could make one myself, but . She gets the cheapest accessory in the store instead.

A rare moment of Gaius not trolling us or dispensing wisdom.

Monica can be nice. Sometimes. When you bribe her.

I'm a little rushed for time. Sherman has requested we make a lot of juice for a relative's birthday. But we're a little short-handed. I was hoping you'd make a glass of Grape Juice.
What? Is it okay for me to make it?
Of course. I don't have anyone else I can ask. Let me repeat it for you. Make a glass of Grape Juice and hand it to me.
Okay. Hold on.

Grapes grow in the new dungeon, so I guess that's as good of an excuse as any to dip our toes in.

Music: Oddward Valley

A cave with a small farm plot is the first thing we come across. This room spawns Cluckadoodles, which I need to complete the set of Normal Farm Animals Only Not. But I'm not befriending any now.

This is also where silver starts spawning.

Outside is all riverbeds. Since we're just here for some grapes, there's no reason to linger, but the bird monsters have an annoying ability to blow you back.

After a couple screens, we hit dry land again & find our grape tree.

I don't have the grape juice recipe yet, but considering that every other fruit juice's recipe is "stick one fruit in blender", I think I've got this.

Take this. Alright, now to get this order finished!
Good luck.

Ore. How original.

Inn time.

For example, you can charge an attack after an attack that leaves you wide open.
Y-You're very knowledgeable...
Well, it is just the basics.

Reminder that we can't marry her.

Well, do you think you could get some Cheap Cloth for me? I'm not big on monsters.
Well, it's not that I hate them. But they tend to take my food and things.
I see...
So, you going to go?
Oh, sure.
Thanks! Oh, Cheap Cloths get dropped by Orc. Well, thanks--
What do we have here?

I don't really mind.
It's an issue of will. You'll never be a respectable innkeeper with that kind of attitude.
...You're right, maybe I was relying on him too much. Sorry, Link, I'll try to manage on my own today.

Are you sure this is okay, Shino?
Yes. She won't be able to take over as innkeeper with such half-hearted efforts.
But for her not to get any help?
Oh? Whoever said that?
I just said that she was relying on you too much.
Then I can help...?
That's not for me to decide.
I see.

Translation: Go into the forest to make sure she doesn't die or something.

Music: Privera Forest

Sakuya must be here, too.

How the fuck did she even get over there? There's no path to that bit of land in the entire dungeon.

Ah...I don't know if I can do this. But I want to be able to run the inn like Mom.
And then open up a franchise, corner the inn market and wait for the money! What should I do?
But I can't find the Cheap Cloth anywhere. I usually just find items on the ground while I'm running away from the monsters. *Sigh*, what am I going to do?
(I want to help, but how can I get the item to her?)

Step one: Murder orcs until a cheap cloth drops.

(I want to help her. But I'm sure she wouldn't take it if I just handed it to her.)

Step one point five: Don't throw it to her while you're in human form.

Hm...hey, a Cheap Cloth! Wait...
That figure there, it's you, isn't it, Link! I thought I told you! I don't need help!
So she found out it's me. If only there was some way to disguise myself.

Step two: Throw it in wooly form, and watch as Link exits stage left.

What's that...? ...

What's the matter?
Oh, well, never mind. Anyway, I need to get back to work. Oh, this is for bothering you today.
You know, since I made you come out for nothing. Wait, why are you so shocked?
Oh, no reason! (I thought she knew it was me...)
Well, see ya.
Bye. all worked out.

Link is really, really bad at keeping secrets, isn't he?

Keep your eye on your opponent and when you see an opening, STRIKE! That's an injection fundamental.
Is it a martial art?

Many weapons have + versions, which are slightly stronger versions that are the base weapon+extra shit. In this case, my lance gets strengthened by the mysterious power of bronze.

Here's what that shitty rod Ondorus gave us does. I'll stick to normal weapons and fireballs, I think.

After way too long, I finally get to start upgrading farm tools. The waterpot is first, because being able to water multiple squares at once is a huge time saver.

My current crop patterns aren't very well suited for it, but that'll fix itself in a few days.

N-No! Of course not! It would be unbecoming of the revered Univir elder!

This is a not-so-subtle hint that Kuruna loves sweets(thankfully she does the OH NO I'M TOO EMBARASSED TO ADMIT I LIKE THIS thing less than Forte from RF4). Her favorites are anything to do with chocolate, because she has good taste.

Also there's a crop festival coming up. I've got a level seven pink turnip, so I'm basically guaranteed a win.

For now, Carlos.

Oh. Seems like you've gotten pretty good at fishing under Carmen's guidance.
Ha ha. Master...I mean, Carmen said that about me? I'm so happy.
Yeah and I couldn't just do nothing. Here, take this.

Is this...silver?
Yeah. Silver is used to make fishing rods... A real fisherman will make his own tools. And you will be able to charge a good rod. It's child's play to us fishing masters.
I see. Charge?
As you know, you hold B to charge, and then release. It's similar to a weapon. If you charge with a good rod, it'll attract far off fish, and you'll get tons of bites!
Oh! That's amazing!
Right?! But not with a beat-up rod. Just be sure not to pass out from fishing too much! Keep at it, bro'.

This entire request was "this is what charging does for fishing rods." I get that Carlos and Carmen are both off in their own little fishing world and don't seem to be part of any townspeople cliques, but some of their quests are really .

I'm constantly running into storage limits with all the crafting-related hoarding I'm doing, so a bigger storage box is in order.

The general store has a couple other pieces of furniture, but neither is very important right now. We're eventually going to need a double bed for Link to get married, but that's a long way off still. And the bookshelf just lets you store spells & rune abilities - you have more inventory room for them than you'll ever need if you're not casting much, but someone going full-on mage might need the dedicated storage.

A Pia in need is a Pia indeed.

Totally! Our mop cracked, and it could break any second now!
Wow, it looks like it's in pretty bad shape.
Duh! I use it every day! Just about every second of every day! I want the bath to be sparkling! You hear me? SPARKLING!
Oh, but what if it's so sparkly, nighttime doesn't come anymore?
Don't worry. It will.
But I can't make things sparkly when the mop's kaput like this!
Why not buy a new one?
I'd sooner make out with a squid!
You're awfully attached to this mop.
It's got special powers or something! Anyway, Gaius said it just needs to be reinforced with Strong String.
So you need me to track down Strong String?
Exactamundo! Remember! Strong String! Not String Theory! And from the not-squids that spit out silk in Privera Forest!
Gotcha! Wait, "string theory"? What was she babbling about?

Simple enough. The only minor nuisance is that spiders can also drop Sparkling String, but I'll need that for fishing rod upgrades anyway.

Now I can make the bath SPARKLING! Thanks, Link!
No problem!
I was worried we might get huge protests here if I couldn't get the baths all sparkly-darkly!
I'm gonna scrub-dub-dub till the tiles erode! Then I'll make the dirt underneath sparkle!
Pia, does your whole life revolve around baths?
Yup! I love baths! Especially sparkling baths! And I especially-decially love people who take baths! And it doesn't take a brain scientist to know what THAT means! Hint, hint!
Oh, almost forgot! Here's a reward for helping out! Are YOU gonna love THIS!

What's wrong, buddy?
Well, it's just that you gave me a Strong String.
I did!
Because you gave me Strong String, silly!
...All right, then.

God bless this idiot mermaid.

The next day...

Music: Festival

I'm 500% ready for this festival. But let's scope out the competition just in case.

Iron is an important nutrient. I'm sure.

Not a threat. Next.

For your vegetable?!

Adorable, but probably not a threat. Next.

I've seen enough. We're clearly the victor.

In later years we might need slower-growing crops to keep our edge, but in the first year you can get away with whatever grows quickest since it'll gain levels fastest.

This is well-grown. Your effort shows. Hmm, not bad! I can taste the love! Wonderful! The results are in! The winner of the Spring Crop Festival is...

I'm not sure it's possible to lose this one unless you put literally zero effort into growing crops or forgot to save a vegetable for today. The game vomits higher-level seeds at you even without using the sickle.

And yes, you get your crop back. The prize is a tower of cooking bread, as usual.


Might as well do a quest today.

It's a calamity! A terrible, awful emergency! A full-on FOODIE ALERT! *alarm bells*

Yes, the "*alarm bells*" is written like that in her dialogue box.

Okay, okay! Calm down. What do you need me to find? Cake? Cookies?
Medicine? Are you sick?!
I'm, uh, a little under the weather, to put it mildly.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that! By the way, what kind of medicine do you need?
Uh...I need medicine for my...stomachache.
A stomachache?! Isn't your stomach pretty much made of cast iron?
Marian made me some medicine, but it looks like she accidentally gave it to someone else!
I see. But you didn't answer my question about what happened to your stomach!
NEVER YOU MIND THAT! Let's track town that medicine! First, we need to find Marian!

Ace Detective Link is on the case!

Let's see...the only people who came by were Sherman and Hazel. I must've handed it to one of them by mistake.
We gotta track down Sherman or Hazel and forcibly RIP that medicine outta them! Let's go, Link! We fight to deliver infinite gastric JUSTICE!
Hey, wait! Hold up!
Poor Link.
You know, she moves awfully well for a girl with a stomach ailment.

Marian is still the worst. Collette is annoying, but not enough to also be the worst.

This...stomach medicine?
I do need it, but Evelyn says to be on the safe side...
Please excuse me! Link! We're going to the next one!
Oh, huh? Weren't you looking for stomach medicine?!
Link and the sous-chef, you're both so not lively.
Ah, ha ha...please, excuse me.

I've been so tired lately. If only Karina would work once in a while.
Please excuse me! Link! Let's go back to see Marian again!
W-Wait! Wait, Collette!
I'm not sure what's going on, but it seems like you've got a full plate.
Ah, ha ha...please, excuse me.

Here it is! It looks like I had it in my pocket the whole time! No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere!
Now, now, at least we found it. Here's your medicine!
Yay...huh? Huh?
This is the medicine that will make me bigger?!
Yes. Although it's just a supplement. Just get some exercise and eat well and you'll grow on your own. Oh and get plenty of sleep. That's what Grandma said when she told me I couldn't give you the medicine I made.
Ha ha...
Th-Th-That information stays here! D-D-Don't tell anyone, okay?! Here, take this!
Well, it's not like no one knows already.
Ha ha ha.





...Gaius wanted me to come get you.
What? Oh, okay. Umm...where's Gaius?
Asleep upstairs. He has a cold.
Oh, I see.
... should I do?

Bring this here. I can't leave the store unattended.
Skull? Yeah, okay.

It's Raven's lucky day! I've been lugging a questionably-human skull around ever since beating Skelefang!

...Thank you...

Are you scared or something?
Oh. (I guess that's it.)
Then I'll help, too.
I'll do the parts where you need the Skull, and I'll leave the rest up to you.
Should we get started then?
...Thank you...
No problem.

Alright, is that it then?

What a couple of dorks.

...Hey, Raven...
What...? think I could come again?
...It's not...up to me.
Wait, that's--
Ah, I slept well.

H-Hello. I'm just visiting.
Both of your faces are red, did you catch my cold?
Oh, no, That's not...
Oh well, whatever. Huh? Isn't that a Art of Attack? Did you make that for me, Link?
Oh, no. I just helped out a little.
...That's not...true.
I see, I see. So you did it for me. Thanks! Well, it wasn't like I was in a hurry.
...Wait. You said to have Link come over because you were in a hurry-
Because I wanted to get back to the forge. I thought I'd have him bring me medicine.
Did you not get that? I was wondering why no one was bringing me any medicine.
Well, this request...
Yes. I guess Raven misunderstood.
Ha ha...
Well, all's well that ends well. Link, here, it's not much, but it's for you.
Oh, but...
It's fine. Take it. Hope to see you around again!

In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is around the time all the bachelorettes(barring Kuruna since she came in later & Marian/Collette since I kind of avoid their quests) will start falling for our sheepish hero. It's about as subtle as you'd expect this game to be.

On a completely different note, let's drag Daria into combat.

She has a War Hammer, and...yeah. To be fair, the villagers would be more impressive if I had focused on bringing them along when they first started being available.

She does alright as long as you don't mind the constant calls of "MARVELOUS ATTACK! DARIA ATTACK! RAINBOW!".

And yes, of course she has an actual rainbow attack.

As far as I can tell, it doesn't actually do anything.

But she's as useful as anyone else for treasure-detecting duties. It's generally a good idea to drag a villager through each dungeon once to catch all the hidden stuff.

I also come across a rare blue chest, which is full of weapons, and um.

Why hello there.

Bonus Art
Today you get the inn girls, Sakuya and Pia.