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Part 53: Stating the Obvious

Stating the Obvious

Music: Town (Day)

Today begins with Sherman invading our personal space first thing in the morning.

Also there's a crop festival tomorrow or something.

It's close enough to winter that we're starting to see snow! It's basically rain, only snow.

No, I'm going to win. I was just feeling bad for everyone else.
I-I see...

Spoilers: I'm going to win. As usual.

Of course. You cannot win without confidence.

I'm personally part of the 'grow fall crops early enough that two different ones are level 9/10 without you trying too hard' school of thought, but to each their own.

Each character comments on the weather as part of the greetings I normally cut out, but I'm including some of the snow ones because you don't get to see them 75% of the year.

I'll be honest. I didn't have a specific plan in mind for how long I wanted to stall the marriage votes while I did Kuruna stuff. I didn't even remember how most of her events went. But this one was perfect enough that I've made it the cutoff event.

Zaid and Ondorus are just...hanging out here. In the rain. I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Kuruna. She's been acting bizarre lately. She's been making.mistakes that are most unbecoming of her. Link, do you have any idea what might be troubling Kuruna?
No idea. I hadn't noticed, really.
That's what I feared. What could possibly be the matter?

My bracelet! I told Kuruna to fix it, but she hasn't even lifted a finger yet! It's been a WEEK, man!
It was my FAVORITE! She's always really good about fixing my stuff whenever I tell her, too!

I'm sure it's nothing. Also, learn to fix your own shit, Zaid!

Shara is also just hanging out here. Without the event having started yet.

...Oh, sorry!
What were you daydreaming about, Kuruna?
Really? Is everything all right with you?
Yes. Couldn't be righter, comrade.
Kuruna...I saw your letter, you know.
Oh, yeah. That.
I know something's wrong, Kuruna.
No! Nothing's wrong!
Everyone's worried about you, Kuruna. Could you tell me what's wrong?
I'd be happy to help.
Why...would you even THINK that?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!
Kuruna, please. I can't help you if you won't help yourself.
Go home.
I won't go home until I find out what's wrong, Kuruna.

You, uh, have any comments about this, Shara?


Ah. It all makes sense now.
Wait, you figured out the problem?! I didn't even tell you much of anything!

What's that?
Actually, no. Wait here.

What could he be doing in there?
Hey, Link.
What is it?
Kuruna thinks she's ugly. She ever tell you that, man?
Uh, no. It's not exactly something I'd expect her to confide in me.
Well, she does. But maybe it's hard for a human to understand. Personally, I don't care what she looks like. She's our elder.
That's a pretty open-minded attitude, Zaid. I'm surprised, coming from you.
Just find out what's wrong with Kuruna. I liked the old one better.
I will!

What exactly were you doing in there?
Never mind that. Go inside and talk to Kuruna.
But, I--
I told you to get in there. Now do it.

So pushy.

So...can you talk, then? You can't have a coversation without two parties.
Well, what do you want to talk about?
I don't need to tell you again. You've been acting strange.
You think?
Yes. And when you start acting strange, I don't know how to handle it.
...*sigh*....Ondorus was right.
What did he say?
He spoke ill of you.
Ondorus?! He would never do that!
He said you were dense.

Imagine a world where I could make that image the title of this thread.

I think you just proved you are.
You think?
Heh heh heh.

Music: Date

Heh heh heh. Anyway, I have something to tell you, comrade.
What's that?
I like you. A lot.
You DO?! Kuruna! Wait! This is out of nowhere!

I'm not expecting a response. But I wanted to let you know how I felt.
Well, you didn't--
I'll give you some time to think about it.
Thanks. I think I need it.

The prize is the game confirming that it is, in fact, doing this on purpose.

I do Raven's random "here's six random things, take them if you want" request again, and get a blue crystal flower out of it. Jesus.

The rest of the day is spent forging random shit for the skill grind.

I've also unlocked another permanent stat-up medicine. I could feasibly make this one if I grinded monster drops(including the Raccoon boss) more!

And I've reached the next tier of recovery potions, which will come in handy for the Actual Final Dungeon once I get there.

Music: Festival

And now, a crop festival.

I might be slightly overprepared.

They're so cute when they get their hopes up.

Well it might help if they were actual crops, Shino.

Yes, it's Green Pepper stalk. (Fashionable, isn't it?)

That sounds pretty scary.

I see...


I'd ask how Link is still surprised by this, but, well...

So you saw it? It's too late...

Ah! It turned this way?!

Aaaand leaving now.

I didn't realize it until now, but the pre-judging dialogue actually changes once submission time rolls around.

Which is good, because otherwise I would have missed the latest chapter of Gaius' Adventures in Gardening.

Lv10 Yam is basically a guaranteed win.

Like so.

This wasn't a contest, it was a massacre.

Too bad the prize is still just a shitload of cooking bread. Which I don't need, because I already have piles of it. Couldn't they have at least varied the type of recipe bread you got?

The one farmer in town wins all the farming contests. Imagine that.

Oh, was that too much? Ha ha ha!

No no, that was accurate.

Oh, you figured out I was just flattering you? Whoops!

Probably if you didn't use ore...

Thanks...I think.

Because of Evelyn, I'd stopped seeing vegetables as actual food.


Hey, pineapples! Pineapples are annoying as hell to get, because there's only three ways to get them:

1)Murder pineapple monsters in the desert until they drop some.
2)Buy pineapples from Yue.
3)Luck out and get pineapple seeds from Yue. Maybe. Googling says it's ambiguous whether or not pineapple seeds actually exist in this game. All I know is I've never seen them.

Mei's also here today. She's a RF1 cameo who only exists here to let you change your name/your farm's name, if you forgot.

And no, you can't marry her either.

Part of the reason I bought all those pineapples is that there's a few recipes you need them for. Ole!

And since I'm mostly thumb-twiddling until the marriage poll is done, let's do a quest for...*squints at characters and thinks of which one I haven't featured in a while*

Carmen. Sure.

Th-Thanks! Now we can go stream fishing! I got permission from Carlos this time, so now we can go to Oddward:Archway.
Okay. I want to catch a big one today.
Yeah, that's the spirit! Let's go then!

I knew it. I can't catch anything today.
Ah ha ha. Oh well. But I'm having fun fishing with you.
I'm having fun, too. Maybe because I'm with you.
Huh...? Really?
I just have so much fun when I'm with you.
I-I see...Is that right...? I'm so happy.
Aw, shucks, now I'm embarrassed. Ha ha. Oh, you.
I guess you have that side to you. It's cute.
H-Hey! Stop it! Keep it up and I'll drop you in the river!
Ha ha, sorry. But, it's true.
Ah! Cut it out! I'm blushing!

You're right, when did that show up?
It's so pretty...
It is very pretty...
(I wish time would just stop right now...)
(I want it to be like this forever.)

Oh! Yeah, it is! Pull up!
O-Okay! This fish is pretty formidable. At this rate...
I'll help, too! We'll get it this time! Don't give up!

Behold, DS graphics technology.

We got it...
We did it! We finally got one!
Thank you very much! Carmen.
Man, he was a tough one... Maybe he's the King Fish of this waterfall?!
It's a little small for that I think. Maybe it's just a plain fish?
Hey! Just because he's small doesn't mean he can't be a great King Fish! Good job, Link. Now you take that fish home with you.
I was thinking...I want to let it go.
What? Why?
I want to battle it again...
Okay, just joking, I wanted to come back here with you again, I think.
Link...When you say stuff like that you might give a girl...

Umm...Um, hey. I...I think that I...
No, nothing! See ya!

Link. Link never changes.

I take the ice hammer for a spin. Its model looks really stupid, but it kills things acceptably.

And later grinding with the Chaos Blade unlocks this.

The demonstration might have worked better on something that doesn't die in one hit.

Have a bunch of low-tier ore? Need something simple to grind forging skill with? Staple that stuff to your farm tools! No, really. It doesn't change their functionality at all, but it's an easy skill grind.

As Link goes to sleep, I only have one update left in my backlog. Which means it's time for him to get hitched!