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Part 23: City Dreams

City Dreams

Music: Summer

Crops coming along nicely.

I-Is that true?

It doesn't even fit.

And Daria's toying with the fabric of reality.

And Karina wants to do something for once.

Uh, I'm here about your job request?
Oh...right. (What was that request about again?)
Uh, it sounded like you wanted to go somewhere.
Oh, that's right. Actually, I think it's time for me to leave this town.
Oh, okay.
Wait, what?!
I'm running away.
Whoa. Uh, isn't this a little sudden?
It's not sudden at all.
I made up my mind a long time ago. (One week, actually.)
Is that right?
But I guess we should go hear what Evelyn has to say first.
What? Why Evelyn?
Well, she knows the most about the city. I'll bet there are tons of people like her in the city. People who have fun jobs and only work when they feel like it. It sounds like a dream...
Uh, I think Evelyn gets to live like that because she was born rich. I don't think growing up in the city had anything to do with it.
I choose not to believe that argument.
Anyway, can you just find Evelyn for me? We can talk after that.
What? You're not coming?
No, running around and looking for her sounds pretty exhausting. It doesn't make sense for both of us to go through that, right?

Clearly the correct decision here is to keep enabling her. Let's go!

Not exactly. It's a little difficult to explain. It'd be better if you just came with me.
Oh, so it's a surprise?
Well, it sure was a surprise to me...
Sounds exciting!
I'm glad you're being a good sport about this.
Oh, it's no problem. I like a little mystery!
Ha ha...*sigh*

I guess you're my surprise today.
Uh, sure... (What?) Anyway, Evelyn, I was thinking about moving to the city.
The city? Which one?
It doesn't matter, as long as it's a city. Anyway, I was wondering what kind of clothes I should wear.
Clothes? You're just going to ask her about CLOTHES?
Yeah. Why?
You're a little strange.. Anyway, what do you think, Evelyn?
Let's see...well, I actually just finished an outfit that you could wear.
What? I can just have it?
Of course.
Let's go to my house. You can try on the outfit there.
She just gives her clothes away? It really is just a hobby for her...

Hmmm... (They're all nice.) This one, then.
I knew you'd pick that one, Karina.
I want to change. (Honestly, isn't that obvious?)
Oh, sorry...!

In a good way, of course.
Oh. (Phew.)
Anyway, we'll take it in a little here, and let it out a little here...
Ow, hey! Let me get out of it before you start sewing!

Keep it in your pants, Link.

Oh, sorry. I got a little carried away.
It's...okay. (It'll heal, I guess.)
Hee-hee. Anyway, it's done! Here you go.
Oh, it's perfect!
It really is. This is amazing. Link, come take a look!
Uh, okay.

It's incredible that Evelyn could use curry to make Karina's regular outfit!

It's (In every way.)
Oh, stop. You're making me blush.
Ha ha.
This is the final touch.
Oh? That pendant...
Oh yeah. I borrowed it from Sofia. You made it, right?
She said to take care of it. But I accidentally broke it the other day. Right, Link?
Oh, I remember the pendant. I didn't know you broke it, though.
Anyway, thanks, Evelyn. Let's go, Link.
What?! Now?! Didn't you want to talk about...hey, wait!
Bye bye!

I only have one question.
Where is the city, anyway?


Talk to her again, and:

All things considered, it's a miracle she manages to deal with the shipping bin on time every day.

...I'm not one to kiss and tell. And I most certainly don't want you to give me them!
But if she won't tell me how to make them...what should I do?

Rare cans get fished up, and super fails happen when you try to cook non-food. And this conversation happened fairly late considering I've fished up two rare cans already.

Sakuya time.

Music: Home 2

I see...then I hope you stay friends.

>Someone important

And which one are you speaking of? Not both are you..?
No, umm...

>Who are your girls?

No...I'm sorry.

Shino is truly a formidable foe.

That's right. You ready, Pia?
Yup. All ready!
Alright. Then you mind coming with us? We'd be in everyone's way here.
Hm? Okay.

Well, thank you all for coming today.
Please just sit down and make yourselves comfortable.
Tuna should come by, too!
But then how would they be able to breathe?
Well, I'm going to sing a song!
What?! But you said you liked my song!
Oh, honestly! Pia, you need to follow the script!
Oh, yeah! I forgot, this was that! The, um, s...Squid show.
Stand-up comedy.
Is this part of the act...?

We don't have a unique draw, so we thought we could draw in people with stand-up. What did you think?

Both lead to the same response.

Well, I didn't really need to ask.
If only I were smarter, I could come up with better material. You know, I heard there was some medicine that could help...

Oh, I'm just glad to get your opinion. We'll work on it some more. You, too, Pia! You can't rely on Link so much either.
Oh, but, I made it this far...
No. No!
Y-Yes. Okay... (But I'm worried they might go fighting monsters if I left them be. Medicine...Maybe I should ask someone about it.)

Time for an awful idea.

Marian, is there any medicine that makes you smarter?
You mean Mental Supplement? But I guess it doesn't really make you smarter, technically. What about it?
Well, I just thought I'd want some is all.
You mean you'd take the medicine?
W-What? Why did you pat my shoulder...?
You just made my day! I'll make it for you right away!
What?! Wait, I didn't ask you to--
You just wait right there!
She's not listening...

You sound surprised about how much you made...
Now, give it a try!
Oh, well, it's not for me...wait, you don't need to get me tea! I'm not staying long!
Really? Then just the water and medicine then.
No, what I'm trying to say--

Convenient that Marjorie is missing for Marian's latest case of malpractice.

*cough*! *cough*!
Huh...? Nothing seemed to have happened.
Any tingling or poison?
What did you put in it?
Then it's a success. You probably got smarter.
Hmmm...It's not like it's anything I could tell right away. But it doesn't seem to have any side effects. It's probably safe to give Sakuya.
Well, she's the one who actually wanted medicine to make you smarter.
I might have come up with a new formula!
Yes, of course she's not listening. I knew she wouldn't.

at least nobody exploded this time?

I-I need to get back to human-form.

Ahhh! So cute!!
B-Bah! (I-I can't escape!)
What's going on?

Yup! It's so cute!
No, not that...

You're the wooly that helped me the other day. ...But a monster is a monster. Shoo it away.
What if something happened to a customer? Go on now.
Bah. (...)

RF3, home of zany close calls.

Huh? Why's Marian here?
Marian came to make sure Sakuya didn't take the medicine.
It seems like it creates an unbalance of rune energy in the body. Grandma said that Link might be okay, but Sakuya might not be.

And how exactly did they figure this out when Link was the only one who took it?

Oh... (That's why I transformed.)
Hmmm. So Marian's telling the truth?
I said you just had to watch. I'm sure it was for someone else, wasn't it?
I heard it was for you, Sakuya.
Why did you have to mention that?!
Hmmm. For me? What's that mean?
Oh, well...
What's so wrong with that?

You're the one that told me to stop relying on him so much.
That was about before.
Come on!
Well, let's all calm down.
Can you be quiet?
I'm sorry...
I'm going to sing now!

Ah, they're all at it again. Well, I'm going home.
What?! Th-Then I'll go home, too...

A kind but intense innkeeper, a great businesswoman, and a strange staff member. I'm pretty sure this inn is plenty unique without needing a stand-up routine.

Our reward is the single point of INT from Marian's Medicine. No, really.

I spend the rest of the day fishing, and...

Why hello.

Legendary scales can only be fished up from the big lake in town. I hoard this one for now, but any extras will get sold since look at that sell price.

Bonus Art
It's Karina (of course.) and...Collette? Yeah, sure, Collette.