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Part 52: Mushroom Mushroom

Mushroom Mushroom

Music: Town (Day)

Fall's almost over. I've arbitrarily decided to start the marriage voting right before winter starts, because that's when my backlog runs out it's thematic or something.

In the meantime, Sakuya.

Remember, you gave me some of your golden wool?
Well, the merchant I sold it to said she wanted some more. You think you could help me out again?

Link isn't a commodity!

Don't worry, it'll grow back soon. Let's get to it then.
W-Wait a minute! I need to get in the right frame of mind...
Hmmm, yeah. I guess I can't just shave you here, let's go to your place.
Wait, it's not about that...

Not once, but twice...
Don't be discouraged. Oh, that's right. Hey, how about we go on a date?
A date?

Nice, Link. I knew you'd be cool. I actually have an order for some mushrooms.
Now I get it.
Well, let's go on our date.
To Oddward:Bamboo Cliffs! Let's go!

So romantic.

Hey, I found mushrooms already! We're done, right? No? Okay.

As usual, Sakuya's deadweight. I should probably bring villagers into dungeons more than once a never, but I just don't think about it while playing.

The Bamboo Cliffs are annoyingly deep in the dungeon.

Music: Date

You were behind us the whole time!

Anyway, you don't need to get any mushrooms?
Oh, that? That was a lie.
I thought it'd be nice to relax like this. Link, do you not like to do that?
No, it's not that...
It makes me pretty happy.

I didn't like monsters that got in the way of my business.
I see.
Wait. Then...
Oh, I see. I wonder why I never realized that sooner.
What's the matter?
Well, it's not a big deal. I just thought of something really funny.

Music: Love

Let's get home. Mom might be getting worried.
Oh, Sakuya--

Gee, I wonder what her realization could possibly be???

Thanks for everything today. This is for you. I mean, I got my wool and everything.
I'll be sure to get a good price for your wool.
Well, see ya.

My prize is this thing, which would be nice if I brought monsters into dungeons once a never.

The funny thing is that I'd basically always have villagers or monsters with me in RF4, it just doesn't occur to me in RF3 for some reason.

Have you considered having more than...*squints at character portrait files* five different expressions, two of which are nearly identical?

I buy some flower seeds to start seriously leveling them up.

I'm going to want a stock of flowers if I want to get into the higher levels of the pharmacy recipes, too. There's stuff like the mixed herbs, which require a bunch of flowers on their own, and there are also higher-skill versions of the basic potions which need flowers instead of wild herbs and grasses.

The next day, marriage pressure continues.

What?! So it's a lie?!

Seriously, I'll deal with it soon!

In fact...

Just kidding. All of the non-bachelorettes in town have something to say if you try putting a ring on it.

Some of them take it worse than others.

Well, I'm just kidding.

Gaius still owns.

Even the generic NPCs refuse it.

Oh, so that's where Karina's father went.

Don't worry, I used the flat of the blade.
V-very remarkable swordsmanship...

Carlos demonstrates the rare anger-cry.

Evelyn flat-out isn't interested, even though she's single and of marriageable age. No breaking Gaius' heart, you monster.

She also has some interesting daily dialogue:


Have a seat over there.

And that's that.

And I won't need to plot to secretly paint your field any more.
What were you thinking of?!

Back in the pharmacy, I've finally unlocked my first stat-boosting medicines! And they're a huge pain in the ass to make! This is why you want to grow the various crystal flowers - the higher difficulty version of each only needs the crystal flower, instead of it plus a bunch of random hard-to-get stuff.

Poor gimmick weapons, stuck in the low-mid tiers.

The next day is Zaid's birthday. Horray.

His likes are all variations of udon. Seriously. His two liked items are udon and curry udon, and his only loved item is tempura udon. Fuck that.

Just stick him in a room with Blaise for a week. That'll do it.

'A bit'

This "sushi" sounds like an easy way to grind cooking skill and get extra money from fishing. Not that I've shipped huge piles of it or anything.

Well, I've put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears of my own into it. To meet cute monsters.
That's why?!

That's right. She's not a murdermachine ninja mom because of a war or anything, she's one because it let her meet cute monsters.

Yue's here today so I might as well do this. Sorry, if you're dying to marry her you have to play RF2.

She's also officially out of things to say. This is all we're getting for the rest of the game.

Tempting, but I pass. I'm 99% sure I can't make it better than my current axe.

Fuck it, this is all the effort you're worth.


Let's talk to Shino and not get sworded this time.

Yes. I thought we could get Blaise to make a special seasonal meal for our inn.
That sounds great.
Thank you. But I didn't know where I could find the mushrooms for it. So I thought that you might be able to show me.
Where you could find mushrooms? Oddward:Bamboo Cliffs, I think.
I see. I don't know much outside of town, so if you could guide me...
Okay. Then let's go together.
Thank you.

Is anyone else getting deja vu?

I happen to check on Sakuya's store and see she's selling platinum today. 3000g a pop is a lot, but this is way easier than mining it.

Hey, I found mushrooms already! We're done, right? No? Okay.

This isn't even the bamboo cliffs!

It seems there might be other places that could have mushrooms. Would you mind spending a little more time helping me?

Of course we're not stopping here, we haven't been dragged through half the dungeon yet.

Shino's relatively high level right out of the gate. If you're playing yourself and want an early crutch character, here she is.

Look at her, doing real damage to enemies!

No, we're not done yet. And she says the same thing as last time.

Music: Date

And we're back at the bamboo cliffs.

I wonder how long it's been since I saw the sea. The wind feels nice.

Shino, there's a mushroom.


That's okay, but I'm a little surprised that you have this side of you.
Oh, Link. Of course I do.
But since opening the inn, I just haven't had the opportunity to go out as much.
That must be tough...with the inn and your family.
I mean, it's fun. But it's nice to be able to forget about work like this. What do you think?

I'd like to come with my family next time. Of course, we'd along, too.
Yes, please. That sounds nice.

And now for the comedy option.

Oh, you're quite the flatterer, Link. Well, would you like to come out again...just the two of us?
Hee-hee, I'm joking.

And convergence.

This is for you. Oh, and...

I'll be going now.

The real prize was...flirting with a ninja mom? I guess?

Marian's shots are so scary. I enjoy living.

This has been your periodic reminder that Carmen exists.

Give me lots of colored grass, okay?
Ha ha...okay.
And jam, too...
And Wood and Rock and Flavored Radish and Miso Eggplant and Dried Sardines--
Stop! Stop!

Gameplay/story non-integration! (She doesn't actually like wood or rocks.)

NEXT TIME: The marriage poll, for reals.