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Part 55: Insert Fall Pun Here

Insert Fall Pun Here

Music: Town (Day)

Two days left of fall, and two days left before this backlog runs out and I can start pursuing Pia.

Since I was 99% sure Marian wasn't going to win, I decided to spend some of my last thumb-twiddling on her bullshit. You're welcome.

I's really good for you, then.

Sour? The fuck kind of tomatoes has Rusk been eating? Ones that haven't had all the flavor bred out of them??

I heard that a rainbow curtain appears in the sky. Isn't that nice?
Really? I'd like to see that!
But I wonder where? Where up north?
You don't know?

"Blink twice if you're being controlled by a malevolent LPer."

Is it about Marian?
Uh, yes. The letter got me a bit worried.

Textbox labelling is hard.

I asked her to go collect some ingredients I needed.
I see...
Go after her if you wish.
She wants to be alone, but she wants to be followed, too. Especially by you. Go on now.

Welp, time to leave her to die in the desert sands. As far as anyone else is concerned, we never had the chance to save her.

...There's no response. Curses! Anyway, I'll need to do something about the monsters!

OK, fine. At this point, the desert monsters are so pathetic they don't even rate a screenshot.

...! I got all the monsters, so everything's going to be okay!
I...accidentally took some paralyzing medicine...

There you go. It'll be out of you soon.
Oh, thank goodness.
Um, Marjorie.
What is it?
Well...Why did you take Marian's syringe?
Heard it from Collette? Well, this syringe is special.
I see.
Her magical power is huge. If you don't control it, it could cause problems. That's why I've asked Gaius to check in on her.
Then those ingredients I delivered to Gaius...
Yes. The syringe was damaged. I got the materials to repair it. So I gave it to him.
I see...
Now I'll need to check again. It's a lot of work.
But I can't complain too much.

Hey, Grandma. And...Link?
Anything hurt? Marian.
No...Huh? Where am I?
You're at the apothecary. Just stay still.
Now. I'll get you some rice porridge.

What? Not really...
...Just stay there.
What? ...Okay.

Where's Marian...?
Good morning, Link!

Yes. I finally get it. I know what I'm lacking.

Self-control? A sense of ethics?

It's about quantity! Quantity of action and care, not quality! My syringe needs rapid-fire! Huh? Where is it, by the way?
Well, good luck with that...
Oh, wait! I wanted to start now! Where is it?! Did you hide it?!
This can only end badly.

And now to never do a Marian quest again.

I pass the rest of the day helping Zaid murder goblins...

...and making joke weapons.

It's the last day of fall, and it turns out the first of winter is the Turnip Fight. Which is another festival involving throwing and turnips, except this time you're throwing the turnips at other people.

It's being outside in the cold, you know?
Because you live in a warm climate. You don't like the cold.

You can't prepare a turnip now for tomorrow!
I won't.

Well, it didn't turn out so well...


You threw turnips?

...yes Link. That's exactly what she did.

Yue has some interesting things in stock today, but nothing I feel like buying. In retrospect I could have bought a few Red Crystals, but .

For anyone playing themselves: Remember to buy your winter seeds today since it's a festival tomorrow!

This includes Noel Grass, which is just a bunch of tiny christmas trees. No, really, their growth time has them maturing on Winter 25th and everything.

Why did you do that?

I think Link's overdue for a pallette swap clothing change. White's appropriate for both winter and our upcoming wedding!

Could you be more vague?

Remember Collette? Yeah, me neither.

Oh, yes. The place. That I definitely remember. Yes, that place. The place for important things.


(It's the Flower Field in Privera Forest. Thanks, RF Wiki!)

Yeah. Will you eat it?
Of course. Well, thanks. ...This is...
Really good! It's great, Collette!
Yeah, especially this! It's a tricky dish, but you did it really well.
That's right! I got a little creative with it!
Hey, this is good too! What is it?

Fade out, and right back in.

Great! Listen, Link.
I didn't know anything. Nothing at all. Even when Rusk tried my food. Or when I was cooking for my exam.
I really didn't think about the most important thing. Who was going to eat it? I just made whatever I liked to eat.
I see...
But! I tried this time! I really did! I thought of you while I was cooking, Link!
Yeah, I know. It was really great.
Aw, now I'm blushing. But I'm happy. I know that this feeling must be important. I love cooking.
Collette, I'm sure Blaise will be proud.
Yes...I'm gonna try again! Link, will you come help me again when my dad tests me?
Of course!
Then I'm going to try harder than ever! Thanks! See ya, Link!

Hello, strange NPC man who was apparently lurking in the background this whole time.

More free time, more random monster-killing quests. This one had a pretty good prize, though!

Magic defense is getting increasingly important, and I end up buffing the bracelet up considerably. I'll end up swapping it in for combat purposes once we hit the Actual Endgame Dungeons.

After I fully upgrade it, it's only got slightly lower physical defense than the leather belt I was using for that purpose, but has much better attack and magic defense.

Fun fact: The season changes the instant you go inside after the midnight of the 1st. This includes snow blanketing everything out of nowhere.

The nice part of having so many regrowing Fall crops is that you get a lot of Withered Grass to till into the soil. I'm not sure if it completely makes up for the soil tiredness of having stuff growing in the same spot all season, but everything helps.

NEXT TIME: Turnip fight! Also Link gets engaged to a mermaid or something.