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Part 54: Marriage voting time!

Marriage voting time!

At long last, it's time for the densest man on earth to get married. Post your votes for the candidates below:

The resident flower girl, Shara.
Our fellow half-monster girl, Raven.
The girl who never speaks in opposites, Sofia.
The lazy girl with big city dreams, Karina.
The small chef with a big appetite, Collette.
The resident Pia, Pia.
The girl who loves money but is somehow always in the red, Sakuya.
Local terror/mad scientist, Marian.
The fishing girl who fishes and runs a fishing resort because she loves to fish, Carmen.
Last but not least, the Univir elder, Kuruna.

As cruel as it is, Gaius, Shino, and Evelyn are not options. Sorry.

Voting will close on Thursday the 5th. Possibly earlier if votes have stopped coming in and I feel like playing again.