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Part 4: Introductions, Part 3

Introductions, Part 3

Music: Town (Day)

Interesting sign they've got there.

So what hurts? Your head? Your chest? Someplace you can't tell me?
I see...You're too sick to speak properly...

I don't think that's how shots work, Marian.

No, I'm not sick...
Don't be nervous! It only hurts for a second! Although, sometimes the pain can linger for a bit.

Yes, Link's portrait is actually inching away. Details.

I'm sorry...She never listens to me.
Don't stop me, Grandma! This is a perfectly reasonable cure for illness!
I hardly think you can call a treatment just as likely to fail as it is to work a "cure". And anyway, he says he's not sick.
What? Really?
Heh heh...
Honestly, Marian...You silly witch, trying to play doctor.
It's not silly, Grandma! You're just old fashioned! There are some things that magic can't heal. Us witches need to adapt to the times, too.
First you need to learn how to properly administer care to a patient! Then you can talk about what kind of medicine to use!
Don't worry, Grandma! One day, the greatness of my medicine will be acknowledged! Ah! I know! Let me borrow you for a sec! I'll use you as proof my medicine works!
L-Let me think about it...I'll get back to you later on that...
Great! So if you get sick or poisoned, come see me! We sell medicine and stuff here! Grandma works on the weekends, though, so make sure to come during the week!
Like I said, let me get back to you on that...
Fantastic! I'll be waiting!
She's not listening at all...

This place sells medicine, herbs(which we can use to make medicine ourselves once we unlock the relevant crafting station), and a handful of spells.

Oh, my name's Link. It's nice to meet...
Oh, that's right! Link! A doctor never forgets a previous patient's name! Yes, of course! How are you, Link?
Um, I don't think we've really "met" before...
Of course we have! You're Link! Boy, you sure are forgetful!
Jeesh...I can't seem to get through to her.
I'm Marian! I'm an apprentice doctor and witch! Stop by anytime if you get sick! Remember: Anytime! Anywhere! For whatever reason!
I-I'll remember that...

I'm really not a fan of Marian. Her schtick just grates on me.

Yes, that's right.
My name's Marjorie. People used to call me a witch, but now I'm just an old woman.
My name's Link. It's nice to meet you.
Oh, what a polite young man you are!
Um, thank you.
I'm also a doctor, but I've been leaving most of that to Marian these days. Would you rather be treated by me, or by Marian?
Normally, I would expect you would want to be treated by a cute girl like Marian, but that girl can be hazardous to your health.
Anyway, it's nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.

Marjorie is probably tied with Gaius & Wells for Sanest Person in Town.

Ooo, fancy.


The 3-star chef's cooking is very terrible, I must say! Yuck!! Yuck!!! More, please!!!
Sure thing. I'll have to thank Blaise. But you really do eat too much, Father. Don't you think so?
Hmm...I shall contemplate on it for some time and get back to you, dear. ...More!!!
Okay, just a moment.

Indeed! Bad morning, my ugly Sofia!
I detest you, Father.
Are you going out this fine day?
No. I'm going out today. I'm in a good mood.
Indeed! Just don't go to dangerous places. Don't be careful!
I don't mean that!
Well, I'm off!
Always speaking in opposites.....Why do they have to go out of their way to make things so difficult?

Evelyn spells out the gimmick, for anyone who hadn't figured it out themselves by now. Although Link will still get confused a lot because he's slow on the uptake or something.

We've met Sherman and Sofia already, but Evelyn is still on the list.

I'm Link! I just moved into that big tree in town.
Oh, yeah. I heard you washed up here and lost your memory! That must have been a harrowing experience! I hope you get better soon.
Oh, it's okay. I'm doing much better now!
That's good to hear. Anyway, I'm Evelyn. Have you met my family? They speak in opposites. They're weird like that.
That seems...pointless. And difficult on a lot of levels.
Well...they can be tough to deal with. I'll admit that...But they're also incredibly kind and generous. Please try to look past their eccentricities!
I will! Thanks!
And who knows? Maybe you'll become such good friends that they'll talk bad about you behind your back!
That...seems like a counterintuitive goal!

If she seems sane so far, it's because her intro didn't touch on her quirk.

No...What is it?
I imagine it to be a light-weight fairy wings.
So it's not like anything you know...

I forgot where Daria's house was, and wound up here. Where I'm definitely not supposed to be yet.

There we go.

This is also a dungeon, but Daria lives on the first screen, where no monsters spawn.

Link has minimal commentary on the artwork littering the screen borders.

Hidden items can spawn in random places. They're usually nothing special, but free vegetables(aka 'free money') are appreciated this early in the game.

Daria gets a "RAINBOW!" voice clip. Assume it plays at least 3 times in any given conversation with her.

It's incredible! It's beautiful! This is the piece that'll show everyone what a staggering genius I am!
I'll finally be world famous! People will be lining up to interview me! I'll give lectures to packed houses! I'll be invited to fabulous parties!
But if I get too busy, then I won't be able to work on my art anymore. That would be tragic.
I'll need assistants! Probably a hundred of them! Hmm...I'd better start looking.

That's it. Her introduction is 100% her talking to herself. Daria, everyone!

She definitely has sense.

Also a free eggplant dish.

Maybe I should actually talk to Daria instead of creepily staring at everything in her house & stealing her food.

I...uhh.. What are you staring at?
Your nose, your cheekbones....your face is fascinating.
You should model for me sometime!
Model...? Uh, sure, I guess.
Excellent! You couldn't have chosen a better artist to capture your form! Paintings, sculptures, mixed media...I'm a master of them all, an artist extraordinaire!
That sounds pretty impressive.
You'd better believe it! Actually, maybe you'd make a better assistant than a model.
What's your name?
Link? I'm Daria. Come by my studio any time you want to take a look at my masterpieces!
Okay. (She seems a little...eccentric.)

Fall is so beautiful!
Uh, yeah...but it's spring.

Dream big.

Link's had a very long day. I think he deserves a rest.

Sorry, I'll have to pass.

New in RF3 is the ability to (attempt to) sleep in everyone's beds! I think it pisses the character in question off slightly if they're in the same room, but you get dialogue out of it, so it's all good.

And with that, we've met everyone! Time to talk to Shara and


Just wandering into people's homes isn't enough. Make sure you're going up to each person and introducing yourself.

But I

Oh, right, Hazel.

I'm Hazel. I own the general store, and am the mother of the laziest girl on Earth. We sell an assortment of crop seeds, so I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of you.
Yeah. I plan to do lots of farming.
Good! It's great to meet someone with some energy and ambition!
If only my daughter was more like you.

Now we've met everybody.

Oh, thank you. I'll bet you got a "SKILL UP!" message while you were walking around town. Were you surprised?

Seriously Shara, I've done this before.

Oh. I was hoping that you would be surprised...You got that message because your walking skill increased. That's a.skill that you increase just by walking around. You'll find that you build skill levels for just about everything you do, even eating and sleeping.
Wow. That's pretty detailed.
You can check out your skill levels in the Pause menu. Building skills will help you out in all sorts of ways.
That's good to know.
Now, let's see...Next, I'd like you to ship any one item.
Any item at all?
That's right. Just put it in the shipping bin, then come back and talk to me.

I shove some colored grass & that cabbage from earlier in the bin. It's too late in the day to get money for it, but it'll just be added to the shipment tomorrow.

Thank you. What did you ship?

Close enough.

That's a very sensible choice. Making the most of your field is key to being a good farmer. Well, that's it for my request. Great job!

You'll usually get an extra nice reward for difficult requests or when you complete a request for a wealthy client. But I think the real reward is helping others.
Yeah, everyone's been so nice to me here. It's great to have a chance to help out!
Tee-hee. That's the spirit! Now I should tell you about your mail box. It's just outside your door. It's another place where you can get requests. I asked my grandfather to send a request to your mail box. So check your mail box and I'm sure you'll get his letter soon! Did you understand all that?

Shara, seriously, Link didn't hit his head THAT hard.

I'll be getting a request in the mail box by my front door.
Perfect. And please be sure you accept my grandfather's request, okay?

Our reward for Tutorial Quest 1 is turnip seeds. I'll take it.

Onwards to Tutorial Quest 2. It's getting pretty late, but I can squeeze it in before the villagers start going to sleep.

Do you know Marjorie from the apothecary?

Good. This should be a piece of cake, then. I just got the flowers that she ordered. I told her they'd be in today, but knowing her, she probably forgot. So if it's not too much trouble, could you go over and remind Marjorie to come and pick her flowers up?
You just want me to deliver that message? I don't mind delivering the flowers to her.
No, that's all right. I don't want you to go spoiling my customers. Well, hop to it!

Link, you were already in here! Don't you start tutorializing at me too!

I have a message for you from Wells. He told me to tell you that your flowers have arrived, so please pick them up.
Ah! Those flowers! I completely forgot about them. If he had you come all the way over here, why didn't he just have you deliver the flowers?
Uh, he said he didn't want to spoil his customers.
Honestly...That stubborn old man. Well, you can let him know that I'll come and get my flowers later.
Will do!

It's an old sickle of mine. I thought it'd be a good housewarming gift.
Thank you.
You can use a sickle to cut weeds and harvest grass for fodder. You can also use it on a crop to harvest seeds from it. Sometimes you can get higher quality seeds that way. It's an essential tool for farming. Put that field of yours to good use!

Using the sickle to level up your seeds is an essential part of the money making machine. Higher quality crops sell for more, have stronger effects, and create higher level cooked dishes.

Everything I shipped today. It's not much, but I wanted to save most of the colored grasses since straight-up selling them isn't a very good use of them.

And with that, Link can finally go to sleep. Maybe there'll be fewer tutorials tomorrow.