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Part 37: Changing Hearts With Pretty Flowers

Changing Hearts With Pretty Flowers

It's a new day, and the response to Link's revelation is a shoulder shrug.

So much so that most people aren't even talking about it.

Give me lots of colored grass, okay?
Ha ha...okay...
And jam, too...
And Wood and Rock and Flavored Radish and Miso Eggplant and Dried Sardines--
Stop! Stop!

In short, nothing's changed. Except the fact that I can get normal conversations out of people while in woolyform now, but I'm not going to do that because .

Fall's right around the corner, so I stock up on seeds. Including our surprisingly beautiful friend the potato.

Music: Monster Village

Talking to Ondorus suggests the settlement side of the negotiations might not go as smoothly as the Sharance side.

He dared to suggest that we reconcile with the vile Hornless! He claimed that it would cause Sharance flowers to bloom! Can you believe he even SUGGESTED such lunacy?!
But...what if he's right? Don't you want the Sharance flowers to bloom? It would--
The Hornless deserve NOTHING but scorn! I will NEVER reconcile with the Hornless! EVER!

Good proofreading.

(I'll go ask Ondorus for some advice.)

It's not like it's over yet! I was able to convince everyone in town. So we only have to convince Kuruna! I'll go talk to her!
?! Will you be okay?
Yes! We have to at least try!
I see...Good luck.

I'm somehow anticipating considerably more resistance than Wells put up.

A festival to bring the humans and the settlement together.

Music: Silence

...I thought you were my comrade-in-arms! Why would you foist such poison on the settlement?!
Well, why do you hate the humans so much?
They expelled us. That's all I need to know. Let ME turn the question around. Why do YOU insist on defending the Hornless?!
Because...I'm half-human.

Music: Sadness

I refuse to believe it! Prove it!

For the record, this reveal is 100% plot-gated instead of possibly being request-gated like the other bachelorettes. In fact, many of Kuruna's requests can't be done until we resolve this bit of plot!

The humans have accepted the fact that I'm half-monster. They want to reconcile with the settlement. If they can reconcile, why can't you?
Do not sully OUR settlement with YOUR alien presence any longer!
But, Kuruna--
...I'll leave. But I'll be back.

We're not actually forced out or anything. We can hang around shooting the shit as long as we want.

But this is all Kuruna will have to say if we talk to her again.

If only there was something to move Kuruna...

Zaid has no ideas, Ondorus is out of ideas, and Kuruna is too busy being fanatically racist to hear us out. I guess we have no options left but moping in our house.

I didn't skip a line. That's actually how it goes.

How did your talk with the univir go?
...Not well. Once they knew I was half human, it was all over.
I see...
I'm not giving up! There must be a way!
Um...How about flowers? Flowers are like a mirror that shows how you feel. I'm sure that they'll understand.
Flowers...alright! I'll grow flowers! I'll change Kuruna's mind with pretty flowers!

That's somehow even stupider than the whole "the Sharance tree needs the bond between the races to make its flowers bloom" thing.

Okay! I'm sure you can grow some, Link. Very pretty flowers. You should get started. I'll get you flower seeds, so come pick them up from me later.
Thank you very much!
Oh, and make some room in your backpack. You need to be able to accept the seeds from me.

Operation: Pretty Flowers it is, I guess.

I'm sure glad this is a whole separate step.

Hey, that's not just one seed!

This many...? Thank you.
You know, I was thinking...Since you are going to be growing flowers, why not use them to make a "Bouquet".
Whoa! That's a good idea!

Link is very easily impressed. I guess he was originally planning on just handing Kuruna clumps of flowers?

We would have you grow many colorful flowers, then my grandfather can gather them together.
Oh, I see!
It'd be nice to have a Ribbon to bundle them together or Brooch to accent them. We don't have either of those at home...

Translation: Both the Ribbon and Brooch are mandatory.

Someone who might have a Ribbon, or someone who might make a Brooch...Okay! I'll do something about it!
I'm sorry I couldn't be more help...
Oh, don't be ridiculous! I'm just so grateful.
Tee-hee, thank you very much. Once you have everything together, please come see me again.

We're conveniently near the blacksmith's, and that's a pretty obvious stop for the Brooch, so let's get to it.

I see. So you're looking for a Brooch for that Bouquet. Okay. I'll make it.
Or I'd like to, but I don't have the materials I need.
I can get that!
Really? That'd be a big help. The materials are--3 Silver. 2 Platinum. 1 Emerald. Just hand me the materials. I can get started once I have all of the materials.

I love it when I can avoid fetch quests by having stuff in storage.

Taking the long way back, I run into the person we need for the Ribbon.

Uh, no, that's okay! Thanks for thinking of me, though! I need to make a Bouquet for the univir, so I'm looking for a Ribbon! I figured that you might have one from one of your outfits. I'll even pay for it!
Oh, no need! I'll give one to you!
Wow, really?!
Yeah, just gimme a sec! Here you go! That'll melt the heart of any univir!
I'll let you know if it works!

Hopefully Kuruna likes blue.

Well, I'll get started on it today. I should be done by tomorrow. Come by tomorrow to get it.
Thank you.

The real hassle will be waiting for all these seeds to grow. The Moondrop takes the longest at seven days. If I was thinking ahead I could have grew these earlier and saved them, but hey, we need a breather anyway.

So let's show off an important mechanic the game silently introduces once you have high enough affection with a bachelorette:

Dates! Hit L or R during a conversation to bring up the invite menu, and if they have at least 7 hearts, you can invite them on a date.

Music: Love

Surprise surprise, the true purpose of each of the side areas attached to each dungeon is a date spot.

Yeah. But it wouldn't be so cool if it did that literally.
Heh. Yeah, then we wouldn't be able to chat here!
That would be pretty funny, wouldn't it?
Hey, don't steal my material!
Anyway, it's so relaxing here. Why don't we take a break? We trekked this far, so it wouldn't be a waste if we just went home.
Sounds good to me!

Each date has question time in the middle of it. The right answer is usually obvious, but here...uh...yeah, sure, top option.

Uh...that was confusing.
I didn't know you felt that way about me! I'm devastated to hear that!
Anyway, why do you ask?
Just curious!

You mean, when I feel unsatisfied?
Well, when do you think you're happy?
Hmm...when someone insults me, or when they ignore me! I'm especially happy when YOU insult me!
Me, too!
I just have fun when I'm with you.
Anyway, it's nice to get together with you.
Oh, always! After all, I hate you with every fiber of my being!
So does that mean...?

I'm just crestfallen whenever I'm with you!
The feeling's mutual!
Heh! I hate you too! Forever and ever!
Why do you speak in opposites, Sofia?
To make lies into the truth.
I want to be honest. That's what I decided I wanted.
But why?

You don't actually have to escort them home, but we need to be back in town anyway.

Because this date actually unlocked the next Sofia quest! She's the only one it's mandatory to go on a date with to complete her quest line, iirc. I'll try to show off once date for each bachelorette before we get to the marriage vote stuff(which is finally approaching! Slowly! Finishing this Unity Festival stuff is required to get married.).

I want you to help spread a rumor!
A rumor? What about?
Evelyn's clothes! Nobody believes me, no matter how many times I say they're elegant!
Sofia, you're actually pretty honest, aren't you?
So I had a thought. If people misunderstand me because of my habit, then I can use you as the messenger!
Well, I'm not sure if this'll work or not--
Excellent! Great minds think alike! Let's hit the road, my publicist! Oh, and we only need to talk to girls! Evelyn usually only makes women's clothing.
Uh, okay.

These split-second reaction bubbles will be the death of me. So will the typos.

Hmmm, well...(I guess I'll ditch work.)
You can't skip work.
I know.

Yeah, no skipping work until I've gotten my daily shipment money.

Yes, they may seem strange to the people here. But this is from my home country. I don't plan on wearing anything other than this. Even if Evelyn made something for me.
A brilliant read...

It's too late for fashion for you.
W-What?! I'm a big girl!

My. Is it like her other clothing?
It's even more plain than ever.
Is that right? I hope it sells.
I see she's not planning on buying it...

You know, weren't we supposed to be acting as the messenger? That sure went out the window immediately.

Oh no.

Of course I love them!
Then roll up your sleeves--


I could do that, or I could see the responses from all the other ladies anyway.

She knows what you're going to say.

Ah, those strange ones, huh? I don't think I could wear them.
But you already wear pretty normal clothes.


We have some barbeque clothes!
Will that really tempt her?
Food in the shape of clothes?! That's kinda wack, even for me!
To be more accurate, they're clothes shaped like food.

I mean, this is Evelyn we're talking about. They're probably also made of food.

But I'm sure it wouldn't look good on me...
Then you should come to my home. Evelyn is never picky about anyone wearing her clothes.
In the good sense.
I-I see...

Hi there, Sofia! Ordering a statue?!
I really want one. Anyway, Evelyn's made a new outfit.
Really?! Then I'll put it on one of my pieces!
You think they're only for humans to wear?
I don't know...

That's everyone. Time to treck back to the mansion.

What's the problem?
Nobody gets it.
What do you mean?
Evelyn's clothes are the problem. But here's the deal.

Could you elaborate?
When I was a kid, she made me a necklace from garbage and clothing from rags once. But since I was young and didn't know any better, I told her I didn't want them.

In a normal world this would be where Evelyn learned that normal people don't want clothes made of random trash and food, but this is Rune Factory, so nobody is allowed to directly tell her her quirk is a problem. (For a more malevolent version, see Marian.)

I'm sorry...
I wanted to tell her I didn't mean it, that I was lying. That's how I started. If I did that, I was hoping I could somehow take back those words.
"To make your lies into the truth." That's what you meant by it.
I realized something though. She's always making clothes with someone in mind. She's just a bit off base...
...I think everybody understands.

And I think they like Evelyn. And they know you like her too, Sofia.
What...?! I didn't say that. It's not necessary!

Yes. I'll come again.

Our reward for continuing one of the town's many charades is high-tier gems. I'll take it.

Today on "reasons why I'm both glad and disappointed your armor doesn't show on the character model", Link crafts the world's gaudiest boots.

And then he goes to bed while the plot flowers grow and the plot brooch gets forged.