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Part 5: So, You’re Living On Mist’s Farm?

Update 5: So, You’re Living On Mist’s Farm?

No time for an intro we’re going to Jasper’s pad oh boy

Bianca you wear the same thing for this entire game.

Since you can’t really hear it through “dcapture_163.png” I should let you know, Tabatha has a really thick accent. I don’t know what it is. I think it’s Scottish, but I’m a dumb American so like it could be anything.

: He he! I know you’re from the countryside, but you’ve been a maid here for many years.

Don’t go to the South Side of Kardia. That’s where Donnel lives.

: Daddy praised me on my fashion sense!

I know I should be using the portraits here but no you’re all gonna see full size Jasper.

: No! They look so good on you!

: He he!

: Ma’am, aren’t you going to change your clothes?

Bianca is quick and nimble when she needs to be. (i’m sorry)

: Got it.

: Ah, you’re the one that came to Mist’s farm, eh? It’s nice to make your acquaintance.

: And yours too.

Good to know.

: I’ll say this now. If you want to talk seriously with me, you better clean your act up. Got it?

: Er, yeah.

Ironically Bianca is probably the least complicated character to gain relationship points with in the game. You just have to talk to her a lot.

Dammit Donnel you dumb hillbilly.

: Okay, Jasper it is.

: I’m the richest person in this town and I’m also a gastronomist!

This is my favorite “My name is Donnel.”

: Hmm, I see. By the way, do you know where I can get hold of some tasty food? I’m always in search of new flavors.

I talked to him again, just because it’s Jasper.

It was worth it. By the way, there’s sort of an out of the way secret here in Jasper’s house. It’s time to steal from our new friends.

It’s hard to tell, but this is a door.

It leads to a basement. And if you check out those boxes…

I don’t know what he’s referring to. This might be a sequence break.

Oh shit it’s the fuzz.

: You know about it?

: It’s some kind of bottle for putting medicine in. I wonder what it’s doing here. It’s in the way, so just take it.

Well, we’ve gotten an Empty Bottle now. You can take this to Edward, he’ll make medicine if you provide him with some ingredients. It restores a pretty good amount of HP. Not as versatile as some other video game bottles, but helpful all the same.

Speaking of Edward, let’s go to his son’s farm.

: Okay, I got it. You’re saying I’m naive!

: A man sees something through to the end before speaking of his dreams.

And then he leaves and Donnel feels very awkward.

Oh hey, I found Camus! 5 updates and we’ve made more progress than in the last LP I did.

: My name’s Donnel, nice to meet you!

: Oh, you’re the one Mist got her clutches in.

: Uh...yeah…

: She’s a real character, isn’t she? Don’t worry, she’s not that bad once you get used to her.

: Okay…

This guy read my map.

: Okay.

This is an important thing.

There are no “animals” in this game, just monsters.

We’ll be able to tame them in a very silly and ridiculous way with an item we get later. Some monsters can accompany us in combat, others will help out on the farm, others produce eggs and milk and such.

: Your farm can hold up to seven monster huts, Donnel. And each hut can house up to four monsters. If that’s still not enough, you can build room underneath the huts. You can build up to two underground floors per hut. You’ll probably have a hard time getting that many monsters, though.

So, quick Math Break, 7 * 4 * 3= 84 Monsters at max capacity. That’s more than enough for one of everything. Which is good. Also, one potential wife requires you to have 50 monsters, which takes forever.

I already tutorialed that Camus.

Much more reasonable than Neumann’s highway robbery. Still, these are less useful and you’ll want to make more than one.

Now for another helpful character.

This is Sword Leo’s Smithery. We’ll need to come here to upgrade our tools. It’s useful.

He doesn’t wanna a hoe.

: A sword, aye? So...what kin’ of sword ya want?

: A sword Grimoire’s sword.

: Grimoire’s sword!? Well, it ‘taint easy to git ‘old of, and even if ya did, ya wouldn’t know what to do wit’ it, aye?

Camus is king of typos today.

Nobody likes Camus.

: What? What did ya say?

: Nothing, I’m off.

: Hmm, come over here if ya ever need a hoe or sword forgin’ aye?

Or an axe, or a watering can, or a fishing rod...Leo’s versatile.

: Thanks, I will.

Leo also sells lots of weapons. The stats are on the top screen, but I cut them out because I’m a fuck up I didn’t want to overload you with information! We’ll look at them later, but, suffice to say, that first weapon, the Broadsword, is already far better than our current best weapon...the Hoe.

We can actually go into the Seaside Shack now.

: So what are you doin’ here?

: Ha ha ha! Just killing time.

: I can’t idle about like you. You’re gettin in the way of my business! Get outta here!

: You never change, eh? Okay, I’m going, I’m going.

: Yes, Nicholas. If I miss work, I’ll get in trouble with your mom!

: But, I wanted to go and play at the beach!

: We’ll do that next time. Come over to my place when I don’t have work.

: Yay!

Sabrina and a squid. And a turtle shell. There’s not much of importance here. But...

I could have done this on Day 1 too, but I forgot. Whoops. If you go to the end of the dock here…

: Do you have a rod?

: No, not yet.

: That’s okay. You’re welcome to use one of my old models.

: Really?

: Sure! Here you go!

: Thank you!

Oh...good. Alright, so, fishing!

Fishing works how fishing has worked in almost every video game since the beginning of time. You cast the lure. When it starts wiggling, you hit B again. The timing is, thankfully, super generous, if you’re like me and playing with some lag issues or a shitty B button.

Donnel triumphantly hoists the Sardine over his head.

I went fishing for a few hours (ingame time) here and caught about...6 or 7 sardines. We’ll be able to get better fish with a better rod, or fishing in different spots.

Selling them to Sabrina, you can see that the Sardines have wildly varying prices. That’s because each fish has a “level”. The base price for a Sardine is 20G, but it gets multiplied by its level. More fishing skill, better chances for high level fish.

The whole catch came out to 300 G here. Not too bad for some spare change between harvests.

I figured that, with our new money, we’d get some new seeds. To PARTS!

This weirdo is here.

: So you came to hear of my heroic exploits?

Why do people keep doing that?

Okay this was a mistimed screenshot but it was far too good for me to want to fix it. Just assume this is the dialog.

(he was supposed to say “details”)

: Get outta here!

: Okay! I’m going!

Well, that was enough innuendo for one update.

I lied.

: I have an old one you can have!

Once you’ve plowed a small amount of squares on your farm, Rosetta will give you this. This destroys weeds in one hit, but has another use we won’t need for a while.

: This should help you cut the weeds more easily!

Handy! But not what we came for.

Jean carries all sorts of seeds for each season. These are Turnips, which would be apparent had I not gotten crop happy.

I put them right next to the other batch.

And now I wait outside the baths for several hours.

There we go!

Why is there a wizard here?

: Ho ho ho!

: Hey, Donnel. The bathhouse is open every day, come and have a soak anytime you like.

I didn’t agree yet.

Wait what I didn’t say this was okay.


Well, might as well.

Donnel you’re still standing outside the bath.

Well, it refilled all our RP. That’s nice.

I spent the rest of the day plowing. Gotta reach Godwin’s 100 square goal, after all.

Mist why are you in our house?

She does this.

That’s enough for one day. We’ve met basically the whole town by now (One or two characters remained undiscovered.), so we’ll get into the main flow of the game next time.

I’ll also go get that thing I forgot to get from Bianca. My bad.