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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

by LordHippoman

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Original Thread: A Layman's Guide To Ruin Cabbages: Let's Play Rune Factory



What’s Rune Factory?

Rune Factory is a spinoff of the popular Harvest Moon series of farming RPGs, incorporating more fantasy and combat elements. The subtitle is “A Fantasy Harvest Moon”, if you don’t believe me. It came out in 2007 for the DS.

Are there any Runes or Factories?

Not really.

EDIT: I lied there are totally runes in this game.

So, we’re farming?

Yeah, pretty much. This game keeps the traditional Harvest Moon elements of harvesting and planting crops, maintaining a farm, trading goods with various locals and such. There will be a lot of chatter with random townsfolk.

Edit: I lied again fuck farming in this game.

Wait, I thought there was combat?

Oh, there is. Between the farming, we’ll be rushing headlong into dangerous caves and dungeons to murder us a bevy of monsters, gather additional resources, and progress the plot. There’s kind of a plot.

How are you handling this LP?

I’m using screenshot, because there is a ton of grinding involved in certain parts of this game. I’ll try to show off as much content as I can, but this is a pretty big game and I’m pretty bad at it, so I might miss a sidequest here or there or whatever.

Audience Participation?

I mean yeah sure, I’ll be sure have votes for a few things. Names for monsters we tame, which fantasy stereotype we try to marry, the name of our fine farming establishment, etc. If you don’t want our main character to be named “Raguna” feel free to call that out too.

UPDATE: We only have Five Characters of space for monster names! It sucks, but restriction fosters creativity! (nothing is getting named DONGS)

why do you keep playing games with anime

fuck i don’t know why does this keep happening to me send help

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