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Part 28: The Worst Legendary Sword

Update 28: The Worst Legendary Sword

Time for some Rune Factory. We’re still in Grinding Hell, but hopefully I can start mitigating that soon with a better axe.

The Clinic is basically Donnel’s home at this point.

Anyway, time to get the good Axe!

Leo doesn’t work on rainy days.

I hope the Sechs Empire destroys this shitty village.

After steadily filling the watering can with my own tears, let’s just go make some progress farming in Toros.

The basic Can could use an upgrade as well, once I get done with the Axe. It’s kinda low priority because I don’t like Farming in this Fantasy Farming video game, but only holding 12 charges, that I can only use in 1x1 patterns, does suck.

Anyway I spent the next several minutes doing this.

Well, at least I got all the stumps. (i see you eyeing that twig, don’t you call me out on that.)

Growing the Grazing Grass is going to take a while, though, and I’d like there to be SOME content in this update, so let’s visit Camus for a stopgap.

Buddy I wish I was.

One annoying thing about buying Feed is that you have to do it in stacks of up to 9, because it’s technically an item you can hold. I bought like, 36 here, just in 4 transactions.

Feed is just deposited into those little slots on your Monster Huts. As you can see on the top screen, I’ve got 9 feed in there right now, but the bottom says zero.

That’s because I dumped it all into the other hut, where I put all the animals that give produce benefitting from a higher Friendship level. Basically, combat monsters are still fairly useless, even at high FP. But the better milk/wool/eggs are dependent on it. This is why I didn’t recruit anything after Shaun and D-Dog until Mt. Gigant, it makes it so I can just dump feed into this barn and save on it.

I’ll try to get back to recruiting more monsters and using more names and such after this wood grinding season ends, sorry about that.

Well, let’s go try our hands at some more MAGICAL COMBAT. “Crimson Fire” sounds promising.

Alright Egam, let’s see what you’ve got for us this time.

First off, though, a bath. Logging takes a lot out of Donnel.

So, here we are in Toros. Welcome to the Magic Test Chamber.

The subject has arrived. Crimson Fire!

Uh. Holy shit. That all just appears at once, by the way.

It’s kind of hard to tell in screenshots, but that knocked the Demon down as well. Unfortunately, it only did 16 damage, which is, again, less than a sword swipe.

This spell is still bad, but I don’t think it’s as outright useless as most of the others. The stun is a good way to get out of a potentially hairy situation (Although you are stuck standing there channeling it, which kinda ruins that.) Also, if you have a monster, this could buy them some time to whack the spawner or whatever.

Well, back to this.

(can you tell this is the part of the game I was dreading?)

Something I found out here is that apparently you can touch the screen to select tiles of farmland.

Unfortunately, once you’ve selected one, Donnel will not stop trying to move to it. It’s like a gravity well, sucking me towards that rock.

Oh no I made it worse

You can cancel them by pressing them again. It does cause your character to pick up items, but you can’t like, auto-queue a log chop or anything. I had hope for roughly 10 seconds.

I’m sparing everyone the rest of Stump Zone, and instead continuing on my quest to find fun ways to make Donnel pass out.





This is not the time, Edward!

Well, time to wait for this to kill me.

It never came.

Apparently Poison just stops ticking at your HP when you’re near death outside of the caves. It might work this way inside too, I’ve never tested it. Huh.

Well, nothing the ol’ exhaustion can’t handle.

Also I lied, Edward has more lines I guess. They really did write a lot of these.

: Someday you are really going to do yourself serious harm.

: Take care of yourself.

: Take care of yourself.

I refuse.

It’s sunny again! That means I can finally get this damn Axe upgraded!

Oh, also this sidequest exists.

: Are you sure?

Yeah, Grimoire’s Sword is required for a marriage. The one we’re going for, actually, Sharron really wants this thing. I don’t know why. She’s interested in the ruins, not the mountain, or Grimoire. But it’s her proposal item.

Anyway, hooray, Grimoire’s sword!

Oddly enough this dialogue triggered, which is supposed to happen when Leo has new items to buy, but he had none. Does he mean the sword?

Seven Silver and 1300g later, the Axe is being forged. This could take a while. What to do in the meantime?

Well, feed the animals, for one. Each monster consumes one Feed from its barn per day. That means that, yes, we could totally keep up just buying it from Camus forever due to how much cash Donnel is constantly rolling in. But I do want to try and show off at least some farming mechanics.

Don’t forget you can pet your monsters!

Don’t forget you have to use the damn brush, not the glove!

I went back to Mt. Gigant to mine, and I couldn’t resist using Crimson Fire some more. It’s oddly satisfying for how bad it is.

I am Donnel, God Of Flame.

These seem to be fairly common drops.

Well, this beats Logging.

Among the findings was this! A rock! Apparently this is the “Earth Crystal”. You know where this is going.

Also, while we’re here, here’s Grimoire’s Sword. It’s not actually usable. I like that our Hoe is apparently a more suitable weapon than the blade made of the scales from a demigod Mountain Dragon. Purely ornamental.

Just wanted to note the best place for mining in Gigant is probably back here, behind the Cockadoodle spawner. You have to put out a fire to get there, but it’s just two uses of the Can.

First things first. The hitboxes in Rune Factory 1 are a little wonky, this counted as me hitting the Cockadoodle, but not the spawner.

Mining levels still feel much less useful than Logging ones, but every bit helps. It’s kind of baffling how much RP logging takes in comparison to literally everything else.

And it’s our second highest skill!

Melody’s at the Ruins today. This is, I think, the only place she goes outside of her house/bath, except on holidays.

Neither can anyone else.

Oh god you guys I don’t think Sharron ever bathes, we’ve made a horrible mistake.

She also evidently hates Earth, because she doesn’t like these Crystals, as opposed to the Fire and Wind ones. The jury is still out on the Water ones. (GUESS WHERE YOU GET THOSE)

It is time to slay the demon with our mighty sword of Grimoire!

Oh. Well, dang.

You can’t get married in this game until the Love points hit 10. You also must have an upgraded house, and the Double Bed from Ivan.

Mining is still a ridiculous moneymaker. I just sell any ores over level 1, because Leo doesn’t give a damn about the level when you ask him to forge with them.

I took another trip mining in Clemens, but I cut it because it’s just about the same thing you’ve seen so many times.

I could make a whole update out of screens of Donnel hitting various stumps, like a montage.

Fastforward to the next day, it’s a Holiday, and that means Ivan.

Ivan must have some buff as hell legs. Why does he even need the stick?

Oh, good. I wanted this.

The two shelves have different capacities, but the Large is only available after you upgrade your house. The small, though, I can get now.

And I do.

The Table Set is totally useless, but it looks nice.

The same rules regarding size apply. The small table is 500g, the large is 1000.

That’s like, less than a Level 1 Gold sells for. We can afford it.

A table! Compete with stools, and a plate, and...a banana? A rubber chicken? Does anyone know what the hell Ivan put in my home?

The shelf gets parked up here, next to the Calendar.

Storing a lot of the more useless spells, and the Sword Of Grimioire. It is not yet time to slay/woo Sharron, I'm not even sure which it is at this point.

And that’s all for this time. Next time, continued desperate paddling through the doldrums.

Fuck misty bloom cave.