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Part 24: Spelunking Somalier

Update 24: Spelunking Somalier

It’s Rune Factory.

Last time Donnel worked himself to exhaustion for my convenience again. Going to get quite a bit one in this update, substantial progress in Mt. Gigant, a new pet, and a sidequest. Speaking of that, let’s go find the trigger for that last one.

For Emmett’s quest, you need to talk to him in his room while the bar’s not open. Now that we have his key, that’s possible.

That’s great, but it’s not what I’m looking for. Sometimes you have to talk to him a few times.

Here we go. This was attempt #3

This is the only hint you get towards the sidequest. It’s pretty damn vague, but it’s all the clues we’re getting. I could get it now, but Donnel’s got more pressing business.

Headed back to Mt. Gigant! HiMoo is with us, we’ll see if her prowess in making milk helps her make damage.

She got stuck on the geometry and just stared at me through this entire fight with the Big Mushes. Look how disappointed Donnel is.

Also, her attack animation is so slow that this Weegull could chain stun her. You know, the thing that has to fly up in the air and wait like, 2 full seconds before attacking?

HiMoo might not really be cut out for this. That’s okay. Her milk’s good enough.

Also, the Weegull left a prize!

Like the Fire Crystal, these serve as crafting ingredients later, or good gifts for Sharron.

I just took the straight path back to where I stopped last time, skipping the Peekamoo spawner.

There’s a path east of here, so time to take it.

It diverges into 3 paths on the other side. I went north, and here’s some more Big Mushes. These guys aren’t really a threat, their attack is AOE and it hurts, but they usually go down so quick I don’t see it.

Still, this is always welcome to see.

Guess we’re going up.

More Weegulls. About as simple as the last batch.

These Flowers suck and I hate them. Still not a huge threat.

Really the best way to fight them is to strafe around and wait for them to cast this thorn attack, then go in for a combo. Still, it can be tough not to get caught by its wind spell.

Pretty nice architecture up here for a monster infested mountain.

Right across the pleasant bridge, however, is this guy. This is a...Buffamo. They’re basically just Peekamoos that you can’t milk with slightly higher stats. You can ride it, though.

Still, they’re slow and easy to dispatch, so it’s on to this save point. Lots of farm space here, and on the mountain in general, but I probably won’t bother with it until the boss is dead. Plus...I’ll have a lot of time. (The next cave has a really fucking dumb mechanic)

To the west, another bridge. It’s a good thing Donnel’s not afraid of heights. I don’t think Donnel’s afraid of anything. That’s probably a bad thing.

From here on out, the dungeon becomes one winding path. First off, another wave of spiders. As far as bug enemies go, these jokers don’t hold a candle to the Bees.

Another pack of Buffamo, not much difficulty here.

More spiders. This part of the dungeon isn’t exactly...thrilling. Still, I like the music.

And at the end of this path is the peak of Mt. Gigant, which is still sealed.

I’m pretty sure I can clear those out, so let’s keep going.

I walked all the way back down to that spot where the path diverged after the first save point. South is just some rocks and farmland. But a little further east…

More Weegulls! Moreso than any other dungeon, I think Mt. Gigant has the issue of “Lots of enemies, but they’re pretty pathetic”. I may just be overleveled though.

Southeast is a little path tucked away. It’s necessary, though.

Also a wall of flames is blocking me off from my destination. One sec.

There we go. Now what’s our prize?

Oh yes. Here’s what I’ve been looking for.

This guy chasing me in circles is a Cockadoodle, they lay eggs. Otherwise it’s just a weaker Weegull. But...eggs.

I want those fuckin’ eggs. But I must rest before attempting to tame the mighty beast.

Alright, full HP, let’s go.

You can actually miss with the glove if you try to pet this guy while it flies up. But, with persistence…

This was a close one.

But I liked Wayne’s Fried Chicken.

Nice. And now we have a barn with our three creatures that produce things that scale with happiness. You can probably figure out my plan here..

And fuck the rest of these chickens.

Double the rewards!

...This “First Forest” thing is getting sketchier by the day.

Anyway, backtracking out of the Chicken Tunnel and heading north, we’ve got more fire. Good to refill in the pool near the Cockadoodle spawner, if you need to.

Donnel cannot squeeze through this tiny space. Come on, Donnel. Slide, buddy.

There’s a cave! And a Big Mush guarding it! Honestly, they should have just put more fire down.

The cave’s just more farming space, which means the rest of the spawners are along the route to the Peekamoo spawner. You already saw that last update.

Here’s a highlight.

I also took a nap before engaging plants.

And got a level in sleeping. Good shit.

Here’s the optimal position to be in for these plant spawners. The sword’s hitting both of them and the spawner at once, which is one reason I prefer the wide arc weapons like the Wind Sword.

And with that and the Peekamoo down, the gates are open to the boss.

But I’m gonna save that for later, because I do want to finish that sidequest today.

First off, though, let’s wave a basket around Fried here.


It’s a Small Egg, like the wool and milk, it improves based on happiness.

Oddly enough, even though it’s a holiday, I don’t see Ivan here. I think it’s too early for him. I do have another destination in mind.

To the JasperCave!

So I’m headed back into Jasper’s basement. He’s asleep, but I’m sure he won’t mind.

So now you have to hit A on this one specific spot. Nothing tells you about this, so you’ll probably only discover it by accident or with a guide.

Oh, here’s this incredibly rare wine.

Oh shit, Donnel, act natural.

: Erm...I’… looking for something.

Goddammit Donnel, you’re blowing this.

: Hmm. Isn’t that Rollabouti in your hands?

: You know about it?

: It’s a rare wine. Dad bought up all the bottles, so it’s scarce!


: What?

: He says it doesn’t taste all that good, and I doubt he’ll ever drink it, so just take it.

Oh shit, thanks Bianca.

Insightful commentary, Bianca.

No, you cannot drink it for yourself. Let’s go somewhere we’ve never been...the secret chamber...

Jasper’s bedroom

I can’t decide if he has a double bed because he’s large, or if maybe Jasper’s wife is dead. Shit, that’s dark.

He doesn’t seem to be too sad, though.

We can all learn lessons from Jasper.

Jasper it is 7 AM

You can also go into the kitchen, where Tabatha hangs out in the mornings.

Don’t ask.

So then, time to deliver the Rollabouti to Emmett.

: I got it from Jasper’s wine cellar. It’s a shame I’m too young to drink something like this.

Donnel you murdered a Chimera, a little Bacardi isn’t going to kill you.

: Why don’t you try a little?

: Wow! Thanks! I’m so happy! Thanks!

And that’s the end of that sidequest. It’s a pretty simple one.

The Ultimate Curry is one of the best healing items in the game. It is consumable, though, so don’t waste it. It boosts all your stats and restores HP/RP, and you can make more later. Although the recipe does call for...Demon Blood.


Seems like a good stopping point. Next time, the boss of Mt. Gigant, and the worst cave mechanic in the whole damn game.

LAST CALL FOR MARRIAGE POLL! It’ll close when the next update goes up.

Also now accepting names for any of the Mt. Gigant creatures:
Big Mush