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Part 33: An Eventful Harvest

Update 33: An Eventful Harvest

Last time:

: What about you, Donnel? What’s it going to be? Loyalty to 100k Gold, or loyalty to me?

The votes are in, and tallied we have:

Give To Jasper: 2
Dispose Of Dumb Rock: 2
Sell: 5
Keep/Give to Rosetta: 10

Donnel’s loyalty to that lady who works at PARTS cannot be bought, poetry fiend.

Well, time to go home, then.

Ivan’s here, and he’s ready to tutorialize.

: This is a kitchen. Press the A Button here to prepare a meal. What kind of meals can you make with different foods? Try out varied combinations. Russell in the library has a recipe book for sale (he has like fuckin’ 20 of them). You can just read it too.

Bye, Ivan.

So, our kitchen right now is...just this. We can buy a few small items, like the Blender, but I was dumb and didn’t get the small kitchen until now. For larger items, like the Oven, I’ll need to upgrade to a Large from Ivan.

Here’s the Cooking menu, it looks just like any other crafting menu in this game.

On the top screen we have the Success chance for the recipe, that will go up with Cooking skill level. There’s also the recipe itself, Salad, for example, is a huge pain in the ass, because it requires four different crops, which is more trouble than it’s worth, especially because you can buy it from Emmett.

The bottom screen has your list of recipes, and the recommended skill level. If you’re below that level, there’s a chance at failure. This is how literally every crafting mechanic in the game works. Cooking has one minor difference in that you need both recipe books and the correct utensils, whereas everything else is just an all-in-one package. Our recipe list will get much larger for Cooking when Ivan starts selling the utensils again.

Ice Cream looks interesting. Only a 37% chance of success, but I’m feeling lucky. (Those other two recipes are for the Medium and Large versions of the Eggs and Milk.)

Thankfully, Fried and HiMoo are happy to provide.

Let’s give this a shot.

Balls. If you mess up, you get this trash item.

You still get Cooking Skill points for a mistake, thankfully. And there’s a local garbage chute.

Speaking of that, Rosetta’s not home right now, so I can’t give her the Stone.

Jean is though. He has fascinating commentary for us.

So if you remember, Jean also asked to see the White Stone if we found it. Well…

It doesn’t actually do anything and you lose it. I saved before doing this, but don’t do it. Rosetta’s sidequest is fraught with these perils for some reason. Rune Factory 1.

Since it is Fall now, the scenery has changed, and I wanted to show it off a bit. This is outside Toros.

Tabatha’s also hanging out on this lilypad on Holiday afternoons.

This place is still a horrible place.


You don’t even get a dialogue option.

Alright, now to actually give Rosetta her stone.


...oh. Well, uh, I guess you can’t give Rosetta the Stone unless you’re going to marry her. Well then. So, we can’t sell it now, Lukas isn’t in the pub…


...I dropped it on the ground in front of him. Welp.

But wait, there’s a mechanic! It was suggested I try this too, so this was totally on purpose. Definitely.

This box is on the left side of Godwin’s house, in the top corner of the first floor.

This will give you your important items back if you accidentally drop them on the ground. I appreciate the safety net, but I wish they had just made it less wonky to just GIVE people things.

Anyway, the tribute is complete.

Here’s one annoying thing about petting your monsters, the Brushing animation takes about 4 seconds. If one of them (SHAUN) decides to randomly wander out of reach while you’re just have to wait for it to end and try again. Not a huge deal, but annoying.

That’s enough for now, though. I mostly just slept away days to hurry that house upgrade along.

Oh, I also forgot to show this off.

The fridge I bought from Ivan can store food items, unlike the shelf. If you try to put a non-food item in, the whole of reality briefly rearranges itself, just to tell you that you really fucked up. (It’s just a screen flicker effect)

I got two tornados waiting here.

Another obnoxious thing about brushing (I promise there will be real content soon) is that sometimes your animals like to wander and fuse into this horrible amalgam of shit. I can’t tell what I’m brushing here, it’s either a cow head or a chicken butt.

I’m glad we didn’t sell him our Stone.

Level 19 is I think the highest I’ve seen so far on any item. Sadly it was on an Iron, so it does not matter. If this had popped on a Ruby or Diamond though…

Also, got our Hoe back.

Finally, it’s a very special day. It’s the Harvest Festival, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about our now finished House Expansion!

That desk to the left is for the Pharmacy, which lets us create medical items. The first few levels are just the dull stuff we can already buy from Edward, and some Elements, which are permanent upgrades to your attack and defense with each element.

Later on are ridiculous things like permanent stat boosts and the INVINCIROID, which is like Medication on crack, as it restores 500 HP and 60 RP in addition to the status heals. It’s really good. But 90 Skill is a bit...insane. So you probably won’t ever see me make one of these.

I think if you made a ton of Intelligence boosts here, you might be able to make magic less completely useless, but it still sounds like a waste to me.

Up here is the Forge. That hammer on the left gives you access to this next menu.

Forging lets you create weapons and shields. This is why I was stockpiling all that ore. Keep in mind that you’ll need to buy base materials for a lot of these from Leo, as you can’t, for example, craft a Broadsword. It’s complete chump change now, though.

You can get some good weapons pretty quick, already at skill 20~ we’re seeing better stuff than anything Leo sells. Forging is probably the most useful crafting skill.

This is also where you can get your tools to their final tiers that Leo can’t access.

There are some weapons with properly silly names too, such as the HEAVEN ASUNDER.

Also, the famed hammer of Thor, God Of Thunder, the...uh. Myurnil.

Easily missed is this final crafting station on the right.

This one’s for Decoration. These are the accessories, in case you forgot. I’d understand. This is also where you can finally upgrade the Sleeping Bag.

So there’s a ton of crafting and stuff in this game, but it is all locked to you until you finish the house grind. Like I’ve said, some of the design decisions in this game are kinda baffling.

But hey, it’s time for the Harvest Festival!

Everyone has something to say, like usual, but it’s all pretty much the same. They like the Harvest.

Tabatha, that could literally get you killed.

I’m glad we continue to fuel Jasper’s addiction. I hope he didn’t eat the White Stone.

Be careful, buddy.

The actual “goal” of the Harvest Festival is a bit more obtuse than most, but it’s that everyone’s FP will get a boost if you give them a crop you grew today.

You’ve served us well, Toros Cave.

And yes, you do have to separate the stacks in your inventory if you dont want to just dump all your hard earned crops on one random person.

I won’t make you sit through 18 screenshots of me handing people crops, I got the highlights, and just assume I gave them to pretty much everyone but Lukas and the children.

They do have special dialogue, but it’s just about all “Thanks for the EGGPLANT, I love HARVEST FESTIVAL”.

I love that a(n) every single time.

Oh, Ivan’s here, but he’s just selling the machines we already have.

Melody is a skilled entrepreneur.

However, there is one person who doesn’t share in the Harvest joy...

Sharron does not give a single fuck about the Harvest Festival, or this Eggplant.

She is, however, ready to marry us. She won’t until we get a Double Bed though. So...about 3 weeks on that.

As a final note, our Monsters now like us enough to produce the Medium versions of their items!

C’mon, Ice Cream.


Later, everybody.