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Part 21: Donnel, MD: Season Finale: Never Lupus

Update 21: Donnel, MD: Season Finale: Never Lupus

On the last episode of Donnel MD…

Tonight, the conclusion…

Well, we should probably tell Godwin his daughter might have been hoarding a cursed rock by accident.

He’s too busy mayoring.

Oh. Wow. These are some attractive choices.

Granted, none of them actually do anything.

: I agree, that would be convenient...but given the town’s population, would anyone use it at night? Donnel, you are often working late, eh?

: Dr. Edward examined her many times, but he still can’t find the cause.

Apparently nobody read that book about the cursed rock.

Dramatically running through the rain to the Hospital. I guess Edward’s house key is going to come in handy.

There’s typically no reason to even go upstairs, you could probably go through the whole game and never know the hospital has a second floor.

Oh, I forgot Camus lives here. Lara doesn’t, though. I don’t know where Lara lives. Maybe the Inn?

: Hey, Donnel. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how do you feel about Melody?

: I don’t have any special attachment to her or anything, if that’s what you mean.

Donnel slyly hides Melody’s house key.

: I see… Sorry, I was just wondering, y’know?

Well, anyway. Back to more important matters.

Edward, Felicity.

Edward we have actual problems to discuss.


You have to actually take the stone out and give it to him.

You didn’t say anything about evil auras!

: Where did you get it?

: Cecilia gave it to Felicity, a long time ago.

: What’s this? So Felicity’s poor health wasn’t because of sickness after all! That’s why none of my medicine worked on her.

That sounds dangerous, Edward.

Their portraits don’t change throughout this whole conversation, by the way, so it just kinda looks like they’re screaming this whole thing at eachother.

: Yes, without a doubt.

: Great!

: I’ll dispose of this stone properly. Thank you, Donnel, you’ve done a great service.

Running back to Godwin’s house has been cut for time.

It has literally been 20 minutes, Felicity.

: I’m happy that you’re feeling better.

: I feel great now. Thank you very much!

So that’s the end of the Felicity sidequest. That’s all it is, Cecilia accidentally gave her an evil rock that gave her fantasy-wasting-disease. I warned you this was silly back in like, Update 2 or 3.

There’s no reward for this other than the ability to marry Felicity. But hey, it’s easy enough to do regardless.

Also even though we saved her life Felicity only has 2 FP. She would have liked it better if we’d brought Eggplant Curd.

Two seconds after she recovers and you’re trying to pawn your daughter off for a puppet successor.

I don’t trust you, Godwin.

Well, that was an eventful day. Time for Donnel to tell all his monsters what a hero he is.

And there we go.

So, I’d like to finish off Clemens, but we’re getting really close to the Holiday on Summer 1st. And if I used the Sleeping Bag, I might miss it. So I’m basically going to spend a few days just mining, gathering wood, and doing miscellaneous shit. I won’t make you suffer through all that, here’s the highlight reel.

First off, my skills and wood/money numbers pre-grinding.

Sabrina made an innuendo at me.

Even though Felicity is cured, she’s still got her job standing by a wall at Neumann’s.

...Neumann. Seriously?

Got a key to Leo’s house.

Got my Hoe back.

Results of the Neutral Agent: Not permanent. Sadly, Medication and Antidote herbs totally obsolete it.

Here’s a demonstration of the Strong Hoe. Charge up, and…

Three tiles. Nice.

Godwin is concerned about our social life.

Showering Sharron in Fire Crystals is doing wonders. I’m glad the thread still seems to be voting for her.

Mining loot almost worth 10k? Not bad.

Just wanted to point out that for some reason the Anti-Paralysis ring is called the “Parasite Ring”. I’m guessing they saw “Para” and just kinda filled in the blanks.

Our Toros Sweet Potatos are still here, by the way. Regrowable crops, good shit.

And here’s the results after the two days. Logging still eats way too much RP, upgrading the axe is going to be priority number 1, I think.

Time for the Beaches to open!

So, this is about the easiest festival in the game. Just talking to people during it will increase your FP with them. That’s about it, though.

Thanks, Edward.

Oh, hey, they acknowledged that.

We now know how to kill Jean, if we must.

She was literally in a volcanic cave like a week ago, Russell.

I’m not sure why Jasper is standing on the stage, but I’m okay with it.

I still hate you.

This is all Nicholas has been saying to me since I finished the Cecilia sidequest. I think I have to trigger the next plot flag to change it.

Sadly, swimming is not one of our skills, like “Camping”, so Donnel will never be able to enjoy it.

Also we’re now at at least 3 FP with everyone in town except the children and Zavier, who is an idiot.

Today was a good day.