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Part 16: More sidequests

EDIT: And thanks for the shout-out in the recommendations thread too, Psycho.

Awesome. I love you guys.

For those who're interested here are the rest of the Chapter 6 nighttime sidequests:

We're done with the pawn shop for today, but there are a couple more kakemawari contracts waiting to be picked up. The first is on the northernmost street, just to the east of the Tsuruya, where a few of the gambling games are held.

While most people seem to be having a great time, there's a sick-looking clerk clutching his stomach in their midst.

What's wrong?

Oh, Master Kiryuu. You've come at the perfect time. Our clerk has suddenly come down with an illness.

That's too bad. Are you alright?

Ughhhh... My stomach... it hurts...

I smell a crossover: Aliens VS Samurai

We have to call a doctor right away!

Yes sir!

We never see the doctor, but suddenly are transported to the old clerk's bedside in the brothel.

How do you feel?

Uwoo... It must have been that mackerel I had for lunch. But with the medicine the doctor gave me and a little rest I should be fine.

That's good to hear.

Thank you. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a favor.


Would you act as the front clerk until I recover?


Here the front clerk takes care of everything, from counting the money to evaluating potential customers. If I'm not there to do my job the shop can't open.

That may be true, but I'm a kakemawari. I've never done that kind of work before.

You'll be fine. It's not that difficult. In fact, I think you're perfect for the job. I've heard great things about the Dragon of Gion. Please do this for me.

I also request that you do this for us, Master Kiryuu. It would be a great help.


Choice. Accept.

Fine, I'll do it.

I knew we could count on you! When the night is over you'll receive your pay. The young man here will tell you what to do.

Please come with me, sir.

We're now downstairs in the lobby area of the pleasure house. Isn't instantaneous teleportation grand?

Alright, what do I do?

Don't worry about counting the money. The clerk will take care of that after he's feeling better. The main thing we need you to do is evaluate the customers.

What do you mean "evaluate"?

We have been very fortunate in our success. As a result, we have many potential customers visiting every evening. However, not every person who comes here is an ideal guest. Some of them could be very bad for business. If men like those are allowed to enter, they could cause many problems for us, and the yuujo will complain. No matter what they do or say to gain entry, we must not let people like that inside. Thus, your main task this evening will be to decide who to allow into our shop, and who to turn away at the door.

Alright, I get it. I'll give it a try.

Thank you very much. We're counting on you.

So Kiryuu takes a seat at the little desk on the tatami and waits for visitors to arrive.

It doesn't take long before we get our first guest.

Good evening.

Welcome. Who would you like to see this evening?

Actually, this is my first time here so I'm not too sure.

Do we let him in?


He seems legit. Yes


Please come in. We'll take care of you.

Oh, thank you. I've been wanting to visit this place for a long time.

Good job Kiryuu, expanding the customer base like that.

Hey! I'm comin' in!

Welcome. Who would you like to see this evening?

Huh? Who the fuck cares!? Just bring out the bitches and booze already!

Tough call...


Yeah, right. No


I'm sorry, sir. I'm afraid we won't be able to accomodate you this evening.

What the hell did you just say? Don't fuck with me!

Our deepest apologies.

This is where customers are s'posed ta come in, right?

Please forgive me, but I cannot allow you to enter.

I'll go where I want! Little chicken-shit... My fists and I are gonna teach ya how to treat a customer! Get outside!

And we're instantly in a fight with tough-guy here.

It's over in about 3 seconds.

I'm sorry, sir, but you can't....

Fuck you! I'm outta here! Gonna find me a better joint.

Back to work, it seems.

Um, e-e-excu-u-u-use me... C-C-Can I come i-i-in...?

Welcome. Who would you like to see this evening?

Oh! Yes, um... I'd like to meet Wakamome-chan. Ha ha hee! I'm... I'm her lover! Aha ha ha hee hee!



Fuck no! No


I'm sorry, sir, but I can't let you in.

Eh? Eh!? Why!? Why!? Why not!? Why can't I see her!? I've got money! See!?

Nonetheless, we cannot receive you this evening. Please accept our apology.

Uhh... uhhhh... UHHHH! Why? Wakamome-chan.... Ughhh!

Well, at least this one just wants to go outside to talk instead of fighting.

Look, sir...

WHY!? Wakamome-chan and I are in love! Hahhhh... I see now. It's you! You just want to keep her for yourself!


You want her, and that's why you're trying to keep us apart, isn't it!?

Um, sir?

I'll never forgive this! I can't! Wakamome-chan is.... she is.... She's all mine!

One swift kick to the balls is all it takes this time.

I'm sorry, sir, but you can't come in.

U'wahhhhh! Why!? Why can't I!? Wakamome-chaaaaaaaan!

Jesus Christ that was trying. At least Sheen took it like a man.

Excuse me?

Welcome. Who would you like to see this evening?

Well, I'm not actually sure. This is my first time in Gion, you see. Wow! This place sure is beautiful. I feel like I'm in the Ryuuguujou or something!

The Ryuuguujou or Palace of the Dragon King is a mythical location featured in the story of Urashima Tarou, a fable commonly known in Japan the way that Robin Hood is the UK or Paul Bunyan is in the States. References to this tale pop up even in the English localizations of the other Yakuza games, most notably in that the name of the secret gambling hall featured in Yakuza 2 onward is literally called the "Ryuuguujou" in Roman letters. I won't go into detail about the story here. Click the wikipedia link if you're interested.

So back to the task at hand. What do we do with this guy?


Seems harmless enough. Yes


Please come in.

Alright. I'm looking forward to this. Ha! Do I get to hang out with the pretty girls and everything?

Good evening!

Welcome. Who would you like to see this evening?

Oh, how about Misuzu? She's always a lot of fun.



He's a regular. Yes


Of course. Please come inside.

Great! I've been waiting for this. I've been thinking about Misuzu all day. Heh heh. She's quite a beauty...

Only one customer left to go.

Ho ho hee ha ho! 'scuse me.

Welcome. Who would you like to see this evening?

Hm... Well, let's see... Guh huh hee haw!

(What's with this old guy? All he's done is case the place since he came in.)

Um, sir?

Hmm... Nice place you got here, son. Nice place. Bet you get lotsa customers.

Thank you. Which yuujo would you like to accompany you this evening?

Eh!? Oh, right. Well, you have a girl called Sujiyuki, don't you? Why don't you give her a call for me.

No comment.


He could just be senile, or he could be an arsonist and a thief rolled into one. No


I'm sorry, sir, but I must ask you to leave.

Hm? Why's that? You think just 'cause I'm old I don't have any money? Ha ha! Don't worry about that. I'm loaded!

Oh, I'm sure he's that all right.

I'll pay 20 ryou right now if you let me in. What do you say? Can I?



Kiryuu's integrity cannot be bought! NO


I apologize, but I still cannot let you through.

You're a cold, cold man, my boy. How can you treat a harmless old man this way?


Fine then. I guess I'll just head home.

(Looks like that's it for tonight. I wonder how the clerk's stomach is doing?)

You've done us a great favor, Master Kiryuu!

Are you feeling better?

Like a new man.

Good to hear.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Sir, um...

What? Oh, the tally is here! Let's see...

Here comes the moment of truth...

Wow! This is incredible! We made a record profit, and not a single yuujo complained! You should give up your kakemawari job and start being a clerk. You'd make a fortune. Ha! Anyway, here's your pay, as promised: half of today's take.

Received [1 ryou].

I don't know, the way he built it up I was kind of expecting it to be more.

I knew we could count on the Dragon of Gion. Thanks again.

Got 1500 Experience Points

That wraps up this sidequest. It doesn't have a contract, but it's still counted as a kakemawari job on the completion list.

Let's head back to the Tatsuya...

...where we get yet another carrier pigeon letter. Isn't it Kiryuu's bedtime by now?

I didn't feel like mocking up another letter, so it's a note from a brothel owner saying that one of his girls is being harrassed and he'd like us to come check it out.

Before we start the next sidequest let's pick up a key that has been left lying around Gion.

[Locker Key NU-1] acquired.

This is the guy who sent us the letter. The key came from that little alley just to his right.

There you are. I've been waiting for you, Kiryuu-san.

What's the matter? Your letter said one of your yuujo is in danger?

Ssh! It's better if we don't talk about it here. Come inside.

Kiryuu-san, this is my most popular girl, Sakuya.

Um, pleased to meet you, Kiryuu-san.

So this is the one in danger?

That's right. This morning we received a letter addressed to Sakuya.

The contents of the letter are as follows:

One day I will take Sakuya away.
I swear it.


What is it?'s nothing. This just seems a little tame to get so worried about.

Well, that's not the only thing. Darker letters have come for her before, and the other day somebody tore Sakuya's kimono to shreds.


My business depends on Sakuya. If anything happened to her I'd be in a real bind.

If she's the most popular, don't you think one of the other girls might be doing this out of jealousy?

I looked into it, but I didn't find any evidence they were behind it.

Hmm. Well then, what do you want me to do?

I want you to keep a low profile in Sakuya's room all day. Keep an eye on her.

In other words, protect her life.

Yes, exactly. Stay close to her.

This sounds like the setup of a bad porno or an even worse Kevin Costner movie.

Um, boss? I'll be fine, really. We get threats and strange letters all the time. You don't have to hire the Tatsuya for this.

Oh Sakuya, you don't have to worry your pretty little head about a thing. Just leave everything to us.

So we've got our contract. At least we're sure to get paid no matter how this turns out.

I'm counting on you, Kiryuu-san!

Um, Kiryuu-san?


I, uh... No, nevermind.

Some time passes....

How are things going here?

No problems.

That's great!

Sir! Hasn't one of my regular customers come? Maybe the young Master of the Amajiya...?

Huh? No, nobody like that.

Oh. I see.


The clerk wanders off and some more time passes.

Nobody's coming. I think it was just a crank letter.


You've been looking nervous all night. Aren't you relieved we didn't run into any trouble?

Um, Kiryuu-san?


About that letter...

You sent it, didn't you?

! ! H-How did you know?

You were acting strangely from the beginning. Besides, when I opened it I could smell a woman's perfume on it. It was the same scent I detected on you the moment I entered the room.

Move over Columbo!

So you noticed...

Mind if I ask why you did it?

I... I have a lover. He's the Master of the Amajiya. But we had a stupid fight over something trivial, and he hasn't been back to see me for a while. I thought maybe if he heard I was in danger he might be worried and come to see me.

So you wrote the letter yourself?

And all the other bad things that have been happening were me too. But he still didn't come. Now I realize things will never go back to the way they were. I was going to give this up after that last letter.


But then this whole thing blew up in my face! I'm so sorry, Kiryuu-san.

We don't care. We still get paid.

I'll go and call the Master and tell him everything from the beginning.

Sakuya runs off by herself, but she seems to be gone a long time.

(She's sure taking her time.)

Ah! What are you doing!?

(That's Sakuya's voice!)

Heh heh! I finally got you, Sakuya!

W-Who are you?

Don't be so cold. I've been watching you for a long time, but you were always so popular I never had my chance with you. But I heard the rumor that someone is stalking you. I couldn't let another guy take you away, so I figured I'd steal you for myself first! Now keep quiet and come with me.

No! Somebody help!

Hey! Stay away from her!

Who the hell are you?


I don't know who you are, but I won't let you get in my way!

Are you okay?

Yes. Thank you.

What was all that noise!?

The letter-writer turned up, but I took care of him. I think he's the one behind all this.


I knew I could count on you! Thank you so much! Here's your payment.

Received [1 ryou].

I'll get this bastard out of here.

So somebody showed up after all.

I was just as shocked as you were. Oh, it was so frightening! I've learned my lesson now. This experience has been a real eye-opener.


But why didn't you tell the boss the truth?

Eh? Well, I just thought everything was taken care of better this way.

What do you mean?

I mean that now you don't have to confess anything.

What are you saying? Can I really do that?

WE GET IT ALREADY! Sometimes this series rivals Metal Gear for pointless, repetitive exposition and just general beating you over the head with the meaning.

You already know what you did was wrong. That's good enough, I think.


Besides, it turned out you really were being stalked. There's no need to get into details with the boss.


[VOICE OFFSCREEN]: Hey Sakuya! Where are you? Sakuya!

Wait, is that...? It's the Master of the Amajiya!

Congratulations. He came after all.

Thank you for everything. You really are a great kakemawari.

Got 1500 Experience Points

We're still not done. I told you Chapter 6 had a lot of sidequests.

Just behind the building we came out of is another dark alley with a locker key.

[Locker Key NI-1] acquired.

And another is on a rooftop across the street.

[Locker Key TO-2] acquired.

Kiryuu heads back to the Tatsuya for a little R&R...

...but finds an old man waiting for him outside his home.

I have this guy I want to get a 1 ryou debt back from, name of Shoukichi. Can you do the job for me?

The dialogue box says this is a clerk from the Azamiya, the same pleasure house we visited to see Hinakiku.

A job, huh? Alright.

It's kind of a small job for the Dragon of Gion, but you'd be doing me a big favor. Shoukichi lives in the poor part of Rakugai called Nagaya. You shouldn't have any trouble finding him.

This is unusual for a contract job in that we have to actually leave Gion to complete it. Nagaya was the same area where the Robin Hood - esque thief lived, if you remember.

So let's make our way over there straight away.

Kiryuu finds a large group of men standing around someone's door. We can talk to any of them if we want, but they all say the same thing. The next sequence triggers just by approaching the door.

Shoukichi-san! Give us the money!

[SHOUKICHI]: L-Leave me alone!

Open up already! Pay off what you owe!

[SHOUKICHI]: I can't!

Pay up now or there'll be trouble!

[SHOUKICHI]: I'm s-sorry!

Get out of there, Shoukichi!

[SHOUKICHI]: Please forgive me!

Jeez, this guy's worse than a college student with a credit card.

I've come to collect 1 ryou on behalf of the Azamiya! Open up!

[SHOUKICHI]: I'm sorry everyone. Please calm down. I really do want to pay all of you back, but I just don't have enough right now. There's no way I can pay off everyone out there, but I can probably pay one of you. Why don't you all decide who should get the money? I'll leave it up to you.

Well if that's all the money he's got there's no choice, is there? How are we gonna decide? Any ideas?

Kiryuu needs to pipe up with something, and we get three options:

1. Rock-paper-scissors
2. Fighting
3. I don't care

I don't care. You decide for yourselves.

Then let's make it a fight! If I'm beaten I'll go away quietly, but that's not gonna happen! If anyone thinks they're not tough enough just walk away now. Wouldn't wanna permanently injure you, after all.

Fine with me! But no weapons, just good old fashioned brawling!

Yeah! I know I can take all of you assholes! Bring it on!

We probably won't get another chance at this guy anyway. Hey, you! You in?

No, I'm not fighting you.

C'mon, we're fighting to get paid here. The winner gets the money!

You all go ahead and fight if you want.

If you're not gonna fight then step aside! I'm gonna win this thing and get my money from Shoukichi!

[SHOUKICHI]: Then let the battle begin! Ready... set... GO!

The others all start brawling, and we're free to move around once more. If we jog up the street a little...

...we can catch Shoukichi sneaking out the back way.

(Eh? Someone's coming out the back of Shoukichi's house! That must be him! He was going to just run off during all the commotion.)

Ha ha! What a bunch of assholes! It was so easy to slip away while they're busy with each other.

Kiryuu was too smart for that shit though, I guess.

Too bad for you, Shoukichi. You may have fooled the others, but you can't trick me. Now give me the money!

Oh! Well, um, you see... I don't actually have any money. Really. I hid it... somewhere... to keep it safe, you know? I can get it though. I promise I'll come bring you your payment after that. Is that okay?

We can choose yes or no, but who'd trust this slimy bastard?

Not a chance.

Are you serious? Okay, I got it! I'll even pay you interest on the debt! And you can keep that for yourself. Just don't pass it along to your boss. How does that sound?

Another choice, another refusal.

Give up your tricks. You're not going anywhere.

You bastard! I'm not afraid of you! I'll kick your ass!

This won't end well.

I'm sorry. Here, take your money. That's everything I have.

Received [Shoukichi's Payment].

It's not much, but it looks like there's at least 1 ryou here.

Now I'm totally broke. I'm going to have to move overseas and try to start a new life somewhere, I guess. Goodbye.

Yeah, fuck that guy anyway. We've got to get this back to the clerk in Gion.

Did you get the money? Ah, great work! You always get the job done.

Handed over [Shoukichi's Payment].

Whew, this just barely covers it. Well, here's your share.

Received [5000 mon].

Thanks again. See you.

Got 1500 Experience Points

Almost done!

You may remember that we saved the litter carriers from Shishido's goon at the end of Chapter 5, and that since then we've had access to them as a kind of taxi service around Rakugai.

The three locations marked with the encircled blue characters are the loading and unloading points available at this time. There are a couple of other areas outside Rakugai that we'll also be able to taxi ourselves to in the future. This sidequest opens up after we've used the litter service 30 times (at 72 mon per ride).

When we come back to the northernmost pair near the gate to Gion, we find one of the partners has gone missing.

He'll be back soon. I'm sure of it!

You've been saying that for awhile now, but he's nowhere to be found. I've had enough! I'll be using a different service from now on!

Please wait just a little longer.

What's going on?

Oh, it's you! My partner's gone off somewhere and he hasn't come back for a long time. Wait! You wouldn't mind going out and taking a look for him, would you?


Thank you! He headed off toward the sake shop so you might want to start there.

We shall.

Did the litter carrier come in here?

Huh? Yeah, we were just having a drink together a minute ago. He was going on about how great that udon shop up the street is, so he headed over to get a bowl of noodles.

There's only one udon shop, and that's White Snake.




Maybe you don't know, but your partner's got a customer waiting. Hurry up and get over there!

Damn... Hey, thanks for coming to get me.

Uh, okay...? That was easy.

Did the customer leave?

Oh, thanks! No, we got him where he wanted to go.

He turns to his partner.

But you've been out drinking since lunch! We've got work to do! You're just lucky that customer was willing to wait. What are you doing going for udon when you're supposed to be working? There's no way for one person to do this job alone.


You never used to do this kind of thing. What happened?

Um, the other day you said you wanted to expand and build another boarding stop, right? Well, I was just thinking we should get to know the area so we can decide the best place to build it, you know?

That's why you visited all those different shops?

Sure. I figure the best spots are in front of Yasaka Shrine or on Nagaya Street. It's just hard to decide between the two.

Hmm. Yasaka's a little far so we might get a lot of customers taking that route, but Nagaya is close to the markets. Both places would be good. I know! We'll let him decide!

We can choose either location now, and whichever we choose will immediately and for the rest of the game have a litter depot. It doesn't make much difference since Rakugai's pretty small so we won't use the service much anyway, but I went with Nagaya since there are a lot of random battles there and getting in the litter might help us avoid some.

Nagaya is probably best.

Alright, then it's decided. Now we just have to hire two more guys.

Right. Then let's make a practice run over to Nagaya. Sir, would you take a seat?

Heh. Sure.

Got 1500 Experience Points

And we're dumped unceremoniously at the new stop.

We now head back to Kawaramachi for one final sidequest, and to pick up an important item. Let's start with the item since that's easier.

On the opposite side of the bridge we can find a monk standing in place who only appears from Chapter 6 onward.

We get only one chance to talk to him, and he'll disappear after we do regardless of how the conversation goes.

Are you a warrior?


I, too, was once a fighter. The name "Greatsword Goumi" struck fear into the hearts of all those who had heard of my exploits. Now, I have become a monk in an attempt at penance for the barbarous deeds of my youth.


Yet despite my having cast aside the struggles and desires of the material realm, I have still a single regret. Would you care to hear what that regret is?

We can choose to listen to him or blow him off. The correct choice should be clear.

Go ahead.

Then please take this.

Received [Annals of the Steel Greatsword].

What's this?

A book written about the properties of the greatsword. With it I was able to create the [Fine Steel Greatsword]. However, I never had the opportunity to wield the [Exquisite Steel Greatsword] or the [Maneater] described inside. The regret of which I spoke is that I could never see the [Maneater] with my own eyes. It is this longing alone that keeps me bound to my past.

I would like you to take this book and burn it.... No, I beg you simply to remove it from my sight. It is yours now.

I understand.

Thank you.

Obviously, you won't get this if you don't choose to listen to him, and this book is the guide to nearly an entire class of greatswords, containing around 20 entries on the completion list. The literal name he gives for the sword is the "Fiendish Rakshasa", which is meant to automatically imply man-eating/cannibalism. A rakshasa is an antagonistic man-eating spirit in Hindu and later Buddhist mythology. They usually look something like this:

The sword he describes is the end of a long line of upgrades, and we only have access to the materials for the first half or so in the lineage so we won't be building it for awhile.

Anyway, if we step just across the street...

...we'll see a man freaking out about something.

Oh no! What am I going to do!?

What's the matter?

Ah! Oh, this is perfect! Are you hungry perhaps? One of the landlords around here invited me to his place for dinner, but maybe you wouldn't mind going in my place? The food will be out of this world, and all for free! What do you say?

Huh? Then why aren't you going?

W-well, I've got.... some other business to attend to. I need to find someone to go in my place or I might be seen as disrespectful. Please!

(This is a little suspicious. What should I do?)

Choice time. We're going.

Alright, I'll go.

Really? You will? Oh, thank you so much! The landlord's home is just ahead. One of his servants will be waiting outside to guide you so you can't miss it. See you later! Thanks again!

He disappears and we're on our own from here. All we have to do is run down this side of the street.

We'll see the servant hanging around the entrance.

Is this the landlord's home?

We've been waiting for you. Please come inside.

Easy enough so far.

Ho ho! I've been waiting.

You're the landlord?

Indeed I am. What a fiery young man you are. Just my type. Hee hee!

Please, please, eat as much as you like! You need your strength. Hee hee hee!

Some time passes....

Whew! I couldn't eat another bite.

You do seem satisfied. Very good, very good. Here, why don't you take this as well.

Received 1 ryou.

Received [Picture of an Exquisite Beauty].

You're really giving me these? Even after I ate your food?

Hee hee! Think nothing of it. It's the least I could do when you've touched my heart so.

Well then.... Shall we get started?

Eh? Started with what?

Hee hee hee! I love it when they play hard to get. You wouldn't have come here without knowing what this was all about. Now, come closer to me....

What the hell are you doing!? Step back!

What? You're drawing a sword on me? I offer you my fine hospitality, and in exchange you give me your body. If you're a young man living on my land that's your duty!

You don't know what the word "duty" means! I'm leaving!

You little punk! How dare you say such things to me!? You won't leave this house alive! Men! Get in here!

Seize him! You'll have plenty of time to regret your behavior tonight when you're in hell!

I recommend watching the fight video this time because it has a Dual Sword HEAT action that can only be done in a few places and may not come up again.


If you know what's good for you you'll stop trying to lure men in with money. Now, I'm going home.


Hit me some more! Do it harder! I want you to beat me with that fine healthy body of yours all night long!

I've been a bad boy! Give my dirty ass a nice hard spanking! Mmmmm!

(He just took a beating and already wants more. I've gotta get out of here....)

Got 1000 Experience Points

Well, our cup certainly doth runneth over with homophobia in this update. It won't be the last time.
Anyway, that was a lot of sidequests for one night. But we're finally done, and we'll be in for a whole slew more next time once the sun's come up.