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Part 19: CHAPTER 6: The Yoshioka Dojo - [Part III]

This time we arrive at the Yoshioka Dojo and undergo the test of admission. I've switched back to a fresh character instead of the New Game + one I was using in Chapter 5 and 6 so far because I think we've gotten enough upgrades to our weapons and HEAT gauge to keep things moving along at a good clip anyway. Kiryuu is now at level 28 instead of 50. I'll be switching back to the + character for the final chapter or two though so I can show off some of the special weapons that it's just about impossible to get on a single playthrough. We'd be at max level by the final chapter anyway.

Some historical notes:

There's actually a ton to say about the Yoshioka school, but most of that is still in spoiler territory since this update isn't the end of Kiryuu's involvement with them. The dojo and style were founded by Kempou, a textile maker who later become one of the swordmasters to the Ashikaga Shogun. This original founder was actually several generations removed from the brothers Seijuurou and Denshichirou, unlike the depiction in the novel which had them as his sons.

There are actually no new sidequests at this time, but enjoy the duel theme below if you like: