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Part 20: CHAPTER 7: Inferno - [Part I]

This part of the chapter more or less speaks for itself, so don't think I forgot commentary if you don't hear it until the final quarter of the video or so (at which point I become a motor-mouth racing to pack in all the background info I wanted).

Some historical notes:

I cover most of this in the video, I think.

Here's a link to the battle music. I don't remember it playing any other time in the game:

There are only three sidequests and one bounty available at night in Chapter 7, and one of those side missions has unique cutscenes and is getting its own bonus update shortly. Expect a lot more in the next update though.

We just got back to Gion, but we'll head immediately back out on the town and go over to the gate to Kawaramachi.

There's a man here who flags us down.

There's a rumor going around that a vengeful ghost is assaulting people on Shijou Bridge. I have something important to deliver to Kawaramachi, but I'm scared to go. Would you deliver this to Perverted Beisuke for me? You'd be doing me a big favor.

There's another kanji joke here. "Beisuke" has two kanji that, when inverted, write out sukebe, meaning "perverted" or "lecherous".


That's great! Just bring this to Beisuke in Kawaramachi and then bring the payment back to me.

Received [Goods for Perverted Beisuke].

Kiryuu ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!

We find the creepy guy and hand over his tentacle rape wood block prints without incident.

The "toy" maker promised he'd deliver my stuff here tonight.. Eh? What's my name? I'm Perverted Beisuke.

He's not shy, is he?

Did you come to deliver my "toys"? Thank you so much! Here's the payment.

Handed over [Goods for Perverted Beisuke] and received [Payment].

So back we go to deliver the money and the good news.

The ghost even took down those tough-looking fighters over there! I'm glad I asked you to make the delivery instead. Anyway, thanks a lot. Here's a little fee for you.

Received [100 mon].

Wow, "little" is right.

Let's see what those wheezing samurai have to say.

When that ghost attacked me I got a good look at him. He looked like a warrior monk. I think it was Benkei! I tried my best to match him, but then a man who looked like Ushiwakamaru appeared as well. There was no way I could have handled them both.

History time! Ushiwakamaru was the childhood name of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a great 12th century warrior and younger brother to Minamoto no Yoritomo, who eventually became the first shogun of the Kamakura Period. Yoshitsune is considered one of the all-time great swordsmen in Japanese history, and tales were told about him long before Musashi's time. One of the most popular is that as a child he would sneak out of the house at night and wander the surrounding forests where the tengu lived. Tengu are said to be great swordmasters and the legend says that it was they who instructed and trained him to be the greatest warrior of his day.

As an adult, Yoshitsune fought in the war between the Minamoto and Taira clans, which would later be immortalized in what is one of the most revered classics of Japanese literature, the Tale of the Heike ("Heike" being stand-ins for the "Taira"). The Minamoto clan, led by the brothers, was victorious. However, siding with the emperor, Yoshitsune turned against his brother, Yoritomo, who planned to set up his own shogunate to rule in the emperor's stead. Yoritomo hunted the younger brother, finally defeating and killing him (or forcing him to commit suicide) at the Battle of Koromogawa.

Benkei was supposedly a warrior monk, who was defeated in a duel by Yoshitsune prior to the battle against the Taira clan and forever after pledged his life to him. Benkei is usually depicted as an enormous giant of a man, and there are at least as many popular legends about him as about his master. He too was said to be killed at the Battle of Koromogawa, though whether or not he actually existed is not a matter of record.

Anyway, now that we've gotten our history lesson, let's head back to the bridge and see if the restless ghosts of these two men are indeed preying on helpless travelers.

Just as we arrive in Kawaramachi, a scream pierces the air.

(Is someone else under attack?)

At the other end of the bridge an apparently injured man is on the ground.

Ouch! I ran into the ghost, but I couldn't defeat him. At least he didn't kill me. Once these wounds heal I'll be able to go back to training.

Kiryuu turns to the bridge just in time to see another man screaming and running toward him.

The ghost! He's really here! Ahhh!

The man collapses in a heap at Kiryuu's feet.

There's a ghost that looks just like Benkei on the Shijou Bridge. I tried to fight, but it was all I could do to get away! It's hopeless. I'll never be able to get a retainership if I can't get past him. Please, defeat him for me....

Once more we start across the bridge....

The weak may not pass! If you wish to live, throw down your sword and leave this place! If it is death you seek then face its messenger, Benkei!

I will challenge you.

Then feel my wrath!

He's got the same big steel club that we found in Shishido's cave, but that also means he can't run or dodge so he goes down easy.

We're not finished yet!


We cannot by defeated by a mere mortal such as he!

I don't know about you, but when I think of the great swordsman and general Minamoto no Yoshitsune I picture something like this:

Not..... that thing.

Now you will face me!

Considering that Yoshitsune is supposed to be a master swordsman, why does he only fight hand to hand?

Impossible! But if we attack at the same time he'll never defeat us!

Uh, if you're ghosts why are you out of breath? Why don't you just give up already?

Shut up! We'll show him what we can do when we fight together!


It won't make a difference. I'll take both of you down!

It goes just the same as before.

I surrender! I surrender! If you hit me anymore you're gonna kill me!

What do you mean? Ghosts can't die. I'll prove it. Here, let me stab you a few times...

Ahhh! Please don't hurt us! We're just people! We just thought if we set up on the bridge we could get some money out of the people who tried to cross. But I promise we've learned our lesson. We won't try any more scams. Just please let us live!

Here, I'll give you this!

Received [Famous Shintougo].

That's a unique kodachi.

Hey, Benkei. Say something!

Please forgive us, sir samurai! It was all him! He put me up to this!

What!? You're the one who came up with the idea! And now when you get scared you're shrieking like a little girl!

Shut up! You said we should block Shijou Bridge! My idea was to block Gojou Street!

What are you talking about? You never said that to me! If you've got an idea you gotta speak up! This is getting embarrassing!

And they bicker back and forth for awhile. End of story.

Got 1500 Experience Points

For the other sidequest we need to run down to the Forest Road.

Midway down the path, a frightened-looking man runs up to us, apparently away from a man with a basket on his head.

Help! He's come to kill me!

Kiryuu turns to the wicker man.

Do you have some grudge against this man? Why are you after him?

Hmph. Mind your own business, asshole! I'll kill you too!

Uhh.... You....

(He has an old sword scar on his face.)

Shit! I'll get you for this! All I was supposed to do is hurt that old guy's arm and it's done so I'm outta here!

He runs off.

Are you alright?

Thank you for rescuing me. Ow! But my arm has been injured. I am the artist, Kamotarou. I don't want to impose, but would you mind walking me back to my home? I'm afraid I might be attacked again.


I'm very grateful. You're an honorable man. Come, follow me.

We are transported to Kamotarou's home, where he apparently lives with his daughter.

Father, where have you been!? And what happened to your arm? Are you hurt!?

I ran out of drawing paper so I went to buy more. On my way home I was attacked by a masked samurai who wanted to test his new sword out on me! Just after he'd dealt a blow to my arm this kind samurai appeared and saved me.

Thank you so much, sir! If there's anything we can do....

You don't have to give me anything.

Thank you for escorting me home. I must get to work right away. I owe a large debt to a wealthy townsman and I need to paint him a picture to help pay it back. It is to be a picture of my lovely daughter.

But father, how will you work with your arm in that condition?

I'll be fine as long as I don't move my arm too much.

He tries to raise his arm.

OW! It hurts so much!

It doesn't look like you'll be making any paintings with your arm like that. You need to rest it.

But I promised him that if I didn't give him the picture by the deadline I'd let him take my daughter as his wife!

Why would you make such a deal!?

I was already so behind on my payments it was the only way I could get an extension. I was sure it would be a simple matter to draw a single picture, but now thanks to that man on the road I can't use my arm.

I don't want to be given over like some kind of fee! What are we going to do?

I don't see any way out.

Now we can make a choice.

1. There's no other way
2. I'll draw a picture

#2 may sound like a joke, but the real Miyamoto Musashi was actually quite an accomplished artist since he believed artistic skill was vital to the Way of the Sword. However, we haven't seen Kiryuu draw anything except when he has a revelation that inspires a creative way to cut a man's guts out.

It's kind of my hobby to draw pictures of animals. Maybe I could make the picture in your place.

With that kind of experience and a steady arm like yours I'm sure you can create an excellent painting. I am deeply in your debt, sir. Please do your best.

I'll get to work right away.

I know it may be asking too much, sir, but please draw a beautiful picture!

Kiryuu sets straight to work and paints intensely, ending with a flourish.

I think it came out very well.

What an elegant work! I'm so proud to say this is a picture of me.

Amazing! It's every bit as good as something I could have made. I'm sure the money lender will believe I painted it. Let us deliver it straight away!

A fade out....

....and we're at the wealthy townsman's house.

Soon that young girl will be my bride....

Ah! Kamotarou! Have you brought the picture? Today is the deadline after all. If you don't have it you'll have to give me your daughter. Aha ha ha ha!

This picture should put him in the clear.

Yes, now the debt is settled. It's beautiful, don't you think?

It is indeed! But.... But what about the injury to your arm? You shouldn't be able to paint!

I did manage to hurt it, but it seems the damage was not so bad after all.

Not so bad! That's unfortu.... I mean... wonderful!

We're faced with another choice.

1. How did you know he was injured?
2. I rescued him.

We have to go with #1 to accuse the money lender.

Hey. How did you know about his injury?

Huh!? Well, I.... I mean.... It was a.... hunch. Yes, a kind of sixth sense! Ha ha!

You were behind the attack. Did you pay that samurai to injure this man?

How dare you, you filthy ronin!? Give me the picture and get out of here! Kamotarou, your debt is clear! Now be off with you!

We're not finished here until I say so.

Ahh! Guards! Save me!

Just as I suspected. Your bodyguard is the one who attacked us on the road.

You're that samurai! You still with the old guy?

What? You've seen my bodyguard before!? Damn! My plans are falling apart! The two of you will have to die! And I'll have your daughter all to myself! Gya ha ha ha!

I couldn't see very well last time, but this time I have you right where I want you!

Big talk. You'll go down just like before.

Forgive me! Please spare my life! I tried to injure Kamotarou-san so that I could keep his daughter for myself. I won't bother you anymore so please let me live.

What do you say, Kamotarou-san? His life is in your hands.

As long as the debt is wiped clean, I will let him go.

Thank you so much!

Kiryuu and Kamotarou head back to the house once more.

Everything's taken care of now.

Wait, sir! I know you have a path to follow as a samurai, but have you ever thought about becoming an artist? You could marry my daughter and continue my work when I'm gone. What do you think?

....sorry. I can't.

A shame. Though I suppose not surprising. But if you ever change your mind, I would be happy to have you as an apprentice. Oh, and this is for you as thanks. This is what I was out buying when the samurai attacked me, but it seems I purchased a little too much.

Received [2 sheets of Fine Paper].

I wish you would stay. Thank you again. Goodbye.

Got 1500 Experience Points

The last side activity for now is a single bounty that is only available at night starting in Chapter 7. A visit to the police box nets us the following bulletin:

His name is [Cannonball Ukimaru]. Maybe they call him that because he's a loose cannon? His crime: [Stabbing a shopkeeper to death]. Huh. Looks like theres an [extra reward for capturing him alive]. Maybe I should fight him hand to hand then. It says he can be found at [night] on the [Riverside Road]. I'll go take a look.

So let's get down to business.

We find our mark on the far end of the road, near the tea house entrance.

You're Cannonball Ukimaru, aren't you?

Hell yeah! So whaddya want with me? You after the bounty?

That's right.

What'd I do wrong, huh? So I got pissed off and stabbed that asshole!

It doesn't matter why. Murder is a crime.

Fuck! Who are you to preach to me?

He's actually got a point there.

I'll kill you too!


What'd you say?

Now I know how you got the nickname "Cannonball". You're dumb as a lump of metal.

Fuck you!

Then let's go. I get a bonus if I don't kill you. If you're lucky I may hand you over to the magistrate alive.

You're gonna regret that!

Afterwards, the magistrate comes running as usual.

That's [Cannonball Ukimaru] alright. And you caught him alive, too! Thanks for your help. Here's your reward.

Received [2 ryou].

And as promised, a little something extra.

Received [Fine Steel].

Got 1500 Experience Points

That's great and all, but we've been able to buy those for 2000 mon since the last chapter. Actually, although the dialogue doesn't reflect it, you only get 1 ryou if you don't land the finishing blow in hand to hand.

Well, we're done with the available quests for nighttime in Chapter 7, but there will be a ton and a half for the next update when daybreak comes.