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Part 21: Bonus Video 3: How to Make Sweets

Not a full update, but it won't affect the one planned for Tuesday. This is a sidequest that can be initiated in the last part of Chapter 6 but you have to do most of it during the nighttime. It has several unique cutscenes, hence the video format.

This seems as good a place as any to put the next yuujo encounter. This time we'll be visiting the other shop, the Yumejiya. Since I already showed off the entire system in the Hinakiku bonus video, for this encounter I'm only going to show a small sampling of the dialogue, with mixed good and bad results, followed by the sidequest at the end. I'll also have a couple of short videos of the parlor games because the Yumejiya's are different from the Azamiya's.

The Yumejiya is just across the street from the Azamiya and it works the same way. There are four girls here, although the last is only available once all the other six have been "completed". We'll select Kinuya this time, since she's the cheapest at about 2500 mon per visit.

She's not nearly as childlike or goofy as Hinakiku.

Like most girls, Kinuya encourages us to drink because alcohol costs more, but she's neutral on us ordering tea. Which we'll do because you may remember that getting drunk can get you kicked out and I tend to lose these parlor games often. You can order a kind of seafood stew (200 mon) that will give you +1 heart every time.

Even though I work in a place like this I don't really know how to make the customers feel at home. What do you want in a woman when you come to a place like this, Kiryuu-san?

1. To see a pretty and smiling girl
2. To be around a good listener
3. To take off her clothes

It's a little early in the evening to be that creepy.

I like to see a pretty, smiling girl.

That's exactly what the boss says customers want. He says I'm not charming enough.

Women who attract men only with their smiles aren't really successful. It's just one important thing.

I see. I think I'll practice in front of a mirror.


A few more Q&A sessions, and we're ready for the first parlor game.

Some people may find this easy. I do not. It's worse than karuta (the card game at the Azamiya) because I have a terrible sense of rhythm. The idea is that you take turns touching the table in time to the music. If the disc is on the table you need to use an open hand (TRIANGLE), or else pick it up (CIRCLE). If the disc is up (because your opponent has taken it) you need to knock your knuckles on the empty table (SQUARE). A player can only pick up the disc for a maximum of 3 turns, but 1 or 2 is also acceptable. It's single elimination, and after 10 successful cycles you start again with a faster tempo. Kinuya is the weakest player, and even she almost always gets to the second round at least. I often lose on the very first button press. What makes it so hard (for me) is you can't switch your selection. So if you press SQUARE while Kiryuu's arm is up but then press TRIANGLE even well before his hand reaches the table you're still locked into the SQUARE action. Ugh.

Click the picture to see the video.

That is, without exaggeration, the best performance I have ever had on that minigame. Once we're finished losing, it's back to Q&A:

I'm not a very good drinker.

Why not?

After just a couple of drinks I black out and then I can't remember a thing!

1. You don't have to drink
2. You're a drunk
3. Show me

You don't have to drink.

Thank you. But I don't want you to feel alone.

She calls to the staff outside.

Excuse me!

Reverse psychology, Kiryuu?

Ahh.... I feel so nice and warm inside. Another one, please!

She really is a drunk....

After awhile it's time for a date.

I chose a sit-down restaurant on the west side of Gion that we haven't visited in the videos. This is where we'll go for most dates since nobody hates it. Kinuya likes only the cheapest thing on the menu and actually gets so turned off if we order something moderately expensive she won't invite Kiryuu back to the Yumejiya directly afterward. That means you'll have to pay again to go see her.

Anyway, when the date's done, it's time for more Q&A:

How do you collect money from people who owe debts to places like this?

You want to know about debt collecting?

Yes. I always hear my customers say "Put it on my tab" or something like that. But then they don't always pay.

1. Have them pay up front
2. You have to demand payment
3. Use your imagination

Have them pay up front.


Sure. The people who come here aren't poor. They can afford to pay in advance.

I see. But if I'm too pushy I might lose customers.

It's that kind of attitude that lets them walk all over you. You've got to be tougher.

...okay. Are you worried about me, Kiryuu-san?


I'm happy that you care about me.

Eventually we get her to 15 hearts and try another parlor game - perhaps the most anachronistic thing in Kenzan. Click the picture to check it out.

This is one I can win because the mechanics are the same as in the other games (although the physics on the pins are a lot wonkier than in Yakuza 3 or 4). Now it's just a matter of getting her to 20 hearts and activating the sidequest.

What kind of women do you like best?

1. Neat girls
2. Modest girls
3. Perverted girls

I like perverted girls.

Of course. That's just what all the customers say. But what exactly does "perverted" mean?

Oh, um.... Well.... You could say it's a woman who's really passionate.... sexually.

Cue dark cloud of anger over her head (and -1 heart).

I'm not that kind of woman!

I never said you were....

Oops! Well, let's try one more:

I used to be married. He was a terrible man. He sold me to this shop to pay off his business debts. But sometimes I still find myself thinking about him. He said he'd come back someday.

1. Forget about him
2. How can you still trust him?
3. You just had bad luck

Any man who sells off his wife isn't worth remembering. Forget him.

You're right.

A man like that is the worst kind of scum.

But.... Oh, what am I going to do?

Don't worry. I'll make you forget all about him.



That makes me so happy! You're such a kind man.

As usual, she dances for us.

And after a back rub the side quest begins. She tells Kiryuu to meet her at Gion Inari Shrine.

Oh, you came!

Sorry to keep you.

I just heard that a man who looks like my ex-husband has been wandering around Gion. They said he was talking to another yuujo in front of the main gate. He always said he'd come for me someday, I just didn't believe him.

I see.

I need to be sure that it's him! Please, Kiryuu-san, would you look for the man I told you about?


So let's jog over to the gate.

This must be the guy she's talking about.

It's okay if I put this on my tab, right?


I'm just in town to find out something about an old friend. I'm Tsurumaru the storyteller, and I had a regular place back in Edo, but now I'm thinking I'd like to come see you. You know anything about fish? I wrote a book about them, you know.

He says "storyteller" but it's clear that he's an analog to a modern comedian - the kind that appear in multiple Yakuza sidequests. That means some of what he says may be puns that I don't get or that I just can't be bothered to find a good English equivalent for.

Very impressive. So do you really want to be one of my regulars?

Ha! I may be a smooth talker, but I'm no liar. I'll come by and see you again for sure. Who knows? I may just buy the whole damn place!


Seems legit.

Kiryuu steps up.

Huh? Who're you?

I'm a kakemawari in this town. Do you know a woman named Kinuya?

Kinuya? I don't think so. Heh. I've had so many girls I can't remember 'em all!

Hmph! Who's Kinuya!? Are you sure you don't remember?

It's because of you I can't remember. When I look into your eyes it's like the past just melts away and I forget everything that came before.

Hee hee. Oh, you have such a way with words.

Are you sure you don't know her?

Look, I'm kind of busy, so if you want to talk just call for me at the most expensive place in town. See you.

The two disappear, so the only thing we can do is go back to the shrine and report.

What happened?

He said he didn't know who you were and that his name was Tsurumaru the storyteller. And he had a large mole on his forehead.

A mole? Then it's definitely him. But why would he say he was a storyteller? He's up to something.

I think I should keep snooping around.

Thank you, Kiryuu-san.

So you're given no real direction on where to go. All you can do is wander the back alleys of Gion until you trigger an event. However, if you've played the game before (or looked at a guide) you'll know to find Tsurumaru on a little street parallel to the main drag where we met the old calligrapher in an earlier sidequest.

You're being kind of pushy, mister. I've never heard of you before!

Heh heh. Of course you haven't. I'm working in Edo and I've never been to this town before.

Drop dead.

She stalks away.

Whew, tough crowd.

This is a strange place to be hanging out. Are you alright?

I thought you were staying at the nicest place in town?

You again!

Hmph. You're a pretty lousy liar.

Huh? You got somethin' to say to me?

Kinuya still thinks you're coming for her.

And how would you know anything about it, huh?

She told me. She said you sold her off for a pocketful of cash. How's your business now?

The shop's gone. Has been a long time. That's when I decided to become a storyteller. I made a group with my two brothers. I've had a hard life! Harder than anyone else I know! When I sold her I finally got a little money to have some fun with. Now it's been a long time and she's too old. I want a hot young girl.

I think it's time I taught you a lesson about what suffering really is.

What!? You wanna fight?

Damn! I gotta get out of here!

Don't ever let me see you in this town again.

Back to see Kinuya at the shrine.

Forget about your husband. He won't bring you anything but pain.

Really? But I don't know how....

If you can't leave him behind, I'll make you forget all about him. Today is the first day of your new life, Kinuya.


Shall we?


Easy, right?

If I hadn't met you, Kiryuu-san, I never would have been able to let go of my past.

I love you.

Me too.

Kiryuu is a narcissist.

That was the best night of my life. I'm sure I can forget all about my ex-husband now.


But, will you come and see me again?

Of course.

Thank you for everything. I love you.

Got 2000 Experience Points

As mentioned, you can revisit any of the girls you've already "completed" at any time. But the Q&A is taken from the same pool of questions as before and the parlor games remain the same. If you're going for 100% on the minigames though you'll probably have to do this since you need to beat all of the girls at all of the games to achieve it.

And that's another one under our belt. Now we just have to go and tell all of the things she told us in confidence to the sleazy guy who's writing a book about the girls of Gion. Which I apparently forgot to capture. He just wants to know stuff about her having an ex-husband and other things you'd pick up from conversations with her, and he gives us another 1 ryou as a reward.

Back at home in the Tatsuya, we also get our final letter from Kinuya, attached to which we find her picture:

That's two down and five to go.