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Part 22: CHAPTER 7: Training

This update is going to be a little different than most. Along with a new slew of sidequests, a lot of training becomes available all at once in this chapter, so we're going to knock it out all in one go through the magic power of editing. Each chapter will probably have one special training update from now on, but most won't be as long as this one.

Video 1
Horseback Archery
Waterfall Training
Komaki Training

Video 2
Dummy Training
Zanki Style Training

I didn't subtitle the Orochi story for the third revelation. The game doesn't offer subs for it in Japanese either and timing it would've been a pain in the ass. You can read the myth about Yamata no Orochi and his battle with Susanoo on Wikipedia.

Tons and tons and tons of sidequests available right now, so I'm going to split them into two halves.

We start off at home, just after sunrise. Kiryuu probably has a lot of letters in his mailbox, from Shichigorou, Komaki, Shibusawa and Kouetsu all telling him they have new training available. He also has two job-related notes. One from the owner of the sake shop:

It basically just asks us to - what else? - collect a debt. We need to visit the shop before we can find the guy.

We also get one from a kamuro named Tsubaki:

She says her mistress's number one customer hasn't been coming around lately and she wants to write him a letter that will make him come visit again. If we agree to help her we can find her in the sake shop too.

So we get a couple of contracts added to our list, and off we go to meet our first client.

As soon as we enter, Tsubaki greets us and initiates her job, so I guess that's what we're doing first.

Oh! Um, are you Kiryuu-san?

I am.

I didn't think you'd take the job!

The kind of work doesn't bother me. But are you sure you can pay?

...yes. I mean, it won't be cash, but... I got this from my mistress. Will this be okay?

We get an updated contract now. The payment section says "goods worth 1500 mon".

It's fine.

Thank you! Could you take a look at my letter so far?

So, why isn't the customer visiting anymore?

Well, he asked my mistress what kind of men she liked. He's a trader and he's usually very witty and clever, but she said that her type were "strong samurai"....

I guess Kiryuu got to her first.

That's too bad, but what can you do?

But I can tell they're really crazy about each other! I never thought that kind of love could happen in Gion until I saw them.


My mistress knows I'm here asking you for help, but she said this is the last chance. If I send three letters and he still doesn't come back she's going to give up.

Alright. Show me what you've got.

To the Master of the Aoya:

I was only joking when I said I liked samurai before.
I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.
With all my heart I await the day you visit me again.


What do you think? I really want to clear everything up between them. I thought saying "I was only joking" might be a good way. What do you think?

We've got two choices:

1. It was a lie to cover her embarrassment
2. Make it obvious she really likes samurai

To tell the truth, it makes no difference what you choose. Just going through the motions....

Say she was afraid of her feelings for him and that's why she made up that story about preferring samurai.

That's a great idea! She was too shy to show her real feelings. I'll send it off as soon as it's fixed.

So she leaves, and Kiryuu is free. But the quest hasn't ended. What do we do?

Well, there's no indication at all, but you have to go to Gion Inari Shrine.

There, sitting on the steps, is the man himself.

You look down.

Hm? Oh, well, to tell the truth, there's a yuujo I've got on my mind. We had a fight the other day. I'm a trader, but she said right to my face that she prefers samurai. Can you believe that? I haven't been back to her place since. I got a letter from her though:

"I really care about you, but I was too shy to tell you how I felt so I lied."

That's what she wrote. I wonder if it's true....

Now we have two choices again:

1. Why don't you go see her and find out?
2. I think it's the truth

Again, it doesn't matter what we choose.

Why don't you go see her and find out?

Ha, no way. I'm not as gullible as that. I came to Gion to get away from business and bargaining. I want to relax.

So that was a bomb. Again, you may not know what to do since if you go back to the sake shop the girl isn't there. However, if we go back to the Tatsuya...

Another letter from Tsubaki. She says she sent the letter but the customer still hasn't come back. Could we help her write another?

Long story short, we do this song and dance two more times, each time it making no difference what we choose. Finally, the third time we come to visit the guy at the shrine....

Um, can I talk to you about something? I got another letter from that yuujo I was fighting with. It was a much more frank letter than the others she'd been sending and it surprised me. There was something so sweet and gentle about it. I have to see her again!

I'm finally going to go and visit!


I feel so giddy! I think I'll stop and buy a scent bag as a reunion gift. Goodbye!

He takes off and we head back to the Tatsuya.

There's a final letter from Tsubaki:

"Thanks to you he finally came back. My mistress is so happy, and I am too. Please find your payment enclosed. Thank you very much."

A scent bag.

A scent bag?


Got 1500 Experience

For the other contract for this chapter we go right back to the sake shop.

Ah, Kiryuu-san. Did you get my letter?

Yeah. You wanted me to collect a debt, right?

Yes. I just can't get him to repay me. I want to get at least 1 ryou back. Could you help me? If you can recover more than that you're welcome to keep the rest. His total debt comes to around 3 ryou, but I've given up on getting it all. I leave the rest to you.

The letter actually said the debtor lives in Rakugai, but if you go there without talking to her at the shop nothing will trigger.

The debtor lives in the southeast corner, near the exit to the Forest Road. Kiryuu automatically stops at the right spot.

(This looks like the place....)

What do you want?

I'm the kakemawari of the Tatsuya and I've come to collect a debt.

Sorry, but I used up all my money. Not a mon to my name.

What? Don't think you can get out of this.

Kiryuu cracks his knuckles.

Hey, hey! I don't want any trouble. I can't give you what I don't have. You'll have to come back another time.

We can choose to go away quietly, but hell with that noise.

No, you're going to have to pay up quick.

Okay, I got an idea! Why don't you take something valuable from my room here? I've got a lot of real treasures.

If you've got all this nice stuff how come you can't pay your bills?

Look, you get a payment either way. You have a better idea?


Great, then it's a deal. Alright, choose something you like. But just one!

This guy's got a bunch of shinies in his place and they're all unique items. We can investigate them and then decide which one to grab, but Kiryuu's no art dealer so he doesn't give an estimate. Most of the stuff you can choose will cover the debt, but there's one item that nets us a huge profit.

This pot here.

That vase? It looks old because it is old. It's gotten a few chips over the years. I picked it up cheap a while back.

I'll take it.

Great. So the debt is cancelled.

Received [Vase].

(I have no idea what this thing is worth. Maybe Kouetsu would know.)

Good idea. Let's pay him a visit.

Oh, Kiryuu. What's on your mind?

I collected this as a debt payment and I was hoping you could tell me what it's worth.

This vase? Hmm....

What is it?

This is an exact match for a model of a Tang Dynasty vase I have right here!


The priests have been desperately searching for this original for ages! You've really hit the jackpot!

But it's all chipped.

Don't worry. The historical value makes this a real treasure. Please, sell it to me!

Received 10 ryou.

Pretty nice haul and possibly the best-paying sidequest in the game.

A quick jog back to Gion, and we can finish this job.

Oh, Kiryuu-san. How did it go? If you can bring me 1 ryou I'll be happy.

Here you go.

Handed over [1 ryou].

You really got it. I should have expected that from the Dragon of Gion, I suppose. Thank you.

Got 1500 Experience Points

We can actually just pay her the money without visiting Kouetsu and selling the vase and that will finish the quest. The next time you talk to Kouetsu you'll automatically trigger the vase dialogue anyway.

Now that all the kakemawari jobs for this chapter are done, we can check out Rakugai and see just how many strangers have oddball tasks for us to perform.

Hey! It's our old friend, Vince Crazy Tanaka!

Welcome, welcome! I'm Craaaazy Tanaka, and I have everything thing you need to help you in this busy modern world of ours! Step right up and take a look!

Have you ever run into someone whose craaaazy dialect you just couldn't understand? Maybe even a foreigner from across the sea and you couldn't make heads or tails of what he said?

Well fear no more! I present for you the [Telepathy Box]! It's not just any ordinary container! No sir!

If you have this item in your possession the next time you meet someone you can't understand you'll have no problem at all getting along! The [Telepathy Box] let's you communicate directly, from one heart to another!

And for a limited time only, it's going half price at a mere 500 mon! No other shop in town can offer you this kind of craaaazy deal!

Plus, if you purchase now I'll throw in this polka dot [Scent Bag] that's all the rage overseas these days! All the ladies will go crazy for you with just one whiff!

I have all the best items for sale just for you! But don't delay! These deals aren't here to stay!

Holy shit, I'm there!


Thank you, sir! Enjoy your purchase!

Received [Telepathy Box].

Received [Men's Scent Bag].

How fortunate, sir! You purchased the very last one! Thank you for your business.

Kiryuu turns around, and suddenly....

A funny-looking foreigner appears!


Taorht ym ni kcuts hsif a s'ereht! Em pleh ydobemos!

What's this foreigner saying!?

Ehtaerb t'nac i!

He seems to be in some kind of trouble. Maybe I should use that [Telepathy Box]?

Well duh!

Kiryuu used the [Telepathy Box].

A small, rectangular object is sticking out. Kiryuu pushes it....


(The box exploded! What happened!? Is that foreigner okay!?)

Ha ha ha! Efil ym devas dna taorht ym fo tuo enob eht tog uoy! Tol a sknaht!

The foreigner was so happy he gave Kiryuu a [Portugese Hand Mirror].

Aranoyas! Uoy rof si siht!

That foreigner was eating some grilled fish at my restaurant just before and it seems like he got a bone stuck in his throat. It looked like he was in real trouble.

I guess they put this guy here in case the player is too dense to figure it out.

We tried hitting him on the back and flushing it out with water, but nothing was working. But you really did a great job, helping him like that! It's a lucky thing you were here just now. Plus you got a really rare gift from that guy.

Got 10000 Experience Points

Well, that's the end of the Tanaka sidequests. we've finally bought all his junk, but in true sidequest form we earned a tidy profit in cash and experience on each one. Remember kids! Buying snake oil is the path to success!

Passing by the blacksmith's, we can hear (or see text bubbles popping up describing) an argument going on inside.

I'm begging you! We really want you to sell us this place!

I've said it once and I'll say it again, this is my place and I'm not leaving. You can't buy it and that's final, Kikyou-san.

I know what you said. And I'm telling you you'd better reconsider.

No matter how many times you come here or what you say I'm not leaving!

...I see. I've been polite up until now, but I can see that tactic won't be enough. You'll change your mind soon if you know what's good for you.

And Kikyou-san storms out.

What on earth was that about?

Oh, it's you. I didn't want anyone to see that.

That guy was a real pain in the ass.

I know. It seems he's a bigshot businessman in Osaka and he wants to buy this land so that he can open a shop here in Rakugai. He says this is a great location with a lot of foot traffic and that its perfect for him. But this is the place my family has worked for generations. I could never sell it. I've told him that a thousand times, but he doesn't listen.

There's an abrupt end to the conversation, and we have to leave the store to trigger the next scene.

As soon as we do, more shouting starts up from inside. Is there a back entrance or something?

Yo! I bought this stupid sword here and it gave me a real bad cut! How much you gonna pay me back for that? Huh!?

All he did was cut some bamboo with that sword and look what happened! Damn thing split right down the middle!

Yeah. You're sellin' used shit like new! Sword's shouldn't break just cuttin' two or three pieces of bamboo!

Right! That's why the boss hurt his hand! Whatcha gonna do, huh?

You gotta pay me a refund plus pain and suffering, you know? Gimme 100 ryou and we'll call it even. Or else we'll just trash this shitheap!

!? You three work for that businessman, don't you!?

Listen old man, pay up or I'll fuck you up instead!


(I need to help the blacksmith.)

You guys are pathetic, blaming your own incompetence on your sword.

What'd you say!?

People like you shouldn't be allowed to have swords. You're too dangerous to yourselves. So why don't you be good little boys and give them to me before you run along home?

You wanna try me? Let's go!

Hmph. Are you sure you'd rather pay with your life than with your blade?

I'm ready to fight, boss! Let's get this bastard!

Get him!

This is the fight with that one environmental HEAT action that is missable. If you don't do it during this sidequest you'll have to wait until New Game +. (In other words, watch the video to check it out!)

Damn! We can't beat that guy....

This is harder than that business guy said.

I knew he was behind this! He hired a bunch of criminals to do his dirty work!

[VOICE OFFSCREEN]: That's right.

It's you!

Seems the cat's out of the bag. I'm so disappointed.

It's hard to tell since I reuse faces, but the two guys standing up are new thugs.

You three just don't have what it takes. Instead I'll have to turn to a true master. Please, Sensei, take care of this for me.

Leave it to me.

You bastard!

I'll take care of this. I should finish what I start.

I have no quarrel with you, but I won't hesitate to kill you.



Ready to give this up?

Y-Yes! I surrender!

Good. Then get out of here. And never show your face in this town again.

Yes, sir! Anything you say!

Just a minute.


Leave your money behind. Enough to pay for the repairs to this forge.

Oh! Of course! This is everything I have! Goodbye!

I owe you a great debt. Words simply aren't enough.

No. I did it because I wanted to.

No, no, I couldn't let you walk away without a reward. Take this for your trouble.

Received [Archive of Yamimaro - Volume 1].

Another weapon crafting book, which makes sense from a blacksmith.

Thanks to you I can continue the work of my family. And I can make powerful swords for you as well.

I'll come by again sometime.

Please do. I'm always happy to see you.

Got 1500 Experience Points

Just across the street from the smith there's a little girl who stops Kiryuu when he gets close.

Excuse me, mister. I want some candy. There was a little boy with some here just a minute ago and I want the same thing he had. Please, mister!

(Is this another one of that candy man's tricks?)

Well, if we head down the road a ways we'll find the candy man from Chapter 5 has suddenly reappeared in exactly the same spot we found him before.

Give me some candy.

Of course, thank you.... W'AHH! It's you! I've been totally legit since the last time we met! Honest! So, uh, what can I get for you? Oh, um, to make up for before, it's half price.

So we buy the same gold-colored candy as in the previous sidequest. It's the most expensive, so naturally that's all she'll settle for.

Thank you!

Back to the little girl.

Thanks, mister! This is the same one that boy had! I'm gonna go show grampa!

And she's gone. But we didn't get any XP so the quest must still be running. We need to leave the Rakugai area and come back to trigger the next step.

Once we do she's back in the same spot, this time with her grandfather.

Excuse me, young man.

What is it?

Kiryuu doesn't have time for that "respect your elders" bullshit.

I believe you're the one who bought candy for my granddaughter.

We can confirm or deny.

That's right.

I thought so! She really seems to love those sweets. She's normally such a shy child, but once she came back with that candy she became so talkative and full of energy. I'm sure she'll want another one sooner or later, so would you mind telling me where you bought it?

Again we can tell him or keep the secret for ourselves.

Just down this road.

Thank you very much. And here's something to show my appreciation.

Received 5 ryou.

Wow! Quite a haul just for a piece of candy!

I think I'll buy out everything the candy seller has. I do just dearly love to see my granddaughter smile so.

Thanks, grampa!

Got 10000 Experience Points

And a massive bundle of XP to boot! This is the end of that 3-sidequest candy seller chain, and you tend to get big points for completing all of the quests in a sequence.

That puts us at Level 30.

If you go right back to the candy seller you get a little epilogue, but the sidequest is already done so it doesn't matter if you miss it.

Oh, it's you. You know, this strange old guy just came up and bought my entire stock! Now I can afford to spend a little more time in the pleasure district. But don't tell my son! Ha ha ha!

And like that, he's gone for good. Ah, scuzzy, perverted candy man, ye shall be missed.

Due south, sitting on the same stoop as the last two times we met him, our little protege Mametarou is once again struggling with his homework.

Hi mister!

Did you have school today?

I sure did! Now that I can answer a lot of the questions school's getting kind of fun.

That's good. Is that today's homework?

Yep. I've been working really hard on it, but there are still three problems I can't figure out. Could you help me?

Sure. We'll work on it together.

If true, that would be a first.

Thanks! Okay, here's the assignment.

Using the abacus, eh? Which questions are giving you trouble?

Um, here's the first. How much do these numbers add up to?


Wow, if the kid's having trouble with this question he's gonna have some serious problems in life. You can all do math, I'm sure. I'm not spoilering the answers.

It's 6.

I see! 3 + 1 + 2 equals 6! Okay, how about this one?


It's 140.

Wow, that's a tough one. Okay, how about this?


It's 11111.

Oh! It all makes sense now! You're really smart, mister. You must know everything.


You know all about reading and writing and arithmetic, and you've helped me out a lot. Thanks for everything!

Got 1000 Experience Points

Now, we can meet Mametarou one more time in this chapter, but you have to complete a good number of other sidequests before he'll show up again. We're going to sequence break a little bit though and just do that one now.

We find our little friend once more sitting on his stoop and studying

What are you up to?

Actually, I wrote an essay about you, mister.

Mametarou's Essay posted:

Kind Mr. Kiryuu

Thank you for always helping me with my studies.
School is still difficult for me.
But now I think I can do it anyway.
Some good things happened.
For example, now I can read letters from Mr. Kiryuu.
Last time he wrote "I want to eat grilled bonito,"
so the next time I see him I will bring some.
Also, on my first test I got only 2 points.
But on today's test I got 3 points for reading,
1 point for writing and 2 points for math, which
are 6 points total.
Now I think even if I can't meet nice Mr. Kiryuu
again I will be okay.

By Mametarou

Thanks for everything!

Any time. I'll see you around.

Here, mister. Let me give you this. I drew it myself.

Received [Badly Drawn Yamata no Orochi Picture].

And Mametarou disappears, no doubt back to his school.

Excuse me. It's very nice to meet you.


I'm sorry to bother you. I'm Mametarou's father, Mugitarou. My son owes you a great deal. For a long time he was struggling with school and he was ready to give up entirely, but lately he's taken a new interest in his studies. He's been working so hard and he seems happier than he has been in a long time.

This isn't much, but I would like you to have it, with my thanks.

Received [Diamond Kiseru].

Another unique pipe. Remember we got a gold one from the Robin Hood/Goemon bandit last chapter.

Thank you very much.

Got 1500 Experience Points

Now you know how we got the Orochi picture from the video. Obviously, you have to have gotten the correct answers in the previous three sidequests. It's a nice nod how Mametarou's essay actually uses a lot of what Kiryuu taught him (the kanji for "kind" and "bonito", addition of 3+1+2, etc). The father's name, "Mugitarou", also is a kind of joke. It means "Wheat Boy" to go along with his son's "Bean Boy". He probably has a daughter named "Barley Girl" at home too.