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Part 37: CHAPTER 10: The Old Fox - [Part I]

Get ready for cutscenes. So many, in fact, that there's no room for commentary this time.

Some historical notes:

The term "Old Fox" in the title is "tanuki jijii" (狸爺) in Japanese. Much like actual foxes, tanuki in Japanese folklore have a kind of mystical status, despite being real creatures. You can often see cartoonish statues of them outside of ramen shops, where they serve the same purpose as maneki neko do in other businesses. These statues used to depict an enormous scrotum as well - sometimes large enough for the creature to use it as a drum. However, this is getting less and less common with the change in modern sensibilities.

There's still a decent amount to do in Chapter 10 thanks to a handful of new bounties, but thankfully it can be spread across several updates.

On the Countryside Road we can begin what is probably my favorite sidequest.

What an unusual plow pattern....

What happened here?

Look at my field!

Lord Yuefo has given me a sign!

(A strange pattern has been made in the soil.)

Wow! No matter how many times I see it it's still amazing.

Thanks to Lord Yuefo I haven't had any trouble on my farm.

Who's this Lord Yuefo?

He's the god and protector who made this pattern. From time to time he leaves one of his mighty footprints in my field.

(Can this really be a god's footprint?)

But it's not just a footprint. A paper with his divine message always arrives too!

A divine message?

Yes. It says I should give him an offering, and there's a list of things he wants, including money.


When this happens I put everything Lord Yuefo wants out at night and sure enough by next morning it's all gone.

But it doesn't look like you've been making your offerings lately, even though I'm sure the god's been making demands.

Well, my family is very poor. I haven't been able to get everything he's wanted recently. If Lord Yuefo helps my harvest this year I'll be able to make any offering he wants.

That seems backwards, doesn't it? You have to please a god before he'll help you out.

I suppose, yeah.... What do you think, sir?

Are you sure this god really exists? I mean, you've never actually seen him, have you?

What, you don't believe me!? Lord Yuefo will punish you for your disbelief!

That's right! How can you deny the power of Lord Yuefo after seeing his mighty footprint?

Now we're free to investigate on our own, so let's do that.

Sure enough, there's the paper the first farmer was talking about.

(There's something here. I should show it to the farmer.)

What is it? Have you started to believe in Lord Yuefo's power? What, this was in the middle of the footprint? .....It's his divine will!


"Your recent failure to provide offerings has offended me. If you do not make amends a great disaster will befall you." What!?

I knew it! I knew you weren't doing your duty! Lord Yuefo must be in a terrible rage!

But I don't have anything left to offer. What can I do?

I know! What about Hanako?


She'd make a perfect offering, don't you think?

No, I can't give up Hanako! I've raised her since she was just a calf. She's like family to me!

But what else do you have to give?


That cow is the only thing left.

Wait, something else is written on the paper: "I will arrive in the clearing at the top of the hill. Bring your offering there to me."

The hill? Not my fields?

Seems that way. I'm sure Lord Yuefo has his reasons.


Well, you think it over. See you.

Oh, what am I going to do...?

Nothing else happens at this time, but if we come back at night....

Looks like he's sending Hanako off after all.

Hanako.... I just can't give you up.

You're still not sure? Look, if you don't obey you know something bad is going to happen.


If this is too hard on you I can take her up there for you.

No.... I have to do this myself.

Alright, then let's get going. We've already pushed our luck far enough. I don't want any divine punishment.

You're right. This is for Lord Yuefo! C'mon, Hanako.

They go on ahead. The only hill around here is the one where those supposedly fortune-telling Jizo statues were in the last chapter, so let's go check it out.

(This must be the place.)

Thank you for everything, Hanako. I wish there was a way we could stay together, but this is for Lord Yuefo. Please understand. Goodbye, Hanako....

What's this strange light?

Lord Yuefo!

WATCH THIS! (The video contents aren't covered in the screenshots.)

Hey! What do you think you're doing with that cow?

W'ah! It's you!

You were behind everything, weren't you?

Jig's up, boys. Get him!

They're all hand-to-hand fighters, so it's a pretty easy battle.

I'm sorry!

The "footprints", the messages.... It was all you, wasn't it?


Why did you do it?

Before, the rest of us couldn't grow anything in our fields. Only that guy seemed to be doing well. At first it was just a prank. We snuck into his field and made that pattern. When he saw it he came up with this idea that "Lord Yuefo" had given him a sign and he thought that god had made his crops grow.

His crops grew because he worked hard. You had nothing to be angry with him about.

We took advantage of his idea to try and take some of his good fortune.

So that's the truth behind Lord Yuefo.

He never had a clue what was really going on. But eventually he ran out of stuff to give. The last thing was his beloved cow. It was wrong of us to try and take what he had instead of working for ourselves.

Then you'll be giving back everything you took. Right?

Y-yes, sir!

Back in the field, the "footprint" is already gone.

Oh, it's you! Look at this: My Hanako is back home!

I'm glad.

But it's not only that. My field is full of money and food!

(I guess they brought everything back after all.)

You saw it too, right? The face of Lord Yuefo?

Eh? Actually, um....

He truly is an amazing god. I'll be sure to make an even bigger offering next time!


Got 10000 Experience Points

As long as we're here, in a neighboring field we can begin another sidequest.

Once we're close enough a deluge of dialogue bubbles alerts us that there's a problem that can only be solved with Kiryuu's fists.

What's going on?



We must be cursed. Maybe he can help?

Perhaps you're right. It seems a ghost is haunting the shrine in the middle of the village. Every year at thsi time we bring money and food to appease the spirit. It told us that if we fail to do so a great calamity will befall us.

One time in the past the offering was not given and terrible things happened.

This time it is this girl's turn to bring the offerings herself. But young women who perform this task do not return.

I won't let my daughter go!

It's out of our hands. The decision was fairly made. None of us like this, but it's her turn.


Wait. Sir, would you escort this young woman to the offering site? We know how much we're asking, but there would be a reward for her safe return.

That's a good idea.

Alright, I'll do it.

Wonderful! Then we'll wait here. Please keep her safe.


Are you going to cry the whole time?

*sob* It's not about what happens to me. My father isn't well and I'm worried that he'll be left all alone. *sob* Oh, how will he make it on his own?


Let's get going.

This is the place. I'll hide nearby and watch.


(There he is!)



(That's it?)

Stay away from my daughter!

Father? You followed me?

What's this? You weren't supposed to come!

Hold it!

Another one? You must die!

I finally pulled off the Twisting Strike kodachi HEAT action here, so click if you want to see it in motion.

Are you alright?

I was more worried about you.

We were so afraid of you, but you're not a ghost at all!

It's just a costume. Why were you doing this?

When the wars were on soldiers like us were in demand. But now we're just cast aside without a place in the world. No one treats us with respect anymore. This was the only way I could get anyone to give me the dues of a warrior.

You're wrong. There's still important work for a warrior to do. Keep searching and you'll find your place.


Thank you, sir, for protecting my daughter.

Because of you my father is still alive. Thank you.

This is the offering we collected from everyone in the village to give to that spirit. We think you should have it.

Received [Village Tribute].

For what you've done, this is hardly enough. Thank you once again.

Got 1500 Experience Points

The Village Tribute doesn't do anything, but we can sell it for a cool 5 ryou, which makes this one of the best-paying sidequests in the game.

Anyway, there are more jobs available now, but let's take a break from that and track down some bounties instead.

This is [Kaien the Worldly Monk] and he [works as a professional killer and highwayman]. He can be found [on the Country Road at night].

There he is, right next to those same Jizo statues.

What's a monk doing out here asking for alms at night? No one's around.

Certain people are sure to come.

But there are only farmers here.

No, travelers like yourself pass by. Usually rich ones with full purses.

There are all kinds of travelers, and most of them need their money for the trip.

As long as they keep at least six mon they will have enough.

Six? That won't buy anything.

It will. It's the price of your ferry across the River Styx. Now give me all of your money!

He actually talks about the Sanzu River, which is pretty much the same thing in Buddhist mythology as the Styx is to Greek.

You're Kaien the Worldly Monk, aren't you?

I am.

Why are you doing this?

This world is rotten to the core. Even now that the wars are over the land is darker and more corrupt than ever. That is why you should all hurry to the next life. It will be a much more pleasant one than this hell.

Then why don't you go first?

Because I hate to see suffering. Without my help, many more will continue their futile struggles in this world.

It's not up to you what they do. I'm taking you in to the magistrate.

I'm afraid I must decline. And I warn you, I am a strong opponent. I have sent many men to the River Styx with my own hands.

(Hmph. Nothing but a common criminal. I should call the magistrate.)

Yes, that's definitely Kaien. Thank you for your help. Please take your reward.

Recieved [1 ryou].

Got 1500 Experience Points

Next up....

This is [Takakane of the Golden Pipe]. He apparently [murdered a successful merchant] and can be found [in the Rendai Fields at night].

So let's head back there.

As you'll see in the next update, now that Chapter 9 is over the Rendai Fields are just one small dead end circle in the brush.

(I feel someone watching me! Takakane must be nearby.)

See! Who needs the greatsword when a katana can block a bullet just fine!

So he's a gun-user, which means he's pathetic in Kenzan. He can't block sword attacks well, gets grappled easily, and has to put big distance between himself and his target to even get a shot off.

It's over. Got anything to say for yourself?

That merchant I killed.... He cheated.... my family.... It was revenge.... Now I can die.... at peace....

So that's it.

I'm glad a warrior.... as powerful as you.... was the one to defeat me....

That looks like Takakane to me. Thank you for your help. Please accept your reward.

Received [1 ryou].

Got 10000 Experience Points

I have no idea why this guy is worth so much more experience than most bounties, but there you are.

Let's go back and get one more.

This is [Karasuya Takenosuke]. His crime: [Cutting down passersby with his sword]. He can be found [on the Cliffside Road at night].

A visit to the Cliffside Road lets us chat with this guy.

You need something?

I heard in town that a killer who preys on passing strangers was hiding out around here. You should be careful.

Thanks for the warning. By the way, do you know who this killer is?

His name's Karasuya Takenosuke. I saw his face up at the police box, so it's only a matter of time until he's caught.

I see. I'll keep an eye out.

Takenosuke's a much better fighter than most of these guys, and he clearly has an enchanted sword.

You're Takenosuke, aren't you?

Yeah. I have to thank you for finally releasing me from my tormet. Here, take this sword away from me. But be sure never to use it, or else you will suffer the same fate.

Received [Last Stand].

This is the fifth and final enchanted sword lost by that smith we met all the way back in Chapter 5. It has mediocre stats, but the POWER gets a boost when Kiryuu is in critical health.

Yes, that's Takenosuke for sure. Now the city can be at peace once more. Thank you for your help. Please accept your reward.

Received [1 ryou].

Got 1500 Experience Points

Now that we have all five swords we can finally go back to the blacksmith and finish up that sidequest.

Oh! Did you find one of my swords?

Now we can hand them over to him one by one. Interestingly, the game doesn't care which swords you give him as long as you hand over five enchanted ones. In New Game+ you could have extra copies of each if you collected them but never completed this sidequest, so you can give him extras of the crappiest one and keep the best one for yourself. Of course, they all kind of suck anyway, so there wouldn't be much point.

He'll give you a little background about each sword as you give it to him, but it's nothing we didn't already learn when we acquired them.

I think I finally have all 100 of my swords back. You've been a great help. Now I can destroy them and put my days as a smith behind me.

I'm glad I could help.

Hm. Oh, that's right. I promised you a reward. Here, take this.

Received [Enchanted Sword - Bloodstorm].

Nah, that doesn't sound sinister at all.

This is my final work.

But didn't you say you wanted to destroy all the enchanted swords?

It's alright. I know you will use it for a just purpose. Please treat it well.

I understand. Thank you.

Now it's time I began the journey home. If you ever visit Obama stop in and pay me a visit.

I will. Have a safe journey.

Got 1500 Experience Points

One last thing before we wrap up this update.

At the end of Chapter 9 we picked up the final locker keys. Once all the lockers have been opened we get this letter.

We also get the [Lucky Beads], which stop random battles from showing up entirely. This can be a lifesaver in Kenzan since battles are usually annoyingly placed in tight places and you get almost no experience for them.

This seems like a good stopping place for this update. Next time we'll finish off this chapter's bounties and knock out a couple of kakemawari jobs.