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Part 38: CHAPTER 10: Training

This is the last really big training update, and we meet our final instructor.

2 TENGU training
-Spinning Slash
-Yin-Yang Slash
4 DUMMY training
-HEAT Boost 2
-True Iron Body Discipline
-HEAT Boost 3
-Famous Knife Masamune
3 JIRAIYA training
-Onimaru Kunitsuna
-Doujigiri Yasutsuna
1 UNARMED training
-Spirit Strike
2 WATERMELON training
-Two Heavens

As you might expect, with the opening of the Cliffside Road in Chapter 9 a handful of new sidequests have appeared there.

As Kiryuu passes by he hears a couple talking about him.

Hey, he looks pretty tough, right?

Certainly. Let's ask him.

Excuse me!


You see, we think lately there's been a curse on this place.

A curse?

Yes. On the path ahead we've seen a wandering monk making a terrifying sound with his flute.


No human could possibly cause an instrument to make that noise.

Look at what the sound did to that poor man over there. He hasn't been the same since he heard it. Now all of us are afraid to go down the road. But you look strong. Would you see what you can do about that awful cursed flute?


Thank you!

Yes, thank you so much. You'll find the monk just ahead.

Just a jog across the bridge....

It's another weirdo with a basket on his head, apparently.

Oh hey! I haven't seen too many people pass by this way. Here, why don't I play a song for you?


Tell me what you think of this.

As you might expect, it's a godawful mishmash of random notes.

(I think my ears are starting to bleed...)

Whew! So how was it?


I really tried to evoke the beauty of the fall leaves and the transience of life. I bet you'll never forget that melody as long as you live! What did you think?

We get a lot of options:

1. It's like it's not of this world
2. It's indescribable
3. I think I've gone deaf
4. Let me hear it again
5. It sucks

Brutal honesty is the way to go.

It sucks.

Huh? I don't think I heard you right. What did you say?

I said it sucks. It's the worst thing I've ever heard.

WHAAA-!? Apologize for that! There are too many rude people like you around here, so I'm going to have to teach you some manners!

He's unarmed so the fight's a joke.


You're right. I already knew it deep down. I'm a terrible player. I just didn't want to admit it to myself.

In that case my job here is done.


All I want is for you to practice more.... somewhere else.

Y-Yes, sir! Okay. Then from today I'll begin my journey to study the flute. When I return I promise I'll be an excellent musician, so please listen to me again then.

Uh.... sure.

Now we just run back to the couple who sent us out here.

Oh, you're back! It sounds like you took care of that monk. We haven't been able to hear his demonic tune for awhile now. Here, this is for you.

Received [Hermit Stone].

Thanks again!

Got 1500 Experience Points

Before we leave, taking care of that sidequest opens up another back on the Cliffside Road, so let's re-enter.

Looks like something's going on up ahead.

C'mon old lady, confess already! You're the witch who's been causing trouble up here, aren't you?

The legend says the Mountain Witch traps and violently kills her victims.

What are you talking about? I couldn't possibly do something like that at my age.

No excuses! Everybody said they've seen the Mountain Witch up here and you're the only one around.

If you won't admit it you'll just make things harder.

Oh! Leave me alone! I'm telling you I didn't do anything.

Hey! What do you think you're doing, picking on a helpless old woman like that?

Mind your own business! You working with the witch or something?


C'mon, let's get outta here. We'll be back for you later, witch!

They strut off.

Thank you, sir. They almost cut me down thinking I was the Mountain Witch.

The Mountain Witch?

That's right. They say she has the face of a demon and terrible magic. Every year in this region she appears and takes a victim, according to the legend.

Huh. But that's just a story, right?

I don't know. Lately there have been quite a few murders around here. And it's like those two said, people report seeing the Mountain Witch nearby when they happen.


At least, people say they saw a horrifying old woman, who may or may not be the legendary witch. Some people see a wretched old woman like myself and jump to the conclusion that I must be her.

That's why they were after you then.

Yes. But thanks to you I'm still alive and kicking. No one else would have come to my rescue. Well, I should be off. But be careful you don't run into the real Mountain Witch yourself.

She leaves, but Kiryuu doesn't make it more than a couple of steps before a scream pierces the air.

Y'AHHHH! Help! It's the Mountain Witch!

(The Mountain Witch? Here?)

Help me!

Hold it!

His mask falls off.


(He used that wig to look like the Mountain Witch.)

You bastard! You're the Mountain Witch?

I'm sorry! I didn't have any money, so I wanted to ambush people here and take theirs. I thought if I wore this costume everyone would blame the legend. Forgive me!

And what about all the people you killed!?

Huh? Wait, I didn't....

shut up with your lies! We'll clear this up in front of the magistrate.

He turns to Kiryuu.

I'll take him into town. Thank you for your help. I'd like you to have this.

Received [Mizuchi Stone].

He'll pay for his crimes, I promise. Goodbye.

The camera pans to the left.

It seems you caught the Mountain Witch.

! ! What are you doing here?

Ho ho! I just had some business this way. Now no one will suspect me anymore, thanks to you.

It was nothing. Have a pleasant evening.



And she vanishes before our eyes.

Got 1000 Experience Points

Hmm. Well, let's head back to Rakugai.

On east Shijou Ave. we can overhear a couple talking to trigger the next sidequest.

It's the road in front of the big temple, you know? I hear there's a great swordsman who lives there.

Didn't you tell me something like that before and it didn't turn out to be true?

She's referring to the blind swordsman sidequest from a couple chapters ago. It's a prerequisite for this one and we triggered it by talking to them.

Nah, this time it's for real. He's an real master.... and he's blind!

You said that last time too. You're so gullible.

I'm telling you the truth!

He says the "big temple" so you might be thinking Kiyomizudera, but it's actually just the southernmost road in Rakugai by that "knot-cutting" temple we helped out at earlier.

Oh, a swordsman. Did you come here for Gozou the masseuse?

I mentioned it in an earlier update, but giving massages was generally the job of the blind in the Edo Period.

Eh? Who's Gozou?

You don't know? He's called Heavenly Hands Gozou around here. He has the magic touch. In one visit all your stress and anxiety will just melt away. It's his special technique.

No, no... Gozou may be a great masseuse, but it's Okei's smile that really hits the spot.

That's true as well. She makes the experience what it is, that's for sure.

I have no idea who these people are.

Then you haven't lived, so let me fill you in. Okei is Gozou's daughter. She really brings in the customers.

He calls her a kanban musume, which is literally a "billboard girl". The term's been used in the game earlier to describe Yoshino or other top courtesans in Gion, where the meaning is obvious. However, it applies to other industries as well as a pretty girl who makes customers want to stay and do business. Even today it's common practice in Japanese companies to hire receptionists and assistants based purely on their looks and manners when these girls will have a lot of face time with clients (by serving tea, etc). The point is to break the ice with the guests by giving the executives something to talk about - specifically, how hot she is. Obviously, all parties to the conversation are assumed to be men, which is still a fair assumption 99% of the time in Japan. Note that most people don't consider this a topic that even needs to be skirted around. As a rule, it's blatantly admitted and unsubtly employed.

But I'm sure she'll be getting married one day soon. I won't know whether to smile or cry on that day.

I guess that's Okei and Gozou on the left in the picture then.

As Kiryuu walks away two men approach.

What the hell's this? It's not right for a bunch'a peasants to sit around not working.

I heard that one over there's a famous masseuse. Those must be his customers.

Oh yeah? What kinda job's that?

Hmm. She's a looker though, eh? Kinda like a flower growin' out of the dirt.

Heh, heh, good one boss.

Outta the way, slugs! Inoyama-sama is coming through!

Now just a minute....

Hey, there's a line here!

Oh no! He's going for Okei! I know what Inoyama has in mind and it's not good! But what can I do?

There's nothing we can do.

Gozou finishes with his customer.

Good evening, Inoyama-sama.

Ha! Well, as usual all my hard work's tired me out. I'm next.

Inoyama steps up and we fade to black.


W-What happened?

Yow! What the hell are you doing!? That hurt, you idiot! You did it on purpose, didn't you?

What are you saying? I would never do something like that.

Shut up! I saw what you did! I saw you smirking just before you twisted his neck!

That's not true!

Are you calling my friend a liar? If I wanted to kill all of you right now I'd be well within my rights! But I'm no monster. You gimme the girl and I'll let it slide this time.

Isn't this like the fifth sidequest that went this way? Having a pretty face and a vagina is like a death sentence in this game unless Kiryuu's around.

Yeah! You should do what he says.

Right, then c'mere honey! G'ya ha ha!


Kiryuu knows what he has to do. (Hint: It's the same thing Kiryuu always does.)

Seems like Inoyama's already made off with the girl.

It's terrible!

Gozou-san is gone! Please help him!

Calm down. Where do those guys usually hang out?

Uh, let's see.... Go across the bridge in Kawaramachi and you should see it right away. I'm sure Gozou-san will be there too.

Off we go.

(This must be Inoyama's place, but I don't see Gozou anywhere. If he's already inside he could be in trouble.)

Hey! Gozou!



W-Who are you!? I thought you were blind!

I came for my daughter. Where is she?

Shit! But I'm not finished yet. Come out here, men!

! !

Ha ha! You thought you got all of 'em, huh? The girl's mine now!

Stop right there!

Who the hell are you?

I'm here to help, if you need it.


Whatever. Kill them both!

It's actually not a very exciting fight. They're pretty weak and focus on Gozou more than Kiryuu.

Whew. I don't know who you are or what you're doing here.... but thank you.

You're quite a swordsman.

I was an assassin long ago. But when Okei was born I decided to give up that path and became a masseuse. I'm happy with my life now. Instead of taking from others I can bring them some happiness instead. But after the trouble today I cannot go back to the city.

Kiryuu looks at Inoyama.

Where's his daughter?

S-She's in the next room. She's tired and upset, but I swear we didn't touch her! I think she passed out.

That's a relief. Maybe you can get her home before she wakes up. Leave things here to me.

What? But this mess is all because of-- Right, you two? I'm the one who showed up and picked a fight to get that girl back.

..... Yes. You're right! That's precisely what happened! I saw it clearly with my own two eyes!

And you?

Um.... okay. Yes! It's just like you said. You showed up alone.

And you two don't be afraid to come by for another massage sometime. I'll be happy to deal with you myself.

N-No thank you!

..... I don't know how to thank you. Why don't you take this? I think a man like you could find it useful.

Received [Kogarasumaru].

This is a kodachi that's pretty good - just slightly weaker than the best one in the game, in fact. The only problem is I don't think it's part of a set, and the set bonus is usually more important since you use the Dual Sword Style a lot more than the kodachi on its own.

Have a good life.

I intend to.

Got 1500 Exerience Points

That's it for sidequests. Now we just have a couple of kakemawari jobs to finish up in Gion.

One guy is waiting for us right outside the Tatsuya.

I have a request for you, Master Kiryuu.

You mean a job?

Yes. It's a debt collection.

From who?

A customer who ordered a huge amount of food and drink, and then after he'd downed everything told us he couldn't pay. Then he ran off!

Hm. Where can I find him?

Well, when he ran off he left behind this letter.

It reads:

-If the strongest kakemawari in Gion comes to
-me I will provide him with 2 ryou. I will wait
-at the udon shop in Rakugai.

Strange, don't you think? He runs off but leaves a letter like this? Well, you're certainly the strongest kakemawari in town. Would you mind taking up his challenge?

Alright. I'll take the job.

Thank you very much.

At least it's not very far to walk.

So you're the one they sent to collect, I suppose?

That's right. Are you ready to pay up?

Of course. But I don't have it here now. My apologies, but would you come with me back to my place?

This isn't going to be another "try to seduce Kiryuu, get teeth pounded in" scheme, is it?

What? Making excuses again?

Certainly not! I intend to pay my debts. You only need to follow me home so I can pick up my money.

(I don't want to let him out of my sight.)

Fine. Lead the way.

At the southwest corner of Rakugai:

Where do you live?

It's a little bit outside of town. Not much farther.

On the Riverside Road:

How far did you say?

We're almost there.

On the Cliffside Road:

Look, just where is this place? We're a long way from town.

This should do nicely. Come on out, boys!

You're a long way from home, Kiryuu-san!

So this was your plan from the beginning.

Damn right! All of us are guys you beat up over the years. Now it's payback! Then once you're gone there won't be anyone in Gion who can catch us. We'll run that place!

Tch. Idiots.

Again, only one of these punks has a sword so it's not much of a fight. I didn't even use any HEAT actions.


Listen up!

W-What is it?

I don't care about your excuses. If you order food you have to pay for it. Your bill was 2 ryou, so cough it up.

Aw.... okay.

Received [Debt Payment].

And the next time you have something to say to me come straight to the Tatsuya. I don't want to hear about you bothering any of the other shop owners again.

Yes, sir. We won't do this again. We promise.

Back in Gion....

I see.... This was all directed at you from the start.

Handed over [Debt Payment].

Yeah. Sorry about that. They won't bother you anymore.

No need to apologize. You collected the money after all. Here's your fee for today.

Received [1 ryou].

I'll be sure to come to you again if I need help. I hear you're the strongest in Gion. Ha ha!

Got 1500 Experience Points

Enough for today. There are two more of these contract jobs next update and that will be the last of them in the game. We're on the home stretch now, folks.