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I forgot how much of a major pain in the ass starting this mission is. This is a bit of a longer update (35 screens) but that's because I've left it at a good spot and then you're not just jumping into a massive confusing battle for the next update.

Alright. Let's do this.

This is the battle-field for this entire update. Yup. I spent my entire time here. As I said: Marduk is an asshole.

I grab the closest Manalith and guardian a Flummox, Yeti and Seraph to it, not knowing what to expect.

Why a Seraph and not a Silverback? As I said: Since he can convert my souls instantly, I thought that if he uses Death, he'll get 5 free souls, this way he'll only get 3.

Bastard was quick though. I only just built the second Manalith when he showed up.

Little bit of frost slowed him down a bit though.

Cloudkill also worked well at killing his troops. Those big flyers are Hellmouths. Big, scary, but suprisingly ineffective.

However: Marduk attacks just as fast as he retreats. I only managed to steal this one soul.

I had literally just watched my Sac Doctor reach my altar when I turned around and saw this. Goddamnit this prick was FAST.

This image is showing 4 things. Firstly that tickferno was useless. Secondly, I have cast a fence to keep things out. Thirdly: Marduk is outside the fence and Finally: That's the corpse of a 5-Soul Hellmouth.

This image is showing what happens when valuable 5 soul units die within my fence. However, this victory was to be my only in a while.

Marduk attacked again, but I was ready this time and managed to get a Tornado going. Note that the bastard is using Silverbacks against me. This was going to get interesting.

I've tried to get it so many times but this time I succeeded: Presenting a Tornado\Cloudkill Combination. Also known as the "You're Fucked" combination.

However, then Marduk countered by summoning Death. I wish the bastard wouldn't do that. Death managed to take out my Yeti and Seraph...

But then turned onto Marduk's own forces! KARMA BITCH! However, Marduk managed to recover all of his souls as well as a number of mine. Bastard.

Right. Enough pussy-footing around. If that prick wants to use Silverbacks? I'll play his game and use my own.

He charged again. Tornado was still recharging so I couldn't cast that again. I'd love it if this prick would give me just five seconds rest.

Alas: Cloudkill cant kill everything. This is the last thing a lot of things see when they go up against a Silverback. Note Marduk on the left hand side.

He recovered all but ONE soul. Oh man such epic progress.

It did however allow me to summon this Flummox. I guardianed it to the second Manalith and waited.

For the next wave, I casted Tornado\Cloudkill again with suprisingly good results.

Marduk was repelled, but I was taken out by a pair of Deadeyes when I went to recover these souls. Fortunately, Marduk was running away and I was able to recover these souls without issue.

My two Flummoxes took out the Deadeyes. Once again: Marduk was too fast and reclaimed his souls before I could grab them.

While I was retreating, Marduk summoned Death. Well now I'm fucked.

HAHA! A Flummox got a shot on Marduk, knocking him over and interrupting his spell. WHEW!

And my Yeti beat the shit out of him for scaring us all like that. I want a pet Yeti.

I even got two souls out of that wave. Y'know: Death isn't that bad once you get to know him.

Marduk attacked again and mimicked my Yeti. My Yeti did not approve of this so he impaled Marduk for the mockery. Take note of the Silverback to the side. My Flummoxes both killed it after a suprisingly long showdown.

I was about to harvest the souls when Marduk showed up and recovered them. He's not visible on-screen, hence I circled him on the minimap.

He went straight for my Altar, but another great shot from a Flummox took him out.

I got a few souls out of that encounter. Finally I was making some progress.

Although this would REALLY help. I went for his Silverback that he carelessly left laying around.

Note the blue dot on the Minimap. Marduk ran up just as he started being converted. Marduk not seeing any souls to recover, then left me alone for a bit.

How he managed this I dont know. He snuck around the side somehow and started desecrating my altar. A bold statement, but one easily destroyed with an Eruption spell

Plus I get a free soul out of it!

Marduk did this a good 3 times and each time I got a soul out of it. He wasn't attacking me with any units at all, just using Manawhores to uselessly desecrate my Altar

And that's how this update ends. Me with a heavily fortified position and 20 souls to Marduk being reduced to his defences only.

It's time to cause some pain.


Wahey! I had a recent save so the crash didn't hurt my progress too much. Let's get into it shall we?

Firstly, we need to figure out how to beat that fucking thing. Let's take a closer look.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

You're not one to talk things out are you?

Rightio onto the first one then. Warmongers are real nasty if you give them a chance to hurt you.

Fortunately with Cloudkill: We wont give them that chance.

Wahey! 1 Manalith down, 7 to go. Hopefully they're all this easy.

Especially when Marduk attacks and leaves all these souls laying around.

Marduk made another attack and I guardianed the highlighted Silverback to the Manalith for protection.

And Marduk was kind enough to leave even MORE souls behind. I could get used to this.

Marduk returned and tried to summon Death.

He was rudely interrupted when my Yetis and Silverbacks froze him and destroyed his physical body for the umpteenth time.

Getting tired of his counter-attacks, I went for the nearby Manalith with the same tactic of Cloudkill -> Creature rush.

It half worked, but this Hellmouth stayed. So I sent in my Silverback and Yeti to finish the job.

However I completely underestimated the Hellmouth. It's regeneration abilities are absolutely insane. Not to mention it's fucking huge. That's a shot of me UP TO ITS KNEE.

They also do pack quite a decent punch. My Silverbacks are still superior, but this death taught me to watch out for Hellmouths.

I was ressurected at the Manalith with Marduk close behind. My Yeti dealt with him with quickly enough.

Marduk attacked again...

and again...

and again...

This was ridiculous. Neither Marduk or I were making any progress on each other. Both of us would recover quick enough to recapture any lost souls and nobody was doing any damage against each others Manalith. Not even this summoning of Death caused any permanent damage.

Time for a new approach. I guardianed 2 Silverbacks, a Yeti and a Flummox to the Manalith and looked for another Manalith to destroy.

So I went down the Left-Hand side of the valley instead of the right and found this Manalith. It's as good as any place to start.

As per usual: Start off with a Cloudkill and then attempt a creature rush.

If you look closely at the top: You'll notice that Death has stopped by for a visit and quickly took out all my guardians. Since my guardians took out Marduk before death killed them all, there was no significant damage.

After re-summoning some guardians I ran back to that other Manalith. I saw Marduk standing outside it, waiting for me to wander up and start another stalemate.

Fuck that. I instead teleported back to the Manalith I died trying to take and had another crack at it.

This time I succeeded. FINALLY some progress!

North from there was this Manalith, Same drill of using Cloudkill and then charging in with creatures resulted in...

More progress! It took us long enough to get anywhere.

I was a nuffy and in my excitement, saved over a picture which showed the next Manalith. Once again: Cloudkill and a unit rush meant that I was able to conquer it.

Just as Marduk showed up. Y'know: I preferred it when he WASN'T around.

That's it for tonight folks! Kick it across to the next page and then I'll throw up another update. Who knows: Marduk may fall by the next update!


Hopefully that wasn't a spoiler

Anyways: You've waited long enough. After several irritating delays, a month-long break in the middle and many curses thrown, we have finally done it.

But there's one last decision for you. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Shall we beg...uh...continue?

Marduk's attack was repelled. I summoned that fence and pinched those souls.

I had played this game before, so I guardianed a Flummox, Yeti and Silverback to the Manalith and went for the (presumedly) undefended Manaliths on the other side.

I teleported back to my Altar so I could swing around behind Marduk and try to take that Manalith that I tried to pinch behind his back before. Just as I finished summoning my attack force: I spotted Marduk "sneaking" around the side here.

I didn't want another stalemate out in the open: So I stalled Marduk by casting Tornado. While he was in the air: I teleported back to the Manalith I just came from

I casted Cloudkill on the guardians of the closest Manalith (the one Marduk was attacking from)

And was repelled. Those Dragons take one helluva beating.

So I went for complete overkill and sent 2 Silverbacks against the Dragon and got my Flummoxes to take him down with giant boulders.

That worked quite nicely

1 down. 2 to go. This was the original Manalith I tried to steal behind Marduk's back. He hadn't thought to reinforce it's defences. Lucky me!

Marduk tried to stop me again, and managed to reclaim those 5 Hellmouth souls.

Having no souls to spare, I charged up the hill and attacked Marduk's last Manalith while my Flummox constantly interrupted his spell-casting.

The Manalith exploded with a fiery roar as my Flummox threw one last boulder into Marduk's back: Killing him practically instantly.

I built my last Manalith on top of his under a cloud of rain and lightning. My Manahoars took a bit of damage, however the price was worth it.

Marduk was now in some serious trouble.

I summoned 1 of every unit (except Tickferno's because I still hate them). 1 Sythe, 1 Fallen, 1 Locust, 1 Blight, 1 Flummox, 1 Seraph, 1 Yeti, 1 Flurry and 1 Silverback...

And sent them to destroy the strange device that was somehow powering Marduk.

A low rumble shook the ground...

The device exploded spectacularly, debris showering my units and the battlefield.

Let's go bitch.

Marduk appeared at my altar and proceeded to try to desecrate it.

First my Flying units attacked, my Silverback, my Locust, my Blight and my Seraph.

Then went in my Yetis and my Sythes. Combined with the Cloudkill spell, Marduk would surely fall.

Presenting the death of Marduk.

Very possible.

The ground rumbled for no apparant reason

You smug bastard.

...Oh you're not serious

Oh Stratos is VERY good at this.

Well...he has a point.


Here's your choice.

This is a moralthical choice. I know it's a hazy concept asking goons, but humour me.

Choice #1) Leave.
Give Stratos the middle finger and tell him to go fuck himself. We were the ones that did all the hard work around here, why should we live in a world ruled by a slimy, self-righteous bastard who uses anybody and everybody he knows?

Choice #2) Stay.
Stay and be the champion of this land. Live in a world run by Stratos. Revel in the fact that he is the worlds biggest asshole but also acknowledge that his way generally turns out for the better. You worked so hard to create this world. Why not live in it?

So what'll it be goons? Leave? Or Stay?

You have until tomorrow morning to post your vote.