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by Joudas

Part 1: The Forgotten Towers

Chapter 1: The Forgotten Towers

Intro Cinematic

The next thing I hear is a man's voice, echoing off the walls, saying, "We've got to get out of here, the fire's spreading - that generator could blow any second!"

Another voice follows his, "What about this one?"

The first replies, "Leave him. That's the bastard that stole my car."

I wake up in a small, damp room, my head pounding.

I make my way outside, horrified by what I see there. Screams of pain... or... insanity? echo throughout this tower. I hear a rhythmic pounding sound from the ledge above me... almost fleshy. My most immediate concern is this blasted alarm, which is going to drive me insane if I can't shut it off.

Oh, thank God.

I investigate the adjacent rooms - but find them empty.

I'll take this... you should always bring a towel, after all.

I see a beautiful statue at the top of the stairs...

...and as I approach, it lights up brilliently. Wow!

Hmm. Interesting.

Oh God, this must be what that rhythmic, fleshy beating sound was!

Ahh, good. Maybe now I can get some answers.

Fallen warriors? Temples? The rantings of a madman, but this Doc Morgan... he sounds like someone with some real answers.

To be continued...