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by Joudas

Part 2: Continued

Chapter 1 - Continued

In an attempt to get as far away from D- Da- Da- Don as possible, I hurriedly move to the opposite side of the tower.

I find someone else - this one huddled in a blanket on his bed, waving about drunkenly. I'm sure he'll have the answers I seek!

Could this be Doc Morgan?

Apparently not.

I can tell already that Lenny isn't going to be very helpful.

Well. That was... enlightening? There must be someone here who's not completely batshit insane...

What makes you think I want to touch it anyway?

This looks like an upstanding individual of uncommon intelligence. Maybe he'll know where I can find this... Doc Morgan...

Well, hello, Martin.

You don't say?

Oohkay. Just when he was starting to sound almost like he knew something useful...

This just keeps getting better...

...and better...

Riiight. Moving along...

I see another inmate near the edge of this ledge. As I walk over to greet him, he stands up suddenly, his pants around his ankles...

I call out, but my warning goes unheard, as he topples from the ledge!

This is not good, not good at all. I seem to be stuck here.

I'll have to find a way out of here, and quickly. My situation has not improved. Maybe that tower in the center would have some answers... if only I could get there. I can't extend the bridge from here... but maybe...

I knew this towel would come in handy!

I sling it over the electrical wire, and...

Weee! Of course, with the generator on fire, there might not be enough power to extend the bridge and then... I'd be stuck here.

Well, can't hurt to try...

Lucky me!

Right you are, chum! Now! Let's see what's inside.

There's got to be some way to open this here... but I don't see any controls.

It's a VCR.

And lastly, I see a safe above the file cabinet. Once again, locked, and I have no way to open it.


Ahh, the first "puzzle" of the game, if you could even call it that. I can't screenshot it, as pressing any keys while looking at the puzzle takes you out of it, but it involves three color coded wires and three color coded plugs. Plugging the appropriate wire into the appropriate plug rewards me with a working VCR! Hurray! Even an asylum inmate could figure this one out.

Cinematic: Patient Profile

I... stole a car? Why would I do such a thing? If I could find Doc Morgan, I'm sure I could get some answers. But the VCR short circuited - looks like I won't be able to watch the rest of these tapes.

Oh! Well, this is a fortunate turn of events.

Well, let's check it out - not like I have much else I can do.

You don't say...

Key? Aztec culture? The statue had a keyhole in the base... could the two be related?

Someone... escaped from the asylum? I awoke to a voice mentioning a stolen car... could the two be related? But, wait... Doc Morgan said I stole a car...

Well, only one thing to do with this...

Let's hope this works!

Cinematic: Angel

To Be Continued...

Thoughts on the dialog? There's a lot of it - each chapter basically involves the same formula - explore, talk to some people, then solve the puzzles and move on. I can keep on like this, or I can paraphrase, or only include puzzle-relevant parts, but the dialog is, in a lot of cases, relevent in small, subtle ways, even when it doesn't seem so at first. I know there's a lot of it - but leaving only the story-relevant bits would kill a bit of the mystery of the game, and paraphrasing would be even worse in this regard.

Also, sorry about the choppy videos in some places - it's the best I can do with what I have to work with, honest! The first few times I tried to record them, the audio fell grossly out of sync with the video; these are great in comparison.