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by Joudas

Part 3: Innocence Abandoned

Chapter 2: Innocence Abandoned

The angelic statue covers me in her wings, there's a great flash of light, and...

I find myself... in a run-down town? What?

Cinematic: Tic-Tac-Toe

What in the fuck! These children are... horribly deformed! What is this place?

It's a little difficult to see with the video that small, but the girl's face is all torn up, her arm is deformed, and the boy has two faces.

Well, I guess it can't hurt to talk to him...

Cinematic: Name Part 1
When the boy asks my name, I'm suddenly struck with a flashback. But as quickly as it forms, it's gone, and I'm left with nothing useful.

Speaking to him got me absolutely nowhere. Maybe the girl will be a little more helpful...

Cinematic: Name Part 2
Again, when asked my name, I'm struck with a recollection - this time, a little clearer, but again it fades as quickly as it formed.

Once again, she was decidedly unhelpful. Mother is everywhere? What in hell does that mean? There must be someone in this town that can tell me something...

Near the statue, I spot a girl jumping rope. She... she has two wooden legs! What's going on in this town?!

Cinematic: Name Part 3

Again the memory surfaces - but this time, I see all of it! And... Max... that must be my name! Finally, I'm getting somewhere! But... who is Sarah? I just can't seem to remember...

I hate kids...

I look around, and sure enough - there's a sign: "Genet".

I understand protective parents, but that's a little bit too much!

Just when I think I'm getting somewhere... Have I mentioned I hate kids?

The children here are proving unhelpful. Maybe I'd be better off just taking a look around... though I can't say I know what I'm looking for, exactly.

To Be Continued...