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Part 33: Let's Gauge If We're Wheeling Through

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, Tinker gave us a flying machine and told us about some materials he needs to build a rocket to send us into space. Oh, and we defeated the evil Queen, who was a robot. Presumably, the evil Horace and Elizabeth were also robots. I have some vague memory of them mentioning that before, but I might just be misremembering. Anywho, we've got a Gauge and a Wheel to go pick up, so let's boogie.

Glorious Mode 7! I love this shit.

Here's the desert we crossed all the time in Antiqua. Just to give you a sense of how big it looks on the world map. It's...I hate that damned place, but we never have to cross it on foot again!

We're spending the day in Prehistoria, by the way.

These are our landing points. I'm not sure why we have to land at these, other than because that's what Tinker said, but they're usually placed pretty well nearby to where we need to go.

Zach will change through his different forms, depending on where you land.

The enemies will remain the same as they were before, but we're so much stronger than before. I like it when games do this, because it gives a nice sense of progression.

And it makes it stupid-easy to level up your weapons, if you're so inclined.

Since we're back in the village, maybe we should go talk to--

Yeah, her.

You would not believe some of the shit I've had to do.

But nobody will tell you about the sixteen mazes in a row!

You don't? I mean, Strong Heart is part of an alchemist's guild in Nobilia, isn't he?

I thought so. He's mentioned he's been to Nobilia.

And their parts of Evermore are a touch cooler than yours. I mean, dinosaurs and prehistoric times are cool and all, but they don't have plants that try and eat your balls.


It's entirely possible, I suppose. If the other three made their parts of Evermore, why wouldn't he, the one running the experiment, be in the one position where he can view it all happening?

Probably, but as we've seen, Evermore is an actual world.

I know that Elizabeth, Horace and Camellia created Evermore through the experiment, but where the hell does Evermore actually exist? Is it in an alternate dimension? Did Ruffleberg somehow transport them to a different planet? Is it on some small corner of the Earth, where it's stayed hidden for thirty years?

Those might be a little hard to get, but Tinker said he saw them as he was flying over.

Oh, hey, we're going back to the Bugmuck. I'd love a rematch with Thraxx.

I imagine this being said with a face.


Maybe someone building evil robots? Because we're dealing with evil robots.

There is someone causing trouble! It's not a fucking theory!

Except for...

...So, at the end of the day, "the butler did it" is what happened here.

That explains why evil Horace and Camellia were all about cleanliness...

Then again, York doesn't have that information. We, the player, know that, but not York. It's been mentioned around him, but not to the detail that we've seen.

I imagine you would. I'm sure ruling a prehistoric world was cool and all, but after three decades?

Yeah, the novelty has worn off.

But first, let's go visit Strong Heart. It's been a while since we've seen him.

The Crusader Sword will be level 3 by the end of this update.

Namely, since I can one-shot everything, I saw no reason not to max it out.

Strong Heart, what's up, buddy?

We save your entire village from being completely wiped out and we get a good job? Jeesh.

In all fairness, I think you'd have gone back there anyways.

A new formula that would actually be useful!

Miracle Cure is actually pretty nice.

Taking two Roots and a drop of Vinegar, Miracle Cure not only restores some HP, but it also heals status effects. It's Cure 2.0, but I'm not sure if I'll use it. Status effects aren't too much of a concern to me, and with Super Heal, I'm not too worried about needing another HP recovery spell. Miracle Cure will out-heal Heal at similar levels, but we're close to the end of the game, and I don't see the point in leveling it up.

Strong Heart does, however, have pretty bitchin' prices on Vinegar. The only downside is that you need to use Talons.

Remember how Strong Heart had a collar for Zach before?

He now has the best collar for Zach.

We could buy this in the next area, but it'll be a minute before we get there, and we'll need to get a good bit of money to do so.

So, yeah, Spot's Collar is a hell of an improvement, and this is the best way to get it.

Let's get up to the volcano. It's the easier of the parts to get.

What? It's a trip back to the volcano. Don't look at me like that because I have nothing to say.

Yeah, we're not landing in there. I'm pretty sure that Zach could handle it, but I'm not sure about York.

Hell, imagine if Zach was a lava dog. His bites would have the power of the Earth's core!

Remember this gourd from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the beginning of the game?

I don't know where Tinker got that shit about this bursting out the volcano's machine, because it's been here since we got here.

And now, off to the Bugmuck!

Something about exploding an enemy into pink dust with a sword strike is incredibly satisfying.

You know exactly where we're going. And what we're going to find.

There's only one place to go in here.

Alright, let's get this shit done.

Meet Thraxx's cousin, Coleoptera.

For some reason, I think of this enemy as female. I'm not sure why.

She has access to Storn and Flash, both of which are pretty powerful.

She also has a pair of claws, like Thraxx. This is basically Thraxx, Part Deux.

However, this fight isn't a pain in the ass like Thraxx was. We've got a lot more tools are our disposal now, and much more powerful tools.

The claws have 2,500 HP a piece, give out 4,166 EXP and 400 Talons.

The goal is the same as in the Thraxx fight; we've gotta destroy her heart.

She has the same screech attack as Thraxx for when you hit her to knock you all the way back.

Most of that damage is from Flash.

While this fight seems dangerous, it's not much more dangerous than any other fight. I'd reckon the Verminator is tougher.

Also, Coleoptera has one other attack, that is extremely badass.


Alright, let's finish this shit off.

If you can think of a more metal way to destroy a gigantic bug than by exploding her heart with a flaming fist of death, I'd like to hear about it.

We also got 10,000 EXP for this fight, but there's something to note about the 4,000 Talons we got here. Due to the exchange rates, this is only 1,000 Gold Coins. Or 2,000 Jewels. It sounds like a hell of a lot, but it's not that much money.

While we're here, guess what else is reused from the Thraxx fight.

Despite it making very little sense to do so...

It made sense for Thraxx to have Strong Heart cocooned up, but why the fuck would an insect cocoon up a Wheel? She wasn't going to eat that!

There's one reason why I'm showing you this.

Because it led to this!

And with that, we're done in Prehistoria!

Our next location is Antiqua, where we'll grab the Diamond Eyes.

But, we're taking a quick break for now. We'll get the Diamond Eyes next time 'round.

Until then, stay tuned!