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Original Thread: Once Upon A Midnight Dreary, I Let's Played The Secret of Evermore



Alright, despite the title, let's get one thing out of the way; this game is not related to Secret of Mana. Some of the game mechanics are similar, such the the ring system and real-time combat, but that's about where it ends.

This game was actually developed in America; the idea came from Japan, originally, but began development in the Washington office. It has some major B-movie (the kind with extra cheese) elements and inspirations, which is partially the idea it was developed with. There are also plenty of references packed into the 24-megabit cartridge, which makes it a hell of a fun game. It saw release in America in October of 1995, and in the PAL regions in February, 1996. Oddly, it never saw a Japanese release, so they finally know how we felt about not getting some great RPGs of the time (I'm looking at you, Live-A-Live and Treasure Hunter G). It's a very solid RPG with very nice graphics, a very interesting main character, a kickass partner, plenty of interesting and engaging NPCs, fascinating locales, and a very fun (if occasionally frustrating) magic system. It's only single player, but there are some multi-player hacks that exist, but I recommend playing this game yourself. It's very solid, easy to get into, and the story is fun and interesting, if a little simple. The music has some good points to it, but I find it a little lacking at the end of the day.

I'm not going to say I'm going to get 100% of everything done in this game; there's a lot of stuff to this game, and I'm not going to guarantee 100% of it all being done. I'll be sure to do as much as I can, but there are some things that are a humongous pain in the ass to get done, but we'll see a lot of things done here. I'll have videos for the boss fights, as I usually do, and I'll get some .gifs of the good moments, and with that said, let's boogie.

Also, I shouldn't have to say this, but please, as always, NO SPOILERS

Table of Contents

Update One: Outta Of The Bijou, Into The Fire
Update Two: Assume I Said Something About A Clever Girl
Update Three: Fire Eyes Teaches Us How To Flash Folks
Update Four: Into The Bugmuck
Update Five: Thrashing Thraxx
I Missed A Formula: Acid Rain
Update Six: Strong Heart Loves Our Doggie
Update Seven: Sic Semper Evello Mortem Vipera
Update Eight: A Very Little Bit Of Progress
Update Nine: Salabog? More Like Salapunk
Update Ten: It's Getting Hott In Hurr, So Throw Off All Your Spells
Update Eleven: A Series Of Chutes--TO HELL
Update Twelve: Welcome To Crustacia, Where The Punches Are Made Up And The Rogues Don't Matter
Update Thirteen: Secret of Evermore: Canine Drift
Update Fourteen: Holy Christ, I'm Glad I Didn't Screenshot That Shit
Update Fifteen: A Fuckwit With A Foot In His Ass
Update Sixteen: Click That Tindeck Link, It's Seiren's Favorite Song
I Missed A Formula: Atlas
Update Seventeen: The Great Pyramid Of Crushiza
Update Eighteen: Escapes And Drains And Fireballs, Oh My!
Update Nineteen: York, You Goddamned Dumbshit
Update Twenty One: Back Alley Deals, Carnival Shows and Pig Races, Oh My!
Update Twenty Two: It's Amazing! It's Stupendous! It's A Festival Of Fears You'll Never Believe!
Update Twenty Three: This Is Just The Start Of Maze Related Shenanigans
Update Twenty Four: In Which We're Okay With Opening The Road To Mass Murder
Update Twenty Five: Let's Loot And Scoot
Update Twenty Six: I Guess I've Gotta Do This
Update Twenty Seven: And Thus, We Close Out The Forest
Update Twenty Eight: York Is Still a Dumbshit
Update Twenty Nine: Friends In High Places
Update Thirty: Face Off
Update Thirty One: Let's Gauge If We're Wheeling Through
Update Thirty Two: Ask And Ye Shall Receive
Update Thirty Three: Space Station Evermore Valley
Update Thirty Four: Seriously, That's It?
Update Thirty Five: The Final Battle For Evermore
Simply Simon, An Actual Chemist, Explains If The Formulas Are Viable!

.gifatars and Fan Art located here!

We start with Explosionface, who is back to doing his usual thing!

Explosionface posted:

Oh, sure, act like you can boss me around and get some results.

Well, shit.

Explosionface posted:

Explosionface posted:

Are you sure that's really Viper Commander?

And of course, the power of Cure forever:

Kheldarn posted:

I couldn't get it to look good with the hat on.

Kheldarn posted:

Happy (belated) birthday, DoubleNegative!

Not a fan of poodles, but as I promised on Twitter, here's the new toot:

Explosionface posted:

I may have been sitting on a couple of these for a while...

The following aren't legal avatars, but they still look cool. A couple stand a chance of making it after a couple of size reduction passes, but it's going to wait for now.

Kheldarn posted:

Sadly, Toaster Dog doesn't lend itself to :toastertoot: as well as the other forms.

Or maybe I just suck, and it's Explosionface's time to shine...

Something Interesting!

Shardix posted:

Yeah, I remember that. I think this got linked as part of the discussion:

More about the mysterious Ed Kann:

There might be some minor spoilers in these, but if you're interested in the game and what it was (allegedly) supposed to be, check 'em out. Hell, check 'em out anyway, as they're pretty neat.
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