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Part 35: Space Station Evermore Valley

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Secret of Evermore, we completed Tinker's rocket and were blasted off to Omnitopia. Today, we're going to start exploring and fight the bonus boss of Secret of Evermore, so let's boogie.

I'm not sure what sort of fresh hell we've landed in, but there are tentacles and they freak me out.

They don't bother Zach a bit, though, because he now has a fucking laser cannon.

A laser cannon that doesn't bulllshit.

As with all of his new forms, Zach's stats have gone up. He's even more powerful than before.

We'll have a screenshot of that in a second, but for now, let's chat with this guard bot.


That's as good a lead as any. We've done more on less.

Psh, it's a video game. I'm flipping every damned switch I can find.

As far as I can tell, these are the same sort of tentacles that were in the Aquagoth fight.

It's been a little bit since I've done one of these. I was going to try and keep up with them regularly, but I...Forgot.

York isn't doing too bad. His defense is a lot higher than his attack, but if we had that much attack, things would be a little too easy.

And, y'know, we'd be as strong as Zach. Just look at his fucking defense! I know he's made of toaster-metal now, but holy Christ, 607!

Alright, Scotty, let's roll.

Huh. We've wandered into the Acid Bath stage.

How the hell do you pull off that fatality, again?

Not quite what I was looking for, but Zach pulling a Kano is pretty satisfying. And those little dudes, the Neo Greely, only have 300 HP. They drop 500 EXP a pop, though, but no Credits.

We're in a futuristic environment now, so we use Credits, you see.

I mean, what kind of currency did you really expect?

These look like jail cells...

That one back there was open. I'm sure there's a good reason for that.


Uh...Not that one.


...Why didn't I restock my supplies!?

At least the Red Jelly Ball isn't dangerous; 100 HP and 600 EXP, but they keep spawning until you've killed five or six of them.

The Metal Raptor doesn't really take shit from alchemy, which is bad. He's got 4,000 HP.

And he hits like an absolute nightmare.

He behaves like the other raptors, being very quick to dodge and attack.

Eventually, he's dusted by Zach. He also dropped 24 EXP and 48 Credits, if this Monster Statistics guide is to be believed.

This is just a middle finger on top of that "Fuck You" cake.

No problem, IM-L8. What'cha got for us?

Oh, the strongest weapon in the game and the only other one I'll be using. Neat!

All the end-game weapons have 50 attack, so at this point, it's down to whether or not you prefer axes, swords or spears. I'm sticking with swords because they're pretty much the best, but also because of the Silver Sheath's effect giving us another 25% on top of that 50 attack.

I'll have to pop into Prehistoria and grind it up at some point.

Alright, let's get into the meat of this update. This next section is why my video is 35 minutes long.

Not that this section is difficult, mind you, but it is a pain in the ass.

To get through here, we have to destroy these Sphere Bots.

But to do so, we have to switch to Zach and pop up into the section above the tubes.

Sphere Bots have 1,000 HP and only give 70 EXP and 10 Credits. Their attacks don't do much of anything, but to get York through the path, we have to destroy all of them in his way.

Zach's basic attack, the three laser shots, hit multiple times for good damage. In this form, Zach is damned well broken, moreso than usual. He's much more powerful than York and his attacks hit multiple times; in this form, when he dodges an attack, he has the chance to retaliate with a level 1 charged shot, which will usually hit near the damage cap.

I mean, Christ, developers. I love that our companion is super powerful, but at least give the enemies a chance when he's around.

See that D 1 down at the bottom? We'll be navigating around to various doors, from D to A.

Yeah, Rimsala is just wandering around here. This form has 3,000 HP, but Zach can deal with that.

Another thing to mention in this form, is that Zach can run extremely quickly, but also indefinitely.

If there's a downside to this form, I don't know what it is. Someone, please explain it to me.

And if you give shitty reasons, I'll send Keeshhound to your house to talk about politics.

Maybe that's only a punishment to me.

Section 4 is as far as we can get, so we're getting there.

The trick is getting York over here. The Rimsala is quite dangerous to him; it can't quite pose a threat to Zach, but it can kill York in short order. With our limited alchemy supplies, York isn't much of an offensive powerhouse.

Let's start working our way back to our boy companion.

Because fuck it, Zach is the main character now. York is just the one who drives the plot.

We also get 1000 Credits were kill, as well as 3,000 EXP. If you were behind in levels before, you'll catching up quite shortly.

York needs to meet back up with Zach, which is much easier than you'd expect.

At here in C, two seconds later, we meet.

Let's flip that switch.

Urgh...I took a looong break and now I don't remember what I was writing about.

Okay, I can remember blowing up a Rimsala.

Alright, down into C 1.

These heating systems can hurt you, but for little damage. I took all of 0 damage from these.

Ah, Old Reliable. That sounds like a new weapon, perhaps a double-barreled shotgun, but that's not even close.

It's a brand-new helmet! One of the last we're ever going to get.

We're in the endgame now; we're very close to the final boss and alla that, as well as the end of the LP.

And we're going to need plenty of Credits. All the best end-game armor is bought, not found.

Floating Fans aren't too big of a deal; they're more an annoyance than a true threat.

Like a lot of enemies in this game, now that I think of it. Unlike most enemies, however, they have 700 HP, give out 300 EXP and drop 10 Credits.

This panel here can be interacted with, as well as a couple of others.

We'll be visiting there at some point in the future, but we'll need to drop that laser gate.

Ah, the Greenhouse. It's a good place for your run to end if you don't realize what's going on.

Note; you do not want these lights on when you go through the Greenhouse.

We'll need these lights on, to grab an assload of treasure.

Behind that "LOCK" is the game's bonus boss. I'm willing to bet most folks haven't fought them, but maybe I'm wrong. Until this LP, I haven't heard of the bonus boss.

You have to kerjigger these switches around until you find the right combination.

It's not told you to anywhere, so you have to enter three digit combinations until it pops open.

In this case, I had 131 for my access code.

Alright, let's get this done with.

If I were properly stocked on ingredients, this fight would have gone perfectly fine.

Since I did not, this went pretty poorly.

Anywho, this is the hidden boss of Secret of Evermore.

Bosses, rather.

It's the mysterious Face that we never learn anything about, yet seemed to be a key villain!

They each have 4,000 HP and only use Flash to attack.

They're capable of using Heal to restore small amounts of damage, but that's not much of a concern.

Their Flash is pretty powerful; check out Zach's health here.

And see how quickly it nosedived.

Being low on ingredients, I decided to make use of those shitload of Call Beads I had around.

We get 2,000 Credits for each one, as well as 4,000 EXP.

The screenshots don't really show it, but I got the shit kicked out of me in this fight. If not for Flash, I would have been okay, but they can spam it so quickly, and deal such good damage with it (100+), it can quickly overwhelm you.

And our reward for doing this?

Normally, I'd break there, but we're going to get this shit done here.

I'm not going to really be using the Bazooka and I'll show you why.

Because it knocks you back with each and every shot, and it has to be charged to 100% to fire a shot. If an enemy dodges your shot, then you're left wide open. The Bazooka also can't level up, and it has limited ammo (even if there is a glitch to get infinite ammo), so it's ultimately not worth it.

Now we're down in the storage room, so let's nab some goodies.

New hand armor!

More Bazooka ammo.

And we finish it off with some Honey and Acorns.

And, uh, there's this. I don't know what Thraxx's are doing up here, but it's kind of spooky.

I did spend some time with the Bazooka, which is why I feel I've developed an expert opinion on it.

We now have a mini-boss battle here, but it's nothing special.

There are five sets of these doors, and each release two Guard Bots.

It's about as exciting as you'd imagine.

Quit posing like you're Link and you just found the Compass. You like like a jackass, York.

That's a hell of a boost.

We're looking to get over to A 4, to finish off this section.

York gets his ass knocked back, and Zach...Is doing something.

Most of the time in this section, I controlled Zach, just to kick ass, take names, and chew bubblegum.

Pictured: chewing bubblegum.

I'm making a terrible mistake here. Some of you know what it is.

You do not want to be in the Greenhouse with the lights on. In no way, do you want to be here.

Now, why don't you want to be here? It doesn't look bad, since nothing is trying to kill me.

That's because these things, the Flowering Death, don't have to try. They'll never deal less than 999 damage, and you'll never have more than 999 HP.

Aura or Barrier doesn't affect their damage, either.

And you can't hurt them. I've read that they have 10,000 HP, but there's no way to actually do any damage to them.

So we have to get back to the lighting system and turn off the lights.

This is the highlight of that trip.

Okay, now let's get through here.

You can work your way to this point without being killed, but you can't get past these two flowers.

We're almost there!

This is actually our end goal.

There might be a thing or two that I missed (there's a formula back with I8-PI, but we'll get back there), but I'm not worried about it.

Hey, it's been a long time since we've seen this guy!

And now I'm creeped out.

Let me make my own world, then. It'll be full of Mole Men and floating islands.

Ah, so the butler did it!

We've met him before, York.


Yeah, I'm not seeing it. He's not dressed like James Bond.

Has that ever worked out well?

And then he made sure it was permanently clean by burning the place down, forcing you to create Evermore, so you didn't have to live in the poor house.

Did you program him free will or something? Everyone knows not to program robots with free will! It never ends well!

I'd like to think he did this by pouring a beer on the console, saying, "Fuck you, Dad!"

Wouldn't it have been easier to kill you all? Or at least you, Doc?

And we make our move, over to that machine.

Still not sure where Evermore is, exactly, but Ruffleburg has built a teleporter.

Inefficiently threaten them, I might add.


Then let him destroy it! Or destroy him!

For you budding robot-builders at home, always build a shut-down remote for your robots. This is why you need shit like that.

Truthfully, we didn't even realize we were doing it, most of the time.

Hey, uh, quick question.

We know where Elizabeth, Horace and Camellia are, right?

Why don't we grab them, bring them back here, and just give Carltron the world of Evermore? What real downside is there to that?

I'm not going to question this logic.

What's it like to write a video game where you can't just address those sorts of concerns?

Do you purposely have to write dumb-downed stories (for certain games, at least), to give the motivation to continue?

Or do writers not think of these things and nobody else notices? That feels unlikely, but I've never written a game before, so I have no idea.

Well, let's get back to Evermore, then.

How many of you forgot about that Energy Core and how we saw it when we were below the chessboard?

It's okay if you did, because I pretty much did, too.

That'll be next update, though.

This one has gone--Oh, look at the kitty.

And...There's not much left of that kitty now.

Yeah, we've been here before.

This is the same place from the very beginning of the game.

Which means we've come full circle!

Ugh. This requires very rare ingredients.

There are only supposed to be 10 bits of Dry Ice in the game, but there's a very roundabout method of getting more.

If you have more than six Call Beads...He doesn't give you any more. There's nothing special about it.

Alright, folks, I'm cutting it here. This update has been extremely long, and I'm sure you're tired of reading it.

Next time, we'll get that Energy Core, so stay tuned!