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Part 66: Episode LXVI: Kawashima's Debriefing

Episode LXVI: Kawashima's Debrief

Music: Atmosphere - Blow Up

Back at it again at the seven days of side quests before the end of the world. Today's venture will take us back to the busiest block in all of France. You'd think the death of Alice's father, the revelation of Roger Bacon's true identity and Yuri the marriage counselor would be enough for Rouen, but no... we've got three more activities in town.

For this field trip we are going to need Zhuzhen and Margarete to be in the active party. Well, only Margarete is technically necessary but we need to air out this crusty old man or he's going to end up looking like Roger Bacon if we're not careful.

Music: But-Dad-Dead-Bed

We need to travel back to the three room inn next to the church and head into the only room downstairs. Sheesh, they don't even have a back room for the clerk at the desk to hang out when nobody is around, do they? Or a toilet for that matter. Poor guy is stuck on the eternal graveyard shift of Rouen.

This quest requires speaking to this creepy shit, Wanderer Meiyuan. Meiyuan is actually also hanging out in London as well as back in Prague and Bistritz. But we need to specifically talk to him here in Rouen to trigger this event. Don't ask me why. I guess it's the only place where Meiyuan isn't roaming the streets yearning for sex crimes.

Oh, it’s Yuri! And all the rest of you! This is perfect. I was just on my way to find you.
<shakes head> You were? What did I do to deserve that?
<stamps foot> Relax! I just wanted to deliver a letter I had for you. Meanie!
A letter?
<hands Yuri the letter> Here. It’s from Qiuhua in Shanghai!
From Qiuhua?
Mr. Zhen's daughter?
Zhuzhen has a daughter?!
No, Zhen not Zhuzhen.
Yeah, still not ringing any bells.
Plain looking girl, early-20s. Frankly mediocre at playing a string instrument. Hung out at a seedy bar that used to be run by Wugui of Kowloon.
OH! OK... I remember the bar at least... Just lemme that letter. I thought everyone in Shanghai got vaporized after I tu—ergh... After that... unfortunate... incident...

Let’s see…

Life is tough, but my father and I are both doing well. How are you doing?
Sergeant Kato visited our house today. He wants to know where you are.
He realized we didn’t know, so we made small talk, and then he left.
It was a tragic story, one I didn’t want to write. But I feel I must let everyone know…

Music: Swindler - Shanghai Mood

You puzzle me. Ignoring your order to return to Tokyo, so you can remain in this type of place…
N, no… I am interested in the forbidden magic that the adept, Dehuai, freed… I’ve been doing some research…
<laughs> Research? All you do is hang around me all the time, running errands.
I told you to go take lunch forty minutes ago and you've just been standing at attention staring at my desk the entire time.
N-no, I just… uh…

Kawashima walks out from behind her desk.

I appreciate it.
Now that Shanghai is under our control…
At least... the outskirts of it that weren't incinerated in the blast. And the parts of that didn't burn down afterward...
I’m just a loud, whimsical hound dog to the higher-ups. A replacement dog will be sent…
Commander… what are you talking about!? You’re still a hero of the Japanese people!

Kawashima turns to the window.

Y… yes?
I wonder what Yuri and the others are doing now…
Yes. They have been missing ever since the Shanghai Earthquake.
Ah yes, the "earthquake." Shocking Tokyo wouldn't accept a several hundred-meter angelic being as the cause of two-thirds of the city being leveled.
I hardly believe it myself. Or how we managed to survive despite being so close to the blast.
Now, Kato. We agreed to never discuss the details of our highly unlikely survival as part of the official cover story.
Y-yes, ma'am! As for Yuri and the others...

I haven’t heard anything more since.
I’m sure they’re traveling far, holding firmly to their convictions. No one to answer to… Just following their instincts…
Or they all perished in the blast. But... that's a far less enjoyable scenario.
Somewhere deep inside, I envy them.
<quickly steps forward> Lieutenant Colonel!
<turns around> Wh-why are you shouting all of a sudden, Sergeant?
Even you could do it, Lt. Colonel! Anyone can do it! As long as they truly desire it! There are no rules in life! Only the ones you make yourself! I want to live a life of no regrets! It may be difficult, but only you can change the way you live your life!
<salutes> Lt. Colonel, I… I love you! I would follow you down whatever path you decide to take in life! I, Masaru Kato, will not leave anything to regret!

...D-did I say that last part out loud?!


Kato runs to the nearest solid object and goes to town. It's a little bit strange Kato would share this part of the story with Qiuhua and likewise, she'd feel it important to include in a letter.

Kawashima walks up to the distraught Kato.

Y-You do...?
And... and the other stuff I blurted out...?
We will... discuss that another time...

Two Japanese soldiers march into the room.

Music: Army Mood

Lt. Colonel Kawashima! We’ve received an urgent wire from Tokyo! Please come to HQ immediately!
A wire from Tokyo? Is it from my father?
Okay. Let’s go.
<turns to Kawashima> Colonel…
It’s okay. I’ll be right back. Then we can finish this conversation.
Just... don't bang your head on anything else, OK?
Yes ma'am.

<walks up to soldier> Why are you shaking? Well, let’s go.

Kawashima and the two soldiers leave the office.

Maybe I should think about shopping for that cape to take my mind off thi—

Music: ENDS

That probably isn't something great to hear after your boss is suddenly taking away by MPs while doubting her position will last and also you confess your love to her. That's not the most fortuitous combination of events to all happen at once.

Kato rushes out of the office to find...

Welp. The Japanese Army is really harsh about its demotions.

Lieutenant Colonel!

Kato annihilates both soldiers with a shoulder-check powerful enough to instantly kill and despawn both of them as he rushes down to Lt. Colonel Kawashima's side. Savage.

Music: God Knows Bad News

<shakes her> Lieutenant Colonel!
Hahhh… It appears my father has deserted me…
Probably... should have been concerned he... hasn't contacted me in a... year...
We’ll get you help right away! Hang on!
I guess I… had it coming… The last gear… fitting…
The last gear...?! Lieutenant Colonel, I don't know what that means!
Kato… thanks… for… everything…

Kawashima slumps over dead.

And that's the last we see of Kawashima and Kato. At least until Shadow Hearts Covenant where Kato comes back as one of the more important characters in the game.

Music: But-Dad-Dead-Bed

Sergeant Kato will take Lt. Colonel Kawashima’s ashes back to Japan tomorrow.
Yuri, there are many rebel factions fighting in Shanghai against the Japanese army.
I hope nothing happens. I also hope you’ll come back to Shanghai soon.

From Qiuhua.

P.S. I’ve enclosed a scarf I knitted for you. Please pass it along to Zhuzhen.

I mean... I kinda figured her and the big chin guy died back when Shanghai was destroyed, but... Man... bummer...
Life is so ironic. Now, don’t you guys turn out like that, you hear!! …’Cause that would really make me cry!
<groans> Ya know, there's someone else I definitely WISH died in Shanghai...

Our ultimate reward for hearing about Kawashima and Kato's very bad day is our very first set of ultimate armor for one of our characters -- Zhuzhen in this case. The Coat of the Adept packs 76 Physical and 84 Special Defense along with halving all Fire and Water damage.

Tune in next time as our business concludes in France with some shenanigans in a church confessional and a man with a fake nose as Shadow Hearts' sidequests continue.