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Original Thread: Shadow Hearts - Koudelka 2



“Reasoning draws a conclusion, but does not make the conclusion certain, unless the mind discovers it by the path of experience.” – Roger Bacon on grinding and RNG, probably.


What is Shadow Hearts?
Shadow Hearts is a JRPG by Sacnoth -- released in December of 2001 for the Sony PlayStation 2. Midway published it this time around. They used to have their hands in... varied markets before going belly up. It actually had the rotten timing of being released five days before this little known rival indie title, Final Fantasy X... You might have heard of that game somewhere before. Shadow Hearts is an indirect sequel to the 2000 RPG by the same developers, Koudelka -- a completed LP of which can be found right over here Sacnoth’s output this time around is far more of a traditional JRPG rather than the survival horror game trappings married to a nightmare of bad design decisions RPG combat system of its predecessor.

To be blunt, unlike Koudelka, which I would in no way, shape or form suggest anyone play for themselves, I’d say Shadow Hearts is worth a fair shake. Even if it does have some issues and might be a bit of a step back in a few ways. But we’ll have more than enough time to discuss that later.

Do I need to have played/seen an LP of Koudelka to enjoy Shadow Hearts?
No. Especially early on, Shadow Hearts seems to have very little to do with Koudelka. Though it is far more of a direct sequel by the end than say NieR to NieR: Automata. You’ll have more than ample time to read that LP I just did if you’re curious. Koudelka was a 13ish hour affair that you could complete over the course of a weekend. Shadows Hearts is a real ass 30+ hour RPG. So we’re gonna be here a little while longer!

I thought you said you weren’t going to LP the Shadow Hearts games?
I said I didn’t have plans to LP all of the games. And plans can be changed, you pedantic jerk! It’s not a Xenosaga situation where I’ve gone on record saying I’d sooner eat a bullet than engage with those games in LP fashion. So don’t take that as any guarantee that I’ll LP another one of these games. Probably...

With that said, let’s begin...

This is where updates go to live. What else did you think was going to end up here? Sheesh!

Episode I: Midnight Train
Episode II: Rude Hero

Episode III: Stat Chat 1913
Episode IV: Ghost Dad
Episode V: Malice
Episode VI: Country Hospitality
Episode VII: The Quack Oracle
Episode VIII: The Anti-Cat Maneuver
Episode IX: A Single Thread

Episode X: Get Alice Elliot!
Episode XI: The Alluring Spy
Episode XII: The Sewer That Killed My Computer
Episode XIII: Seals and Guards
Episode XIV: A Tiny Problem

Episode XV: Casual Discourse on Somniloquy
Episode XVI: Sea Mother
Episode XVII: Quack Back
Episode XVIII: Valorization

Episode XIX: Don't Rock the Boat
Episode XX: Fire and Water
Episode XXI: Busting a Ghost

Episode XXII: A Rainy Day Fifteen Years Ago
Episode XXIII: Under New Management
Episode XXIV: No Sell
Episode XXV: Pit Fighter

Episode XXVI: Meowster
Episode XXVII: Hands On Trial
Episode XXVIII: Xifa
Episode XXIX: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

Episode XXX: Alliances
Episode XXXI: Press the Select Button to Submit

Episode XXXII: A Well-Timed Fieldtrip
Episode XXXIII: Puppet

Episode XXXIV: Essential Smut
Episode XXXV: Snipe
Episode XXXVI: Calamity

Episode XXXVII: Terry No Guard

Episode XXXVIII: Red Fog
Episode XXXIX: The Bored Vampire
Episode XL: The Transformation Short Straw

Episode XLI: I Warned You About the Stairs
Episode XLII: Keep Digging
Episode XLIII: Face/Off

Episode XLIV: Mysteries of the Ladies' Room
Episode XLV: Fusion Frenzy

Episode XLVI: The Scene of the Crime
Episode XLVII: Father Doyle

Episode XLVIII: London Rats
Episode XLIX: Jack the Doctor

Episode L: Wow! What a Mansion!
Episode LI: Hope This is Not Chris's Blood
Episode LII: Mammon

Episode LIII: Mental Care
Episode LIV: The Key of Darkness
Episode LV: Translation Issues

Episode LVI: Identity
Episode LVII: Gravestones

Episode LVIII: Bacon Juice
Episode LIX: The Door of Judgment
Episode LX: The Runabout
Episode LXI: Amon
Episode LXII: Float
Episode LXIII: We'll Use Science!

Episode LXIV: Yuri's Awakening
Episode LXV: The Emigre Manuscript
Episode LXVI: Kawashima's Debriefing
Episode LXVII: Margarete's Confession
Episode LXVIII: The Dollhouse
Episode LXIX: Orb Chaos
Episode LXX: Keith's Performance
Episode LXXI: Spread Eagle
Episode LXXII: The Ancient Ruins
Episode LXXIII: The Cave Temple
Episode LXXIV: Orphan Blood Sports
Episode LXXV: Punching a Curse
Episode LXXVI: Atman
Episode LXXVII: Equivalent Exchange

Episode LXXVIII: One Last Thing...
Episode LXXIX: For Tomorrow
Episode LXXX: Nobody Knocks the Door
Episode LXXXI: Star Shape
Episode LXXXII: Middle of Nowhere
Episode LXXXIII: Messiah
Episode LXXXIV: Imbroglio
Episode LXXXV: Shadow Hearts

Episode LXXXVI: Hiding a Curse
Episode LXXXVIII: Death March Speedrun
Episode LXXXVIII: Covenant

Cool and good junk people have made for the LP goes here. Always appreciated and encouraged. There's probably gonna be spoilers, naturally.


Epicmissingno has been abusing Lullab-Eye.

Nohman shows off the cast's alignments.

Nohman also knows the best time to embark on a sidequest.

CountryMatters found a hole in Dehuai's scheme.

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