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Part 118: The Fort Of Regrets

For the next sidequest, we need to head over to St. Marguerite Island.

Oh, yeah! I remember! ...But I never saw your face before, remember?

Locke: Oh, that's right! Nice to meet you, then! So what're you doing back here? There isn't anybody left now.

Everybody escaped with the guards gone, huh?

Locke: Yeah, that, and there's another reason too. This place is...haunted. There are ghosts...!


Locke: Yeah, underneath the storeroom floor. They say there've been moans coming up out of there every night. I don't really believe it, but it's still pretty spooky. I've been thinking about going home too.

What, you're leaving too?

Locke: He he. If you plan on walking around, make sure the ghosts don't get you!

Moans from the storeroom floor, huh...?

The storeroom in question is the one where we picked up the adhesive.

What's the matter?
I don't know. I'm shaking all of a sudden. But not because I'm scared. I have this funny, familiar feeling, like somebody is calling to me...
I want to go, I have this feeling I was meant to...
Okay, let's do it! Let's check it out! First we've got to move this stuff.
All right! I'll lend a hand!

I like the little detail of including Joachim in this scene just so he can help shove crates around.

It's pitch-black down there. Yuri, hand me the lantern.
Here you go. We'd better watch out. This looks pretty dangerous.

We're in control of Karin for this section. There aren't any fights in this "dungeon", so Yuri was totally wrong about it being dangerous down here.

Yep, nothing dangerous down


Y-yikes!! He's see-through! This guy is see-through!

Professor: Yeah, pretty ghostly, huh, the see-through thing? I am a ghost, after all! Ha ha ha ha!

W-what's up with this ghost? He seems pretty weird...
Excuse me, but I think somebody was calling me down here... Do you know who?

Professor: Calling you, huh...? That must mean the soul of somebody close to you is shut up somewhere in these ruins.

Professor: Yeah. They call these ruins the "Fort of Regrets." It's a place where souls who are still attached to this world can gather.

So the person who called me--that person's soul--is somewhere in here?

Professor: That's right. But it might be hard to find them. This fort has multiple levels, and the doors are all sealed. To break the seals, you have to help all the souls on that level rest in peace. Sounds like quite a job, huh?

I see... Thank you for all your help.

Professor: You're welcome. Glad to help, you know. Stop and talk again next time you see me.

The door is in the center of the north wall. Looks like we have some ghost hunting to do.

There's a ghost to the left of the door.

Serge: It's nothing hard. Could you give this ring to a woman in Le Havre named Irene?

He hands us a ring.

This is an engagement ring, isn't it?

Serge: Yeah. I bought it in one of the ports along the way, but my ship went down in a storm before I could get home. I know it's too late to propose to her now after all this time, but...

Don't say that! I bet Irene's been waiting for you the whole time. I'll give it to her. I promise!

A short trip to Le Havre later...

I'm Karin. A man named Serge asked me to give this to you.

Irene: It's kind of old fashioned, but it's not a bad little ring. Never heard of this Serge fellow, but I'll take it.

What? You don't know Serge? He was going to ask you to marry him!

Irene: Marry? Ridiculous! I've been married to my husband now for decades! I haven't got time to stand around talking all day. If you're done, then beat it!

Back to Serge...

Well, the thing is... Irene is an elderly lady now, and she's already married...

Serge: ...I see. I didn't realize so much time had passed... So...did Irene remember me? Or did she already forget all about me...?

Oh, she remembered you! She was surprised when I handed her the ring, but she was really glad!

Serge: Was she...? That's good. I really appreciate what you did, Karin. When I see Irene in the next world, I'll be able to tell her how I feel myself.

With that, he disappears.

So, I wonder what touching tale of loss and regret this one will have.

Darcy: Sorry. Forgot to introduce myself. I'm Darcy. I died in that earthquake the other day.

Nice to meet you. So you regret losing your life in an earthquake, and that's why you're here?

Darcy: No, not that. It's just that right at the time of the earthquake, I was right in the middle of "doing my duty"... If you know what I mean. Ahem! Anyway, I died before I had a chance to wipe! You can't imagine the itch or the smell...

Oh. My. God.

Darcy: Please! You've got to give me some paper! You know, something really soft and white and fluffy...!

Darcy: Oh, paper! How I've dreamed about you! Thank you. I'll never forget your help. Excuse me while I use it right away. Aaahhh! Sweet, blessed relief!

......... Looks like he's gone.

...Shadow Hearts, ladies and gentlemen!

Anyway, we can move to the next area of the dungeon now.

The professor's ghost is in the next section. The first two questions we can ask just repeat stuff he's already told us.

Professor: Well... I think I was doing some research here, but my memory of the time of my death is pretty vague... I don't remember my own name, and I have no idea what keeps me from resting in peace. Pretty sad, huh? Ha ha ha!

I'm sure this will in no way come back to bite us in the ass later.

There are three ghosts in this room. the first one is in a corridor near the middle.

This one is pretty easy to move on. You just have to play his lottery three times.

Of course, that means you only have three chances to get his top prize (another Mind's Eye).

Lottery Member 3: Let me give you your prize! That's what lottery members live...and die for!

There's another ghost on the left side of the room.

Kazuma: I'm scared! That scary ogress mask is staring at me! *sniffle* Mommy left the mask in my room. She said, "Let the ogress eat you, then! Waaah! I'm scared!

Poor little thing. Hey, I know! We'll go take that mask far, far away. Okay?

Kazuma: You will...? Far, far away?

You bet! So cheer up, okay?

Kazuma: Okay. I won't cry anymore. Thank you, lady!

The kid gives us the mask.

The last ghost is to the right of the door out.

Your name...?

Soldier: Right now, this is the only clue I have.

He gives us a watch.

Soldier: It's scratched and I can't read it, but it looks like there's a name engraved.

Okay, we'll have to leave for these last two. The first stop is the Cathedral in Paris.

We want the guy standing just outside the junk shop.

Yes, that's right. I'll give it to you if you'd like.

Taylor: You will? Really? What luck! A real Japanese ogress mask! Thank you very much! Banzai!

I'm glad you like it.

For the watch, we need to go all the way to the Foreigner's Cemetery in Yokohama.

Somebody asked me to hang on to it. Do you know the person it belongs to?

Iwai: May I see it? ...Yes. It's scratched, but I can see the engraving. It belongs to the person in this grave.

"Major Wayne Hashida. Died 1894." Are you sure this is him...?

Iwai: Yes. Died in action and promoted for his bravery. Not many half-Japanese soldiers so I'm sure it's him.

I see... Thank you very much, sir!

And back we go.

Soldier: You did? What is it?

Wayne Hashida, lieutenant in the Japanese army. I saw your tombstone in the Foreigner's Cemetery in Yokohama.

Lt. Hashida: I can't thank you enough! I feel so relieved now, like my spirit is free. My body is starting to get light...

Two down, one to go.

Yes. You're all right now. I got rid of it in a place far, far away!

Kazuma: Good. That bad ogress is all gone. I'm not scared anymore.

The door to the next area will open now.

Professor: But I can't remember what's holding me back... If only I had something that would help me remember...!

We get absolutely no clues to do so, but we need to go to the beach in Cannes and talk to the old man standing here to trigger the next part of the Fort of Regrets quest.

Huh? What's the matter? Is there something wrong with this place?

Professor Stein: Shh! Not so loud! There's an ancient weapon lurking somewhere on this beach that could destroy the whole world!

Ancient weapon? You're pulling our legs, right, Gramps?

Professor Stein: I don't blame you for doubting me. But fifty years ago, I saw an inscription that told all about it. I've been searching the beach ever since but I haven't found anything yet. *sigh* If only my friend hadn't left me back then. I bet we could've found it. You believe me, right? Take my advice and get away from this beach as fast as you can!

Back to the fort...

Professor: I couldn't remember for so long. But when you opened that door for me, I started to remember a few things.

Professor Stein said some pretty troubling things. Something about a friend that left him years ago...?

Professor: Hey! That makes it sound like I'm a terrible person, somebody that would betray his friend! Well, I never! ...Just kidding. I don't really know what happened. My memories are still pretty vague around that time.

I see...

Professor: I feel like I'm really close to remembering everything. Sorry, but could you give me a little more time?

Okay, all we have to do now is leave, go somewhere else on the world map and then come back.

What do you mean, "See"?

Professor Mancini: Ha ha ha! Anyway, I've got a favor to ask. You want to go further, right? I died while I was investigating these ruins. I have to know everything about them before I can rest in peace.

Everything? But we don't know anything about investigating ruins...!

Professor Mancini: Don't worry about that. Somewhere in the world I hear there's a mysterious stone tablet called the "Hieroglyphics." I hear this tablet tells of the mysteries of all the ruins on earth. I want you to find it for me.

The Hieroglyphics tablet? So we find it and just bring it back to you?

Professor Mancini: That's exactly right. You guys are so understanding. Really appreciate it!

Luckily, we just so happen to have picked up the tablet already.

Professor Mancini: You mean it really did exist? This Hieroglyphics tablet thingy? Good thing I asked, just in case!

Hey! You didn't even know if it really existed?!

And? Does it tell you what you wanted to know?

Professor Mancini: Well... You already heard, didn't you? About the weapon that could destroy the world? I thought it was in this fort. But this tablet says it's on the beach in Cannes...

So that means Professor Stein was right.

Professor Mancini: I'm not too happy about it, but yes, it looks like it. By the way, what year is it now?

It's 1915. Why?

Professor Mancini: Yikes! Big trouble! This is the year that weapon is supposed to go off! No time to explain! I'm already dead, but you guys are going to die too if you don't hurry! Quick! Take this Hieroglyphics tablet to Professor Stein right away!

Well, back at the beach, Stein has disappeared. There's something here, though.

What a cool-looking toy!
Hold on! Do you hear voices coming from inside?
I-I think she's right! Sounds like little people in there!

Hmm. Nice submarine...
What? You mean it's not a toy?

The legendary submarine that brought star travel within the grasp of mankind. Its name, the "Nautilus"!

How long do you think he's going to talk?
Don't worry. This is his last weapon. Let him get it all out of his system.

Yes! I can see it now, cruising briskly through the waters of men's dreams!

And there he goes.

Sounds good.

Leaving the beach triggers a scene with Professor Stein.

Professor Stein: There were a few documents I wanted to look into. But what are all of you still doing in Cannes?

We'll fill you in later. The man told us we really had to hurry. Could you just take a look at it now?

Professor Stein: If it's true, the world is going to be destroyed... We must find that weapon, the Nautilus, as quickly as possible!

Professor Stein: What? You did?

Just now. We found it washed up on the shore.

Professor Stein: You did?! ...*gasp* Oh, no! We have to destroy it immediately! Before it wipes out the entire planet!

Don't worry. I gave the crew a nice little talking to.
When the hell did you do that?!

Professor Stein: Do you really think it's safe now...?

You bet! We made a nice little agreement among gentlemen. They gave me their word. No need to worry!

No need to thank us. We didn't do a thing.

Professor Stein: I'm really glad. It looks like all my research wasn't in vain after all. By the way, it was Professor Mancini who asked you to bring me this stone tablet, wasn't it?

What? Well, uh... We...

Professor Stein: You don't have to hide it. He and I are just about the only ones that could read that Hieroglyphics tablet.

Yes, and it looks like we managed to stop the destruction of the world for now too.
Ha ha ha ha! Thanks to me!
We've got a message for you. *ahem* "Nah nah! I won this one! You owe me a beer!"

Professor Mancini: Stein said that...? Ha ha ha ha! ...Hey! I finally remembered! Why I couldn't rest in peace! My regret wasn't in these ruins. My regret was abandoning Stein that time to follow my own research.

Gee, Professor Mancini...

Professor Mancini: Now I really see why they call this place the "Fort of Regrets." The souls that gather here get to experience their important memories one more time before they go...


Professor Mancini: Thanks for all your help, guys. I guess I'll be leaving now. I have to clear out if you guys want to get any further, right?

Wait! Don't you have any message for Professor Stein?

Professor Mancini: ...Nah, I guess not. I'll apologize to him in person when he gets to heaven. I'll be waiting with a nice cold beer!

We can now get to the last section of the dungeon.

Inside the final room...

Grandma...? Grandma Doris, is that you?

Doris: What, child, have you forgotten your grandmother's face already?

Of course I haven't! It's just that... this is so sudden...


Doris: My death and what happened to the Koenigs--none of that was your fault. We were the ones that were powerless. Besides, I'm kind of glad it happened. I'm sorry you don't have a home to go back to, though...

Glad? Why, Grandma...?

Doris: Joining the military when you didn't want to, fighting for the family name, wasting your precious youth... I hated to have to see you do those things. You always had a brave smile, but I knew, and I couldn't stand it... But now you have nothing tying you down. You're truly free now.

Doris: How could I possibly rest in peace, as worried about you as I was? But now I've said what I wanted, and I'm satisfied. Oh, and I wanted to give you this. Hold on to it, now.

You got Durandal

Doris: Have you forgotten what I just said? The family is gone. Our name is gone. There's nothing holding you back now. This is the start of your new free life as an independent woman. You'll need that sword to keep you safe.

If you're sure... Okay, thanks, Grandma!

Doris: Everybody, take good care of my granddaughter. She can get herself into trouble at times!

He he. We'll try. But usually she's the one who takes care of us.
That's right! Karin and I are the only ones who know what we're doing in this group.
Karin keeps us straight, you know.

Doris: Hee hee. You have very nice friends. I won't have to worry about you anymore. Goodbye, Karin. I hope I won't see you in the next world for a long, long time.

And with that, the sidequest is finished, and we have both Joachim's and Karin's Ultimate weapons.