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Part 75: Yokohama Streets

With the cutscenes out of the way, we finally have our eighth and final party member. Kurando is a physical-based party member (meaning he starts out with 3 hit areas on the Judgment Ring and can expand up to five). At the moment, he only has physical attacks; he doesn't have a Special Skill and can't equip Crests.

He starts out with a whopping 40 Affinity with Anastasia, and he's also got 20 Affinity with Yuri, for some reason.

His profile still has him pegged as "Young Swordsman" instead of giving his full name. Obviously, we still have a lot to learn about our three new friends. Not that a lack of information has ever stopped Yuri from charging in head-first before!

Kurando comes pretty much set, equipment-wise. He uses swords, like Karin, but his are two-handed swords while she uses one-handed blades. I think Kurando's weapons may be limited even further to all being Japanese-style, like Inoue, but don't quote me on that. Like Karin, he comes equipped with a character-unique armor, the Wisteria Tunic. It's on par, more or less, with the armor for sale here, so I'll just leave it on him. His two accessories, Loin Guard and Kendo Mask, boost Attack and Defense, respectively. Speaking of accessories, we now have the little girl's Colorful Comb. Only Blanca can equip it.

Anyway, we are now finally free to move around. We're going to take advantage of this by wandering the new area for a while.

My policy of goofing off while lives hang in the balance rewards me immediately. There's a hidden chest behind the old man with a Soul Drop.

I went ahead and used it to get the Earth max Fusion.

Unfortunately, the Graveyard monsters don't scale up to Yuri's level, so what were nicely challenging fights become total pushovers by the time you get to the last three. The Earth monster is named Mocos.

You got a Gaudion Soul!!

Your Power of Earth has been completely resurrected.

Covenant's Fusions are the best Fusions.

Outside the inn on Yokohama Streets. There's not much here except for the Save Point and a couple people wandering around.

Okay, there's actually a lot of people wandering around here.

To the left of the inn, there's a Lottery Ticket hidden at the corner.

Since when is sukiyaki Western food?

...dammit, I want some sukiyaki.

The chest behind Nomura has Amdusias Crest (Shield, Rock Strike).

Moving further left brings us to a new section of streets and to the Magimel Brothers. There's also something interesting behind this sign.

You got Mr. Doctor

"Hey, is that a stethoscope in your... Wait, why aren't you wearing pants?"

I don't know why anything surprises Yuri at this point.

Oooh, what a cold reception! And we came all the way along the Silk Road to join you!

Yuri's about as sharp as a cupcake, isn't he?

The mental scarring is not yet complete.

Hey! That raccoon toy...
Huh? This? It's pretty cute, isn't it?
Will you sell it to me? Or tell me where I can buy one?! It's giving me some inspiration for a new dress.
What? You want this? I dunno if I can let it go... Oh, all right! Here, have it!

Thanks! Now I'll sketch out my new design! Like this...a bit here...a bit there... There! All done! Well, it came out really well! I'm a genius, even if I say so myself! That really perked me up! Now that I've got a new design, I'll sew you a dress any time you want! Of course, there's the usual S-t-u-d Card exchange! Hmm?!

Lucky(?) for us, we just so happen to have picked up a new Card!

Oh, God, this outfit. We've turned her into a furry.

I can't let all that money we spent on gas getting here go to waste!

Too bad for him, the guy in the warehouses already has all our money.

There's even more people wandering around over here. We're making so many new friends today!

I kinda feel like we're forgetting something important...


Haruo: Huh? What's it called? It's "Rashoumon," by Akutagawa Ryunosuke.

Ropponmatsu: It's all well and good to worry about what's going on overseas, but what about the state of things here?

Akako: I heard America may drop its neutrality and join the war since German U-boats sunk its luxury liner, the Lusitania.

There's one person left in this area that we haven't talked to.

And she's a bitch. Let's bug her some more.

Nah, we haven't annoyed her enough, yet. One more time.


You got Shining Oil

Jeez, lady, we just wanted to thank you for the oil. You big, fat meanie.

Fine, I'll just run over here, then! Is that far enough away to not offend your delicate senses?

Finally, a friendly, um, face?

Boo-boo! Today I'll be playing the diddly-widdly A-ya, as the Wing Soul! Butterflies in my tummsie-wummsie!

I'm the Wing Soulsie-wolsie! The will of the Judgment Wing! The administrator of every teenie-weenie bit of fate!
Ha ha! Aya...right? Great performance!
Please stop now.
Peekaboo! I can see you! I can see your future! This is for you!

You got Attack Boost

It's the power of the Judgment Wing! Wow! Next time I come to play, I'll give you more power! I pwomise! I'm gonna watch and see you're all fwiendly to Mr. Destiny-Westiny! Thanks for being my fwiends! I had fun!
Yeah, little cutsie-wootsie...
...That's the kind of thing! That was my little Aya. She's the cutest, huh? Right?
Y-yeah! Really cute!
Ha ha! We've been watching her really closely, me and Miyabi. Every night. Not doing anything else! Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! And the last one too! Great! How about my grandma next time? She's no longer with us of course, but...
...No, thanks.
No?! I don't mind, really. It'd be great!
No, really!
Oh, what a shame! I was sure I could do it as well!

He's getting a little creepy!

The slow mental breakdown of disembodied friends aside, we've got a mission to finish. Before we leave, though, we grab The Sun Tarot Card from this doorway. Now, on to save the little girl whose name we don't know!