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Part 78: And Now For Something Completely Different

The main characters have been interrupted in the middle of their daring rescue by a bunch of sailors with guns, so instead of seeing how that turns out, let's cut to some Villainous Plotting™. The sleeve on the right ought to be instantly recognizable as Kato's. The guy on the couch is Minister Ishimura, Kato's boss. We'll get to the guy in green momentarily.

You called me, Minister?

I'd like to thank you all for coming here on this, the day of my daughter's wedding...
Your daughter was married some time ago.
Oh, right. Where was I...
Terada has failed...

GAH! I will NEVER get used to that face. This is Garan. He(?) is Ishimura's pet mystic.


Kawashima's murder. The kidnapping. All have failed.

Here's a question: why the hell is Kato working for a guy who wants to kill the father of the woman he loved? Especially since it's a fair bet that Ishimura is the one behind Yoshiko's death in Shanghai.

It's all because of that young bodyguard of his.
I've heard the rumors, but...I never imagined it was so bad.

It's time to go to plan B... Special Agent Kato, are your Apes ready?
The final one, Ouka, is nearly completed.
The third one required...quite a bit of time and money, did it not?


I'm sorry, Minister.
Very well. I must speak with Garan now. You may leave.

Kato does just that, bowing and then turning to head for the door. He doesn't make it far.

Special Agent Kato!
Yes, sir?

Don't get too involved in your work. They may appear human, but in the end, an ape is just an ape.
Yes, sir. I understand very well.

Kato bows again and then leaves for real.

Garan watches him go and turns to Ishimura.

Minister, you must be careful with him now. Since his return from Russia, he's been shut up in the laboratory, practicing suspicious magic.

He came back from Europe with a great present for me. Let him play with his little toys.
Minister, you are far too easy on him. He was nearly court-martialed after coming back from Europe! You shouldn't give him such an important position.
Special Agent Kato has traveled in Asia and Europe and seen much of the world. On the other hand, you have never left Japan, and I'm not surprised you see things differently. It's really quite interesting.

I cannot understand you!
Hmhmhm. Prepare for our attack on Kawashima. He has adopted a daughter of the Qing Dynasty in order to gain a foothold in Asia.

He plans to resist Yuan Shikai and even support the guerrilla war. I'm afraid if those events should occur, we'll lose our advantage.
Ah, yes.
We cannot ever permit that. We cannot allow Kawashima the power to create a country in Asia! We must eliminate him while he's still in Yokohama.

I understand you. With my magic I will send his soul spiraling into hell!

Ahahahahaha! I'm counting on it.

And on that note, Garan disappears.

The scene immediately shifts to a laboratory with a woman lying on a table. It's all very steampunk. Kato's voice is heard, probably through a speaker.

Ouka, wake up.

Wait, that's the "Ape" they were talking about?

Her eyes slowly open. She should look very familiar to anyone that's played the first game. We'll find out why that is as soon as we can look at her profile.


That's right. Ouka. That's your name.

Now, sit up.

She immediately does so. Her sole purpose seems to be to follow Kato's orders.  Also to drive home that Kato has turned into a huge dick, but it will be a little while before we get to that. 

Your job is to escape from there.

Kill anything in your way. Then come to me as swiftly as you can.

Yes, Master.

Well, this should be interesting.