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Part 77: Rescued?

To formally reunite everyone, we have to bring Yuri and Kurando down the stairs one at a time.

This would have been the perfect time for a SH1 style Ring Test.

Okay, go ahead.

Instead, Yuri and Kurando automatically get it right the first time. A missed opportunity, if you ask me.

Yes, let's hurry!

The door opens into a narrow corridor with a Save Point at the end.

This set-up is like a sign. "Open door for big dumb boss."

I wonder if he's talking about Kurando or Blanca?

I'm afraid not! It's time I introduced you to my Iron Soldiers!
What, those guys? You do know we've killed at least fifty of them by now, right? Piece of cake!
Sh-Shut up!

And just like that, the fight begins.

I used Yuri, Karin, Joachim and Gepetto in this fight. Terada has four of the Akagi Soldier grunts. It kind of reminds me of the good ol' days when Lenny kept showing up with cannon fodder.

I Fuse Yuri into Gaudion which sets him up in a three-man Combo with Karin and Joachim.

He and Karin use their AoE spells to get rid of three of the grunts...

...and then Joachim bludgeons the last one to death, leaving the real threat, Terada, standing alone.

Terada is a fucking tank. His standard attacks will hit for around 200 damage, while his special attack hits for about about the same and has a Slow effect. Luckily, Yuri's Wind Fusion now has Arc Gale to help counter the speed decrease.

During the fight I got to try out Gepetto's new skill, Ecstasy, which summons an exploding planet. It's almost enough to make up for the furry costume. Almost.

Terada is weak to Fire, and having Karin in the party means we have access to the Fire Combo Magic. Vengeance is sweet.

It takes a bit of beating, but Terada eventually falls.

He drops a lot of crap, too.

The little girl is huddled in a store room nearby. She doesn't seem to have heard the nearby gunfire or magical explosions. The Mikasa has very good soundproofing.

What she does hear is the sound of the door opening.


This is why Blanca is the best character. The wolf has style.

Snowball! Kurando!

The girl runs to Kurando.

Are you okay, Princess?
I'm okay.

You're a lucky little girl.
Who are you?

Call me Yuri. And this guy's name ISN'T Snowball.

It's Blanca!

So, it's Blanca, is it? Thanks, Blanca! I'm Yoshiko. Yoshiko Kawashima.

Dun dun DUN!

This is Yoshiko. She is the daughter of my master, Naniwa Kawashima.

You might remember the Japanese officer in the first game taunting Kawashima that her father didn't care about her anymore because he'd adopted a new daughter from China. It seems like we've finally met them. mean the old man is...?
Hm. Is that right...

Yuri trails off in silence for a moment, and then-


They are rudely interrupted. I guess now that we got Terada out of his hair, Kaneda is finally going to take action.

I am Kaneda, Captain of the Mikasa!

Don't make any sudden moves! No one needs to get hurt.


Well, anyway, now that the cat is out of the bag, we've got a few updates to the character Library. Apparently, the old man knew Yuri's old man. This should be interesting.

I wonder if Naniwa changed her name to Yoshiko before or after his real daughter died.