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Part 83: Birth Of a Monster

The next scene opens with a shot of Nicolai (remember him?) strapped to some sort of machine. It looks...uncomfortable.

There appears to bee some sort of observation booth above the room. The guy in the lab coat, Dr. Hojo, glances back as a door opens.

Dr. Hojo, how goes the experiment?
Ah, Lt. Col. Kato.
Minister Ishimura says that you plan to extract a monster from his soul-force.

And his soul-force is centered in his groin? ...Oh, wait, Nicolai. Carry on.

Yes. Much has happened in this last month. The monster within him has been deeply submerged and has become quite weakened. We must act now before his health returns and he regains control over it.

Aw, poor puppy.

So that's it, huh? The new vessel. Will it be able to contain the power?
I cannot be certain. It will surely be powerful, yes. But I don't believe it will be able to destroy the world as you think.

It's a fact. If it heals and its power is released, it could easily destroy this city.
Hmph. I don't believe that.

Once Nicolai's powers are removed, he'll be useful in our negotiations with Russia.
Hmm, I suppose so. I don't know much about politics. I'm just happy to be able to carry on such fascinating research.

A pity.
Take care he doesn't die, but this time raise it to the maximum!

Hojo's assistants start the experiment, and Nicolai starts twitching and screaming.

Kato looks away. Maybe there's still a little bit of the old Kato left in there after all.

More power!

I...I think I'm starting to feel sorry for Nicolai.

Even more!

As the experiment ends, an odd aura emerges around Nicolai.

Ah, good, it's working!

A red light arcs from Nicolai to the dog.

Which then promptly stiffens up and falls off the platform. Poor puppy.

It was more than the animal could handle. His power is still flowing! Hmm, he is a difficult subject. We'll need to prepare some sort of special vessel.

Looks like Hien and Raiden got assigned to clean-up duty.

Raiden walks up to the dead dog and pushes it over with his foot.

Suddenly, the dog is engulfed in light and Hien yanks Raiden away from it.

What the...?!

The body is transforming with the power from Astaroth.

Oh, this can't be good.

Wonderful! Isn't it simply wonderful!? And THAT is just a glimpse of his power!
Negative power incarnate... Hien! Raiden! Get out of there!
Yes, Master!

Easier said than done as the monster, Shoki, lunges for them.

Master, uh, can we, can we fight back?

Absolutely not! Get OUT of there!
Yes, Master!
But why? Now would be an EXCELLENT chance to test their powers! Let them fight!

Shoki swipes its tail at Raiden, who leaps out of the way. It does the same to Hien, who also dodges.

So then it tries a different tactic.

The fireball engulfs Hien and throws him back.

Go on without me!

Master, can I fight?

Shoki advances on Hien.

He braces himself for the inevitable blow...

Which doesn't come.

That's because the monster is floating about ten feet off the ground, wrapped up in a ball of energy.


While Ouka holds the monster, Raiden drags Hien out of the way.

They make it just in time for the spell to break, and Shoki comes crashing down to the floor.

But instead of attacking again...

It disappears.

Kato whips out of the control room.

It-it's gone!
No! It can teleport!
Huh? We've got to get it back!

Thanks to Ouka, everyone is alright. A little crispy, maybe, but alright.

Kato strides into the room.


Ignoring Ouka's happy greeting, he continues walking toward her as the pimp hand goes back.



Christ, what an asshole.


No matter what the reason, NEVER disobey my orders!

Forgive me, Master, but I-

Ignore an order from me once more and you'll die an early death.

Yes, sir.

All of you, go after the monster. But if you find it, it's not to be hurt. Is that clear?
Yes, sir!

As the Apes teleport out, Kato pauses and looks up at Nicolai.

I want the old Kato back.