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Part 10: Fengtian Sewers

Fengtian Sewers

Ah, the classic sewer level, and our first "dungeon" of the game. Monsters in this area include Mutant Frogs, Frog Gods, Shiki Bugs (chiiiirp chiiiiiiirp), and Fire Bats.

I've produced a handy little map so you can follow along easier. While this area is pretty simple, these will be useful when the dungeons start getting really complicated. Which happens as soon as the next one.

Before heading north on the left-hand path, we stop to pick this up off the steps.

From here, we're going to explore both of the paths leading to the left, starting with the one closest to Yuri.

There's a chest at the end with a Pure Seed, which is slightly more powerful than the Pure Leaf. Next, we'll backtrack and go down the upper-left path so we can reach that interesting looking hole in the wall.

I CAn SeE yOU!!

Is something there...?

Another monster...?

I dunno...

It's coming! It's... it's...'s the puppy.

Whine, whine...

The little runt got lost in here, and now he can't find his way out! Hah! How dumb!

Tee-hee! Just like us, no?

...I am not dumb...

A-anyway, Alice! We're off! Forget about the dog.

But we can't just leave it here! Let's take it to the exit with us at least.

Hey, suit yourself, baby! I sure wish someone would take US to the exit...

Just then, there are two loud 'bangs' off-screen.


Alice picks up the widdle wost fwuffy-bottoms, and Yuri picks up a Lottery Ticket from the rubble before we head back to the cross-roads to see what's up.

And after that smart-ass comment about babysitting, too.


It's that woman...!

Um, hello? Good heavens, she's out cold. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I just...

Yuri better be careful when he goes to sleep tonight...

Go ahead.

Really careful.

Whoa!! You're awake?!

Aren't you going to help me up with an "Are you all right, fair lady?" and a smile?

B-but, you obviously don't need any help...

I never imagined there'd be monsters roaming the sewers. I guess even I can slip up sometimes. That was almost the end of my epic saga! If the press were to lose me now, they'd be positively crushed.

Ow! Ouch.

Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine. Thanks. Oh, you're the two I met before, aren't you? The terrorist boy, and the mysterious girl.

YOU'RE the terrorist. We're just a couple'a helpless "murderers".

Terrorist?! Don't lump me together with those barbarians! I'm a spy. S-P-Y. Get it? A ravishing beauty that just happens to be Miss Spy Genius.

Oh, she's not conceited at all.

The name's Malkovich. Of course, "Malkovich" is only my CODE name. Say, tell you what...

I'll let you in on a secret, sonny boy: My real name. A little "thank-you" for coming to save me!

Look, I didn't come to save you. And you don't have to tell me your name.

H-hey, wait a minute! And here I was going to give you my telephone number and everything!

Jeez! I got it, already! Okay, so what's your name?

You wanna know THAT bad, huh? My, my! I can't keep them away with a stick!

Fine, forget it.

H-hold on! All right, all right. Here goes. My real name is...

Nice to meet you both. You won't regret having me on board!

I really hope that "Malkovich" has a better fate than "Mata Hari" did.

I've got a bad feeling about this...

Margarete is a fairly balanced character, with good physical attacks and offensive and support magic. Her attribute is Water, which is extremely useful against this area's boss.

Her special skill is Secret Weapons, which she activates by using a cell phone to call for back-up. Grenade is a water-based attack that hits all enemies, and Aqua Edge adds water damage to physical attacks.

Margarete uses guns; she starts out with the Mini-Mauser and a Leather Skirt for armor.

She doesn't keep the Mauser for long; her new weapon is in a chest at the end of the right-hand northern path.

While I was running around, I collected enough Water souls to get Yuri's Water Fusion, Man Dragon. (The screenshot shows him casting Illusion, which raises your Physical Evade.)

You've received Soul of Man Dragon!

For now, I've got Yuri's Water, Earth, and Wind Fusions equipped.

Only one place here we haven't been, and that's the end of the paths heading off to the right. Down here is a save point and a ladder - the way out!

Of course, nothing is ever that simple.

But who set it? I doubt there's anybody in the Japanese Army that can use black magic like this.

It's a lot different from the kind of magic I know...

You're right. This feels far more sinister...and evil. It simply reeks of it! Anyway, it doesn't look like we're going to be able to get out of these sewers unless we break it...

Break a Taoist seal? How? I don't have a clue.

It looks like something fits into the center of this symbol.

There are two ways to break that seal: Open the lock on the other side, or destroy it's guardian...

There aren't any guards around. It's just us three.

But that terrible, oppressive feeling I get here...It's like someone's been watching us. Ever since we arrived...

Ah, what a pain. If you're out there, save us both some time and show yourself! C'mon, let's play!

Dear, dear. There are plenty of situations when brute strength just isn't the answer, sonny boy!


So that leaves the lock... And all we've got to do is find something to unlock it with! Right?


What the hell?

Right on schedule! The bomb I set in the train depot just went off.

Damn, Margarete, how many more firecrackers do you have up there?

Tee-hee! That was the last one. I bet the Japanese Army didn't even know what hit 'em!

Didn't know what hit 'em...?! If this whole sewer system collapses, we won't know what hit US, either!

Oh ho ho ho! Come now, who do you think you're talking to? I'm Margarete, Miss Spy Genius! As if I'd make that kind of mistake. It's all according to plan! Every last detail!

We're doomed.

I can't believe this...

Back at the cross-roads, what's that light up there?

At the end of the tunnel, part of the wall has collapsed, making a path across the water to the platform against the far wall.

And more of the wall has collapsed over here, giving us the key to the seal. My, what an amazing coincidence!

...Oh, oh ho ho ho! Th-this is according to plan, too. See? We got the stone, right??

Okay! I admit it, it was a mistake. But it turned out all right, didn't it? See? Now, let's hurry!

Okay, now let's get out of here before the entire ceiling comes crashing down.

Back up the ladder.

Indeed, I'm breaking out in a cold sweat. This is just...icky.

...C'mon, baby...

This isn't the lottery, Yuri.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap...


This is a mini-boss battle with a Water Tiger and two Kappa. It's an easy fight, especially since Alice gained a new spell with her last level, Blessed Light. It hits one enemy for a good amount of damage, much better than Alice's physical attacks.

Jeez, what kind of trembling little coward double-locks? Hmph. At least it was an easy victory.

...What is it?

I know we destroyed that thing, but...I can still sense intense evil...

Don't worry. The seal's broken! Up ahead's a landing strip. We're gonna go get us an AIRPLANE! C'mon!

Hmm, a pre-WWI era airplane.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: the wonders of aviation.

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