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Part 24: Shanghai, part 3

Shanghai, part 3

You two staring at me is NOT the first thing I wanna see when I wake up.

Who do you think rescued us from the rubble?


Hmm... I'd better go next door and check it out myself.

Although she says that, Margarete doesn't move an inch. I guess "I" means "you go do it".

*grumble* ungrateful, lazy *mumble* "Oh, I should go..." *mutter* gotta do everything myself...

Whoops, wrong room.

Kato sends the two soldiers out of the room. It's just as well; with the way the army usually performs, they'd probably just end up shooting each other instead of Yuri.

Yeah, I'm awake, all right!! Care to tell me what's going on here?! Why the Japanese Army?

Yuri, this is Lt. Colonel Kawashima. Her unit saved you from the temple ruins.

"Lt. Colonel Kawashima"?! The Japanese Army is our enemy! They went to the temple ruins for the White Tiger Votive Picture!!


You're...Kawashima? Of the Japanese Army?

Way to stay on the ball there, Yuri.

Please, try not to be angry... We apologize for withholding information from you...

Shaddup! You think you can just let bygones be bygones, pal?!

Heh. Calm yourself. At present, we are not your enemies.

Take it easy, kid. Let's hear what they have to say.

Oh, look who finally decided to move.

We don't know what could be happening to Alice!!

Alice is fine.

Kawashima and I have very different definitions of the word "fine". Mine does not include "being pawed by an insane octogenarian".

So you're Yoshiko Kawashima of the Japanese Army...

If only I'd realized sooner...I would've killed you without a thought.

Now now, let's not be hostile.



The only ones who'll profit from our fighting are Dehuai and the Japanese who aim to take Shanghai. Please, think about it. If we truly hated you, would we have gone through the trouble of putting our men in danger, asking them to dig you out of that monster-infested rubble?

You just said that Alice is okay, right? How do you know that?!

If I were Dehuai, I'd protect her. She's a treasure to him. Her very existence gives him satisfaction. He will leave her in some secure location, while he hastens preparations for the Valorization.

Which means that Alice is safe until the Demon's Gate Invocation begins.

Precisely. While we do not have much time, we are not too late. Dehuai has made Kuihai Tower his fortress. But since there's no way we can break through the front...

...Master Zhuzhen. You are the most familiar with this, correct? Why don't we collaborate?

So everything's just part of the plan, huh? I can't believe you!!

Huh. Maybe Kato has a spine after all.

We may as well be your damn puppets!

Yuri! You shouldn't say that! The Lt. Colonel...

The Lt. Colonel was at the temple ruins the whole time, praying for your safety, waiting with the unit! She waited, and waited...believing you'd come back...


Enough, Kato. The fact is, I did use you. I truly apologize for that. If you won't call me your friend, will you at least call me your ally? Let me put this bluntly. I want to join in arms with you.


...You want to do what with my arms, now?

I aim to make Shanghai a staging base for the Army, but it can't be done with Dehuai at large. Dehuai is your enemy as well. Joining forces to stop him is the most logical strategy.

Why do you want us to cooperate? It should be easy for your famous army. Why not wipe everything out with your military might?

That's not it at all!! Certainly, there are many who'd like to do just that...

But I am not one of them! An invasion of Shanghai, once begun, cannot be easily stopped. A huge number of people will be involved in the battle, and a lot of them will die. The best course of action is to fell the ringleader, before the winds of war kindle an inferno.

That'd be awfully convenient for you, wouldn't it...

I'd sooner take Dehuai's side than do anything to abet Japan's designs on Shanghai.

Master Zhuzhen?!

I'm...I'm tired of being used by people, just because it's convenient for them. If the Japanese Army wants to invade Shanghai, so be it. After I finish Dehuai, I'll fight them. Now, Kawashima, I may not be as smart as you, but I know what's important in life!

Are you saying a joint effort is impossible?

Why do things the easy way when you can just piss everyone off right off the bat?

Look, I have two goals right now. I have to save Alice, and I have to stop the Valorization.

Don't underestimate Dehuai! If you leave here on your own, all that awaits you are his traps!

I don't care if it is a trap. I promised myself I'd protect Alice at all costs.


You're...a fool...

Yeah, but he's our fool.

People like you, people who plan out every little detail of their lives. You could never understand me.

...I thank you for saving us. Goodbye.

If the Demon's Gate Invocation actually takes place, there'll be no point in debating about Japan.

Eh, Yuri's exit was better.

C-can we just let him go, Lt. Colonel...?

Everything will be fine. Illogical people can just be...difficult...

Kato, is Suketani still away?

Yes, ma'am, he said he'd be back right away...I'll go check on him.

Oh, and Kato...give them the Yawang Gate Key. a very unfortunately named key.

Lt. Colonel?! Are you sure?? Our spies worked so hard to get such an important...

Hey, how else could she sit back while someone else gets their hands dirty if they don't even have the means to open the way in?

Just do it. We can't let Shanghai become a pile of ashes. Even if we can't cooperate with them...

...we can gather our troops and prepare to invade Kuihai Tower. Understood?

Understood. Lt. Colonel, please wait here. I'll take care of it.

Why not?

That's right. You can't very well leave behind your guide through hell, you know!

Hmph! I know that.

A couple of the people here have new things to say.

Speaking of Qiuhua, we need to go to the bar to trigger the next bit of plot.

Suketani is wandering around in the Army's Shanghai headquarters. He looks confused because someone is knocking on the door.


What the hell?

What's wrong with you?! Have you gone mad?!

This guy is part of a political faction in Japan that opposes Kawashima's father's political faction, or something like that.

M-Major Kutsugi?!

I ordered Kawashima's whereabouts reported the moment you located her! You tried to trick my spies?

N-no, heavens no! I...I haven't found Lt. Colonel Kawashima yet!

Suketani does a pretty convincing imitation of Kato when he tries.

Enough lies. I am assuming Shanghai command. This is a direct order from the Imperial Capital. You were with Kawashima in Wuhan, weren't you? Tokyo may charge her with treason. You're a good soldier. Tell me where she is. I will not ask again.

I-I know nothing of it! And the Lt. Colonel had no plans for any "treason"!

She failed to report many key details, and moved ahead without approval from the Capitol. That doesn't sound like treason to you? Hmph. In any case...

Actually, it sounds like the premise of every single "renegade cop" movie ever made. Next thing you know, Kutsugi will be swearing at Kawashima and threatening to take her badge.

The truth will be revealed soon enough, as my soldiers turn the city inside out. Farewell.

Kutsugi leaves, and the screen turns black. Before the next scene starts, two gunshots ring out.

Of course, we don't get to find out what happened to Suketani right away.

Hi, Yuri! Good to see you again!



We thankfully are spared the re-telling of the events at Wuhan.

I...see. But we must be thankful that everybody made it back safely...


So, tell us, Zhen. How have things been here in Shanghai? I sense a disquieting air about the town.

Indeed. The Japanese Army's preparing for something... The number of troops has increased.

Hey, how do we get inside Kuihai Tower? If you know, you've gotta tell me!

Kawashima could've told you if you hadn't thrown a temper tantrum and stormed out. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and all that.

Fifteen years ago, Dehuai destroyed every entrance to the Tower but Yawang Gate. The door is sturdy, and locked tight.

I really, really wish this game had more voice acting.

It's locked? You can do something about it, right, Zhuzhen?

Hmph! If all it takes is an unlocking spell, that's a simple enough order.

Yawang Gate, eh? Thanks, Mr. Zhen!!

Back outside, all the citizens have disappeared from the streets.

N-no! It's terrible, just terrible!

You're a grown man! Get a hold of yourself!

What is it? What happened?

I've got a bad feeling about this...

Yes, yes... Well...

I liked him, too.

Wh-who did this to you?! Lieutenant! Who was it?!

Ku-kutsugi... Major Kutsugi... He's after...the Lt. Colonel... Listen carefully, Sergeant... I hid it...the p-precious item...I hid it in the boat...Tell that to them...

Tell Yuri's party, right?! Understood! Please, don't say another word, Lieutenant! I'll send a medic over right away!

Forget it... Sergeant, forget about me... The Lt. Colonel... Protect her! There's no...time... G-go...! I...leave it to you...

Lieutenant!! Lieutenant Suketani!!

That's one more portrait I won't be using again.

But...what in the world is this precious item that Lieutenant Suketani wanted us to have?

He says he hid it on board his ship?

Yes! Please, go get it right away. I must return to the Lt. Colonel!

Got it. As soon as we find whatever it is, we'll head back to the inn! Until then, you stay put! Got it?!

Aw, I think Yuri likes Kato, even if he's mad at Kawashima.


After this point, you can get in fights with Corporals, either randomly or by running up to one of the patrolling soldiers and hitting X. We make our way through the streets and down to the boat, opening the hatch where Sea Mother was hiding before.

You've received Yawang Gate Key.

Let me see... Is that... It's the Yawang Gate Key!!

Then...we can get into Kuihai Tower!

That's right!

When did this become an episode of Dora the Explorer?

Awright! Back to the inn!

Welp, you heard the man. Let's go!

This guy is weird.

So you're the new dog Tokyo sent? I had no idea they wanted me so badly...

They sent you all the way to Shanghai, just for me?! Don't think my father will take this lightly!

Hmph. Watch your mouth. You're speaking to the new ruler of Shanghai.

Oh, you're going to go fight Dehuai for the title, then? Okay, go on, I'll wait for you.

You'd best forget your father. Oh, you haven't heard the news, eh? Well, I'll tell you. Your father adopted a new daughter...someone from the Qing Dynasty.

He's busy raising her. He doesn't have any time for you now.

It's like watching a fight between two twelve-year-olds. "Ha ha ha! Your daddy doesn't love you!"


Your time's up.

Yuri's good at these last minute rescues.

Heh heh. I'm your worst nightmare, buddy.

Are you one of her underlings?! Get him!! Nobody stands in my way!!

Now we get a mini-boss fight with two Sergeants. They're just like all the other Japanese soldiers we've fought, just with more hit points. Their only skill is Knockback, which doesn't work very well if you use it on someone already in the back row. I do get to use Zhuzhen's new skill, Life Sucker.

No he won't. Yuri's group never sees him again.


He's fine.

Consider this our thanks. You'll have to take care of the soldiers outside by yourselves, though.

Y-you came back for us! All of you!

Hee hee. We just stopped by to say hello! You can thank us later.

We seem fated to keep meeting. We may be on opposing sides the next time we meet, but do take care.

Yuri. You're going, right? To Kuihai Tower.

...Yeah. You know her, she'll sob and cry if I don't rescue her.

Yeah, that's the only reason. Sure.

Heh. Be careful, ok? And, Yuri... I'll pray for your success.

Heh. Thanks.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: torture for fun and profit!

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