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Part 56: Neameeto, part 1

Neameeto, part 1

Well, there's absolutely nothing I can do to drag this out any longer, so sure!

Heave-ho! Heave-ho! C'mon, Teleporter! Work!

We have to do a Spin Ring 5 to get up to Neameeto.

It's like this entire temple is a living entity...

Of course, Keith adores the horrifying mish-mash of organic and mechanical architecture.

This is amazing. It looks like a movie set, almost.

Very funny! Can't you do better than that?

It's okay, Margarete. I don't know what the old coot is angry about, either.

Looks a lot bigger than from the outside.

Okay, let's go!

The yellow circle here can be used to go back to Roger's house. There are three monsters wandering around in this section of Neameeto: Emptiness, Hangman, and Enkidu.

From the entrance, we go up the stairs and around the ledge to the exit on the left.

Only to find our way blocked.

Huh? A dead end? We gotta find some way to remove this seal, eh.

Back to the start, but this time we go through the exit on the right.

A short time later...

Damn. Nothing, eh. Damn it all!

At this point, Yuri does the predictable thing and kicks the pillar behind him.

And this somehow shuts off the seal. He's like the Fonz.


Don't touch it! This is a type of seal... An incredibly powerful kind. Touch it and you'll be burned to a crisp in the blink of an eye!

That doesn't sound too good.

Cause this kid was kicking it!


Just hold on a second. I'll find a way to break the seal and get you out of there.

Now, we have to pick a party from the four NOT currently trapped. I took Zhuzhen, Halley, and Margarete. It doesn't really matter who you pick, since you'll only need them for a couple minutes.

We can now continue past the point where the red seal was.

Up the stairs, and we enter a new chamber.

One of these days, I'd like to see an RPG where it asks you if you want to push a button and you get a game over if you do.

No matter what it does, it should at least get us moving again.

Somehow you all did it!

Okay, let's go!

Everyone meets back up in the triangle chamber.

Hey, kid! I see you got out.

Thank God. I thought I was stuck!

You caused us a lot of trouble, you know. I hope you at least feel sorry.

I know it and I feel bad, okay.

Well at least now we can go forward.

You're either very, very lucky or very, very good.

Ya see, you got me to thank after all.

It's definitely luck.

Yeah, dumb luck.


There's a green seal blocking the way along the path to the left of the triangle, so we take the right-hand path.

More stairs.

And we get to the first of several boss fights.

This is Soul Block. The model is a slightly revised Yamaraja: Wind, and, like Y: Wind, Soul Block is immune to physical attacks.

So I fuse Yuri into Czernobog and cast Release Magic to up everyone's Special Attacks. Soul Block is a Light-based monster, so now Yuri's Revelation skill does about 900 damage a pop.

Soul Block tries to fight back with Shockwave and Pulse, but the fight doesn't last long.

With the boss gone, a save point and a return point show up, along with a new one. The pink spot on the floor lets you reform your party, but we'll stick with Yuri, Keith, and Alice.

There are a few chest scattered around the edges of this room.

There's also a thin stream of green light rising into the air. When we run through it, the floor starts glowing green as well.

That light undid the seal I was talking about earlier, so it's back to the triangle room and down the path to the left.

A new slingshot for Halley, but we already got his best weapon.

Back to Soul Block's room and through the center exit.

In the areas past the boss room, there are three new monsters running around: Arcmine, Enigma, and Keeper.

There's a chest to the left of the crossroad.

And there's a blue seal release to the north. There's nothing on the path to the right.

Back to the boss room and through the right-most exit.

There was a blue seal blocking this doorway.

There's a lot of the second-best weapons and armor scattered around here, which is good if you somehow missed the Ultimate ones.

In the previous room, there's a red seal release down the right fork.

Now we finally take the left-most exit.

There's a small room off to the right of the main path.

Now we can follow the path to another set of stairs.

And we get our second boss fight.

This slimy little guy is called Hate. He attacks with Black Fog and Hate Storm. At this point, everyone has Crucifixes, so I don't have to worry about the Status Effects those spells cause.

This time, I use Forron and cast Battle Cry to up everyones Physical Attack. I also have Alice cast Holy Edge on Yuri since Hate's element is Dark.

This fight doesn't take much longer than the previous one, thanks to the massive amount of damage Yuri is dishing out.

New points appear. This dungeon is huge, so we'll take a break here.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: more boss fights!

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