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Part 60: The Bad Ending

The Bad Ending

That was a sweet way to end the story, wasn't it? Unfortunately, that isn't what happened.

Whether he didn't defeat the Masks or didn't notice the small tombstone in the Graveyard, Yuri never showed up to save Alice, and she faced Atman alone in a battle she could not win...

But afterward, Alice woke up in Roger's house, and everything seemed fine...until they began facing the bosses in Neameeto.

Soul Block

I felt a little faint. That's all...

You look pale. Are you sure you're not feeling ill?

I'm okay. Let's keep moving.



N-No... Please, not yet... The time is...

Time? What about the time?

I-It's nothing... I think I'm just tired. I...feel short of breath...

Go ahead, everyone.

You're not coming?

I'll take Alice and follow right behind you. Okay!?

Okay, I got it. I'll be waiting.

I'm...don't have anything to hide...

Come on, spit it out. You're just keeping quiet because you don't want Yuri to worry.

I don't have much time left...

I received a curse from the Four Masks when I rescued him from his mind's darkness.

Yes. I offered my life to save his. It's almost time to close the deal.


Please, Margarete. Don't say anything to him. I don't want him to know.


I don't know how much time I have left, but I want to stay with him until the end...

Okay, I'll help you. Hang on, Alice! We're going to get through this together.

Thank you, Margarete!


I'm fine! I'm okay...

I'm fine.

It's just a little further. Whether we win and go home, or lose and turn to nothing...I'll always be with you.


We will make it back alive!

They continued on, and they defeated the god.

Everything returned to the way it should be.

Yuri and Alice left for Zürich, together, but...

...Alice never woke up.

Yuri: As the warlock said in the end...

Yuri: ...even if another "age of storms" buffets this world...

Yuri: ...I intend to go on living and fighting.

Yuri: For you, who freed me from the darkness. For the one I love.

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