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Part 61: Mini-Update 11

Mini-Update 11


Yuri IS the god of war.

I know Catholics love their saint's relics, but ewwww...

This is nice, but...

...This is better.

This is a good weapon, IF you can hit the strike areas.

How- how does that even work?

I like how Yuri's 2nd-best armor looks like the clothes he's already wearing.

Alice's best stuff all has something to do with martyrs.


This should probably say cuts Earth and Wind damage in half, like the rest of the best armors.

The best attack boosters (one raises Special Attack slightly higher, the other raises Physical Attack slightly higher).

The same deal as the belts, but with defense.

These are an Alice-only accessory.

These are also an Alice-only accessory. You can only get them in a plus-game (after you've beaten the game once), because you need to speak to Knowledgable Carl with a complete monster library, and he'll reward you with them.

I missed this in Asia somewhere. I think it was in that alley in Shanghai where the guy was whining that he never finds anything good.

This isn't a bad accessory in this game, but it becomes truly game-breaking in Covenant. Of course, I'll show you how when we get to it.

This is a very useful item for Halley, since his spells use so much MP.

Restores a moderate amount of HP and MP.

Restores a moderate amount of MP and SP.

Completely restores MP and SP.

I'm not sure what these do; I think there's a chance of tripling some of your party member's attack strength.

The best key available, at least until Covenant introduces the Eternal Key.

I think I forgot to show this earlier.


I'm sad now.

I always want to call this thing Chaos Orb.

And I always want to read 'Oingo' as 'Dingo'.

How'd you like to see that outside your window at night?

That 'creation god' doesn't seem to pay much attention to what he's doing, does he?

Lazy, lazy Yuri.

Ah hah hah ha ha!

God is dead. - Yuri


I forgot to take a screen-cap earlier, but Koudelka's portrait changes after you defeat Amon.

Well, that's everything; thank you for reading. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon when I LP Shadow Hearts: Covenant!