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Part 2: Chapter II: Sleepless in Seattle

Part II: Sleepless in Seattle

Alright, due to popular choice, Joshua will be a Decker. Channeling our inner Johnny Mnemonic, we jack in to our first mission. Get some money to get to our dead brother's lockbox, but before that, let's take stock of ourselves. So we open our inventory and...

Ok, we've got a shit gun. One pip of damage and almost no power, this means it's not going to penetrate armor well, and even if it does it's going to scratch them. the Atk and Def bars are affected by our "posture." Basically how we stand, if we move the slider to the left we do more damage but take more damage, and if we move it more to the right, we'll take less damage, but do shit for it. I leave it at neutral, because why not?

Next is our Armor, which is just pitiful. It has 2 pips of Wpns (which are melee type things like ghoul swipes, and punches) and one pip of guns. So the only thing it'd defend well against is our own shit gun.

I will note though, that this is the kind of gear the average Citizen in the Shadowrun universe would have. Alright next we look at our Notebook, which tells us the following.

That we are jobless.

Where Michael's last Transaction was.

And a hint on what to do next.

Also, all we know about that Gunderson Guy. Finally we head over to Jump House.

and meet Mr. Gunderson.

(A) -> Before we do anything, let's learn what we can from this guy.

We don't have any money, so we ignore (B)


Alright, so Mr. Johnson's are like managers for Shadowrunners. It's more of a title then anything else, they make sure those who need illegal work done, get it done with minimal fuss. You (Joshua) are just a small fish in all of this doing small jobs. If you need quick cash, Mr. Johnson is the guy you need to talk too.

The first type of job is "Show up at place, take package to other place" Easy as hell job that gives you 1 Karma, and a small chunk of change. If you remember, the Rat's Nest is that shanty town with all the lone star, so when we show up...

We grab it and take it to the hotel owner.

Yeah, fuck you too buddy. There are few different screens, and each is different for each job. I'll show them off as they show up. Like this

Is what happens if your job is to take it to the Chop Shop, instead of the hotel. After we do this job, we head back to Gunderson, and it's a bit of a grind. Anyways, the two other types of missions Gunderson can give us is A.

Kill a shit-ton of ghouls, (but fuck that, I'm a decker, I'm not doing those until I have some back-up.

The third he can give us is...

Picking up a client, and dropping him off somewhere else. This is exactly like the package mission, except you're more likely to have to fight someone, also they pay better. These aren't as fun as the package missions though, because it looks exactly the same.

Go to building.

Pick up guy

Kill thugs (sometimes)

Collect Money.

Another way to earn money is to kill random innocent civilians. I happened to be on an escort mission, but that doesn't mean I can't stop to mug a guy.

Aw yeah, collect that sweet, sweet, nuyen.

Eventually, you'll look at your notebook and see...

You have enough to get your shit from the slum-lord!

I just love the idea that he jammed this plastic box under his chair or something. I seriously hate this fucking guy.

We double our money, and I never have to deal with this shit-head again. Seriously, he straight up extorts Joshua for like, the price of 2 medkits. There really is no reason for this guy to be such a dick about it, and he doesn't even have the decency to A.) Lock our brother's shit up, or B.) Put it somewhere safe.

Anyways, we have two leads now. Next up we follow up on one of two leads. You decide what happens first either we go find Caleb Brightmore or we go find Tabitha Shale. (We're doing both, but I need to know which happens first.) Ontop of that, I'm going to need money. A lot of money, and dudes, like two besties too take with me everywhere. So in the next update, I'm going to grind to earn enough money to get Joshua a decent gun, some nice armor, and show off the matrix.