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Part 6: Chapter VI: Meet the Runners

Alright, we're back and I think it's time we met all of our runners. Then we'll meet our available Johnsons! And meet the current contacts!, but before all of that, I need to upgrade my Deck.

Of course, that's just enough for the deck, so when we get a bit more cash, we head back to upgrade the rest. Now we're ready for moderate runs.

Amidst all of our shopping, we're hit by another random encounter.

Damn paparazzi! I'm just trying to buy my computer right now!

We get our Attack program up to level 6.

Ok now it's time to meet the runners!


That was Phantom everybody! Next up... in Downtown Seattle...

Trent is an alright Mage, but I much prefer having an elf on my team, and Trent is no elf. He also doesn't start with as many good spells, which I guess doesn't matter when you're rolling in dough, but I personally don't like it.

So, if we had went Shaman or Street Sam, Rianna would have been my first choice for a Decker, she has some naturally high skills. And is kick ass at all things Matrix. She costs 12 grand for life, and 1.2 grand for a run.

Now we head to Redmond Barrens, we've already met Winston, and the lady I'm going to hire is currently behind a reputation wall.

Ricky can be a force to reckon with, but is not one preferred choice. I just don't like Shamans, their totems take up a space which is annoying as shit. We head over to Puyallup, to meet our lost Shadowrunner. Then we start hitting up contacts

Alright, so those are the runners, next up Johnson's and Contacts! Then we grind up to 6 reputation! Then more Runners, Contacts, and Johnsons. Then we advance the story! We're getting close, so the voting for Tabatha or Caleb will soon be coming to a close. They are currently tied 1 for 1