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Part 44

Later as in "the next day" ...

Update 43: The delayed fight with LUCIFER

Done and done.

The minions killed by Beelzebub? No problem. A couple of casts of Samaricarm and they are all as good as new. It is a very useful skill.

So far so good

Now, this is an annoying floor. Slides. And the only way to advance is to enter one of those blackened rooms. They drop you to a previous level.

This one is the only one you should bother with. There is nothing in the other arms.


Up up up until you meet...

Lucifuge Rofocale!

Wikipedia posted:

According to the Grimoire of Pope Honorius, a demon named Lucifuge Rofocale is in charge of Hell's government by order of Lucifer.

The name Lucifuge comes from two Latin words; lux (light; genitive lucis), and fugio (to flee), which means "[he who] flees the light". Rofocale, one should note, is pronounced with the e as silent, making it "Rofocal", Rofocale being an anagram for Focalor, the name of another demon.


Lucifuge is Prime Minister of Hell[citation needed]. He could only assume a body at night and he hated the light. Among his many duties were the infliction of disease and deformity, the creation of earthquakes, and the destruction of sacred deities. His powers extended over all the treasures of the earth[citation needed]. Besides the Grimoire of Pope Honorius, he only appears in one other text, the Grand Grimoire.

Taken from the Grand Clavicle:

Emperor Lucifer, Master of all the revolted Spirits, I entreat thee to favour me in the adjuration which I address to thy mighty minister, LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE, being desirous to make a pact with him. I beg thee also, O Prince Beelzebuth, to protect me in my undertaking. O Count Astarôt! be propitious to me, and grant that to-night the great LUCIFUGE may appear to me under a human form, free from, evil smell, and that he may accord me, in virtue of the pact which I propose to enter into, all the riches that I need. O grand LUCIFUGE, I pray thee to quit thy dwelling, wheresoever it may be, and come hither to speak with me; otherwise will I compel thee by the power of the strong living God, His beloved Son and the Holy Spirit. Obey promptly, or thou shalt be eternally tormented by the Power of the Potent words in the grand Clavicle of Solomon, wherewith he was accustomed to compel the rebellious spirits to receive his compact. Then straightway appear, or I will persistently torture thee by the virtue of these great words in the Clavicle.

Lucifuge Rofocale has been erroneously identified with Mephistopheles[citation needed], by some, for what reasons is unknown.

And then he runs away like a sissy.

Comes close to defeating Aleph. Real close.

Another 6 points.

And then he dissapears.

What should the six points be used on?