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Part 34: Character analysis 7

The Shining Force: Part 7

”(Click, click)... oh, I have to oil my body sometimes"
Pros: Hits hard, fairly tanky, LASER BEAM!!!
Cons: Terrible movement, late arrival
Standing in for: Adam
Stat growths
Thoughts: Another character that's easy to pass over in the normal game, Zynk is a good choice for Challenge Mode. Being an unarmed fighter (and therefore a better candidate for Attack) is always a plus, and firing lasers on command is extremely useful. Still annoying that he requires a running pimento, but with the addition of +1 MOV to the chirrup sandals and the quick ring, it's not so bad anymore. Also, Zynk is not Adam. This is confirmed. Don't ask how I know this.

”They say I'm dirty! Is it because I've never washed my body before?!”
Pros: Superb natural stats
Cons: Slow, extremely weak to fire
Standing in for: N/A
Stat growths
Thoughts: Just like how Jaro is the real Chester, Claude is the real Kiwi. His high defense, low HP stats are gimmicky, but not nearly as bad as Kiwi's. He trades this off with a weakness to fire, which really kicks his ass, and also has the horrible movement that Zynk has. Still, toss him a running pimento and he's a great character.

”Do I behave haughty? They seldom talk to me. (Sob...sob)”
Pros: Best spell set in the game, slightly tankier than other mages
Cons: Starts with awful spells, comes in too late to be of any use
Spells: Blaze/Freeze/Bolt/Desoul
Standing in for: Alef
Stat growths
Thoughts: While Chaz has the dream team set of spells, he only starts with Blaze 2 and Freeze 2. That's way too little considering how late he joins in the game. As hard as it was to train up Alef in Shining Force 1, it's infinitely harder to do the same in Shining Force 2 Challenge Mode. Having slightly better defensive stats really doesn't make up for it, especially when sorcerer magic is generally better. Pass.

”Give me your hand... oh, am I still cold? But, I'm alive.”
Pros: Higher counter rate than normal barons
Cons: Stats are slightly below both Jaha and Randolf
Standing in for: N/A
Stat growths
Thoughts: For all the ass kicking Lemon did, he's rather disappointing when you finally nab him. His class is technically different from the baron class you can give Jaha and Randolf. The difference is normal barons only have a 1/16 chance to counter, whereas Lemon has a 1/8 chance. Considering all his stats aren't as good as Jaha's, it's not a good trade.