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Part 35: :spergin: 3: Hidden stats

Things you didn't know about Shining Force: Classes, crits, and movement

We've seen monster stat sheets and character stat sheets. Let's take a look at class breakdown now.

As you can see, there are stats that aren't tied to the character, but instead to their class. This means regardless of ATT/DEF/AGI values, characters of the same class will always have the same resistances, crit chances, and double/counter chances. If it ever feels like Chester and Rick have different rates, it's purely confirmation bias.

Unfortunately, classes are disappointingly uniform when it comes to most of these stats. Except for those listed below, every unpromoted class has 1/32 on both double attack and counter attack, every promoted class has 1/32 on double and 1/16 on counter, and every class has 1/16 for 125% on critical.

*Slade always has a 1/16 chance to double attack, both as a thief and a ninja.
*The hero, master monk, wolf baron, ninja, and red baron class all have 1/8 chance to counter attack. This alone is what makes Lemon's class distinct from Jaha and Randolf's baron.
*Barons and ninjas have a 1/8 chance to do 150% damage on a critical.

Yep, outside of that, the rates are completely static. Playing around with those values opens up some new possibilities for a romhack. If anyone knows the proc rate on the status effects that replace criticals, feel free to chime in on that one.

On the top right of the window, you'll see that elemental resistances are also tied to classes. In the original game, there was a grand total of two resistances: Promoted Peter and Claude had 50% resist against fire. Obob changed a lot of that in this hack. The breakdown is as follows:

*Flying units (Luke, Skreech, Peter) are weak to wind element, but Peter retains his 50% fire resist
*Zynk and brass gunners are weak to lightning element
*Mages, wizards, and sorcerers get 25% resist against everything except wind
*Promoted Kiwi gains 25% fire resist but also weakness to ice
*Claude gets 25% lightning resist, 50% ice resist, but weakness to fire

This would be more interesting if magic actually mattered, but outside of five or so fights, it doesn't.

Finally, the last point of interest is movement type. While I could sperg out about how movement works in Shining Force, this page does a better job than I possibly could. The only problem is that the movement types listed in the chart don't actually match up to the ones listed in SF2Edit! A list of the movement types available and the classes that use them:

*Warrior (Swordsman, Hero, Warrior, Gladiator, Baron, Red Baron, Thief, Master Monk, Golem, Robot)
*Priest (Priest, Vicar)
*Mage (Mage, Wizard, Sorcerer)
*Horse (Knight, Paladin)
*Archer (Archer, Sniper)
*Stealthy (Tortoise, Wolfman, Wolf Baron, Ninja)
*Ranger (Ranger, Bow Knight)
*Fly (Birdman, Bird Battler, Phoenix, Pegasus Knight)
*Float (Phoenik, Monster)
*Brass Gunner (duh)
*Water (None! Only the Kraken uses this)
*Sniper (None! Only the Dark Sniper and Hunter Goblin monsters use this)

My guess is that Moogie's guide rolled the Warrior, Priest, and Mage types into "walking", but it's obvious that they're not the same type when you're in the mountains or the desert. Horse and Ranger probably got crammed into "centaur", but those classes move differently in the forest. Otherwise, "elven" movement is clearly Archer and "mechanical" movement is Brass Gunner. Don't ask me what the hell Sniper movement does, because it's so rare that I've never bothered to figure it out.