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Shining Force 2

by Random Hajile

Part 10

When we left off last time, we saw the Granseal army get slaughtered, Princess Elis was sucked into a portal to hell, and our home fell into the the depths of the earth...

But let's see how we're doing now, shall we?

Well, that's just grand.

Ashley, look!
Sorry, Byron... I can't do anything right now...
That's not what... Hooray, land ho!
What? Oh, it's true! Sir Astral, we can see the mainland!
Finally we've arrived. Minister, we're approaching Parmecia!
Land the ship, captain.
Anywhere. No! There!
But the ship will be destroyed!

Ahahaha. It looked like a ship was actually going to survive a voyage... So the game makes the captian wreck it out of spite.

Are you serious? Just don't complain that we don't have a ship later!

With a sickening crunch, the ship is wrecked on the shore. The survivors of Granseal arrive at what will become their new home.

Let's build a new Granseal here! Break the ship apart and bring the timber onto the land!

In the deck below, the members of my team discuss Astral's decision...

That means we can't go back to Grans Island!
Be quiet! We know that. Help me remove this plank!

Heave! Heave! Come ooooooon!

The plank suddenly gives way! Samwise falls backwards, crashing into the hull!

That's OK. Samwise needed a bath anyway.

Since there's not much to do here, we make our way above deck...

As soon as we do, a man climbs onto the ship screaming for help!

What's wrong?
One of my friends has not returned from North Cliff. He may be in trouble.
This isn't good. Nigel, did you hear that?

If it'll get me out of salvage duty, sure.

Oh, you're so brave!
Nigel, thank you! I'll show you to North Cliff. Follow me.

You! Did you hurt him?
This is my territory. I protect it. You come here to save him? Ha! Everybody, attack!

Battle #8:

We've got a completely new lineup of enemies this time. 4 Goblins, 3 Hunter Goblins, 2 Green Oozes, and 2 Witches.

Not long after the fight begins, a witch rushes at Nigel and casts Freeze 1 at him.

Which is far more effective then enemy attacks have been lately.

Well, that's one witch down.

I take it back, the enemies here are actually fairly threatening...

At least it gives Ashley something to do.

Unfortunately, Ron's taking a beating. Rather than chance waiting for Ashley, he uses a medical herb to keep on his feet.

Meanwhile, Nigel disposes of the first hunter goblin.

Ron took another hit, but thanks to the herb, he lived long enough for Ashley to heal him.

With help from Samwise, Ron gets rid of a green ooze.

The goblin apparently didn't like Ashley healing Ron.

Well, that could've gone a lot worse.

Samwise gets rid of the goblin.

And Cluny gets his revenge, finishing off the other. Both he and Samwise earned level 9.

Shaggy takes out another of the goblins. Only one more is left.

As I move around the lake, the second Hunter Goblin wastes a turn to take one HP away from Byron.

Samwise pummels it and Cluny finishes it off.

Ron and Byron move ahead to shield Ashley from an incoming goblin and ooze.

Shaggy has had Blaze 2 since the battle after he joined up, but this is the first time the enemy has allowed him to hit more than one target with it. The green ooze is killed in the blast.

And the last goblin is wounded enough for Cluny to pick him off. He earned level 10.

Nigel leads the charge towards the remaining hunter goblin and witch, but that makes him a target.

A prime example of why Byron isn't terribly good. Imagine 11 or so more levels of that before he can even survive Freeze 1.

Since the witch is the greater threat, Nigel goes after her first. In wounding her, he earned level 11.

Shaggy blasts the witch and the hunter goblin! The goblin is wounded and the witch dies. He earned level 11.

As opportunistic as always, Cluny strikes the final blow against the hunter goblin.

Cluny's attack power is starting to catch up a bit. He used to hit for 3-4, after all.

Ooh... a big rock... fell on me... Nigel... how come you're here?
What a fool. We came to help you! You would be dead if we hadn't come.
Ah... thank you. Look at that! The tunnel is blocked by a rockslide.

Oh, what a pity. Treasures may lie within... I guess we'll never know. Nigel, let's go back to the ship.

Holy shit, these people work fast. The ship's already been torn apart and the village construction is well underway.

Next update: One year later...