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Part 15

Bedoe, the home of the Birdmen

Bedoe is only for Birdmen!
Don't be so uppity!
Sir Knox! Sorry, Sir Knox! Welcome back! Volcanon is waiting!
That's strange... I just realized... Why are you flying guard? Did something happen?
Well, the devils invaded recently.
Strong greater devils broke Volcanon's sacred barrier. But don't worry, Volcanon defeated them all.
The devils we fought must've been part of that army!
Just in case... We're going to Polca Village to patrol. Knox, please see King Bedoe.

Bedoe's weapon shop has a lot of new items. We buy a Steel Lance for Ron, a Middle Axe for Samwise, a Knife for Cluny, and an Iron Arrow for Cherry.

There's not a whole lot to loot in Bedoe, however we do find a Quick Ring.

Anyway, we make our way upstairs to find King Bedoe addressing his troops...

But, God Volcanon swept away all the devils.
What about the greater devil?
He fled.
Can't you track him? We must capture him before he regains his strength. Did they come from Grans Island?
I think so. Maybe he died. But beware of another attack. Watch carefully!

And with that, the troops are dismissed.

Who's there?

Harvey, how have you been? King Bedoe, you look well.
Knox, my friend, how was your journey?
Let me introduce my friend.

I know. He is a pupil of Astral of Granseal.
How do you know that?
Harvey: Sir Astral told me. I went to New Granseal as Volcanon's messenger.
And I heard that somebody unsealed Zeon. Grans people caused a big, big problem. Zeon might destroy the world...

The unsealed evil is finally given a name. Fun fact:  Dark Dragon and Darksol fought against Zeon in the past. Zeon won. 

Sorry to interrupt, but is he that strong?
Zeon is King of the Devils. Knox, you had better go see Volcanon. It may calm him to see you.
Oh, is he angry? Maybe later...
No. Now.
Alright, alright. I'm going. Nigel, follow me.

We make our way into Volcanon's Shrine...

Yes, I am! This trip was very interesting.
That's good. What made it interesting?
I met a lot of people that live on the ground. They help each other. I made some friends.
Wonderful. It must've been a good experience for you.
I've brought a friend.

The earth trembles! Meeting with Volcanon may not have been such a great idea...

People of Grans Island caused a serious, deadly problem for the world!
They awakened Zeon, the legendary devil! I've been protecting all the ground-dwelling people. I can't forgive them for this!
Volcanon, please calm down! Nigel is not the person who did it!
Everybody who lives on the ground is responsible. They have to solve this by themselves.
What should Nigel do?
My protection ceases now! He must face the devils on his own.
But... Even the greater devils are as strong as you!

I want them to show me courage. They must reseal the devil again.
Then, please give some advice to Nigel.
Nigel, believe in the power of the jewel. It belongs to both the light and the darkness. It shows its true power when the light and the darkness are as one. Go now. I don't want to see anybody until Zeon is defeated.

I didn't know he was such a cold-hearted god. I'll go with you to reseal the devil!

Knox finally joins the team as a member that I can control.

Since Volcanon won't listen to reason, we tell King Bedoe what happened...

Are you going to kill Zeon as he demanded?

Well, it's that or let the world be destroyed, so yeah.

You're a man of honor! Why don't you go see Creed? He's an ex-greater devil. He may give you some information. You must travel along the river to get to Creed's mansion. Maybe Polca has a raft for you. Harvey, go tell the mayor to prepare a raft. Nigel, good luck!

Before we leave, we speak with a Birdman child hoping to learn to fly.

He hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet.

As we leave, we see a Birdwoman playing with her son.

Apparently she's been taking tips on parenting from Michael Jackson.

It's raining men birds!

It looks like Nigel's skull cushioned the child's fall enough for him to survive.

Thankfully, the return trip to Polca was uneventful. However, once we set foot into town...

The two demons to the side of the leader strike, killing Harvey's subordinates.

My comrades!
You're our captive. Don't force me to kill you. No more funny business, you can't resist us! Now, give me that injured boy!

Oh, Nigel, Knox!
Harvey! Why are you here?
I came here to get a raft for you. The people of Polca are being controlled by these devils. They deceived me!
Prince Harvey, I'm sorry. Polcans will not fight. Please let me join you!

Remember Zylo from Shining Force I? Yeah, Wolfy is about as awesome as him.

Don't forget me!

The devils don't. They knock him out cold.

You still dare to resist us?! For that you shall die!

Battle #13:

The invading force consists of 5 Zombies, 4 Death Archers, 3 Hobgoblins, 2 Evil Clouds, a Black Monk, and a Master Mage.

The first blood goes to one of the hobgoblins.

Nigel and Shaggy take it out.

Thankfully, Ron and Nigel can dispose of the first zombie before it can attack.

Why? Well, zombies hit hard.

Oh, and they're poisonous.

Ron, Cherry, and Samwise take out the second zombie. And since it was requested, here's Cherry's battle sprite:

Our newest recruit packs a bit of a punch.

Nigel and Cherry deal with zombie #3.

I did a bit of a catch-up session with Byron. He's still not the greatest, but at least he's not lagging way behind in levels anymore.

Yet another rampage from Ron. This is almost getting silly. He opens up with a critical and swings again.

Nigel and Cluny tag team zombie #4, but...

Cluny puts up a struggle, but the Black Monk and Hobgoblin bring him down.

Apparently, the enemy AI is a little less than stellar. The Black Monk can hit for 15-24ish depending on who the target is, but he wastes a turn Blasting Knox.

Byron takes out the hobgoblin that finished Cluny.

While Cherry picks off the Death Archer.

And Knox crushes the Black Monk.

While he could have gotten Samwise as well, he settles for Wolfy and Byron. Byron does not survive.

Nigel and Ron make him regret it, earning Ron level 15 and ending the battle.

Squawk! They knocked me senseless. Where are the devils? Nigel, did you defeat them? Nobody in Bedoe can fight like that. Thank you.
He's a great fighter. Volcanon doesn't know how good he is!

Next time: The mysterious youth.