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Shining Force 2

by Random Hajile

Part 14

Welcome to the town of Polka!

No, no, no... Polca.

On the west edge of town, we find a strange creature that's fallen and can't get up...

You, please turn me over!

As we help it to its feet, it turns into a fairy!

I'm happy to meet you. He must like you. Oh no, I can't tell you who HE is. See you later!

Hm, it would seem we've attracted someone's attention, and he wants to test the content of our character.

While we're here, we check the weapon shop...

Jackpot! Now Nigel will hit even harder. The Long Sword brings him to 42 attack power. No one else on the team has even broken 30 power yet.

In one of the homes, we find some Protect Milk lying around.

Since we're done loot exploring, we speak with the mayor to see if anything interesting is going on...

The earth shakes violently.
... like that! And it's getting worse. What's wrong, you ask?

Whoa! Mt. Volcano erupted! It's an evil omen.

Perfect. We're headed into the lair of a pissed-off volcano god.

As we head for the mountain, the volcano erupts again! When the tremors subside, a strange youth stumbles into town and collapses...

Mayor, mayor!

Mayor, a boy from the mountain is seriously injured!

He must have been caught in the eruption...
He needs prompt treatment!
Yes! Bring him into my house!

The two carry the boy off.

Put into bed, the boy seems to be suffering from quite a nightmare. The mayor isn't sure if he'll survive the night.

Since there isn't anything we can do for him, we continue on. However, a short ways up the mountain...

They're looking for something.

There are marks of a battle here and there! Against the birdmen of Bedoe?
Could be... See those volcanic rocks? Nobody but Volcanon can do that! He has never before killed birdmen, but...
Who's that?

We've been spotted!

Stupid Polca kids! Polcan people are cowards that live in peace. They shall never return alive!

Battle #12: The slopes of Mt. Volcano

The enemy force consists of 5 Hobgoblins, 3 Death Monks, 2 Witches, 1 Death Archer, and 1 Evil Cloud.

Ron and Nigel take the first hits of the battle.

Their payback is swift.

Cherry picks off the second one.

And Samwise tosses Nigel a Healing Seed to get him out of danger.

Good thing, too. A witch had Nigel in her sights.

Ron and Shaggy take her out.

Nigel and Samwise take out the third hobgoblin.

Death Monks hit for loads of damage and can heal themselves. Oh boy.

Plus, they don't seem to like Ron much.

Ashley heals him right back up, earning level 13 and Detox level 2.

Samwise blocks the next hobgoblin, earning level 13.

One monk down.

Here's one of my favorite little details about Shining Force II:

When enemies cast heal, a little devil appears instead of a fairy. A nice touch.

Two monks down. Also, that isn't a critical hit. I very much like Nigel's new sword. He earns level 15.

Cherry picked off the fourth hobgoblin.

I'll be splitting my force up here. Nigel, Cluny, Byron and Ashley will go up. Ron, Cherry, Shaggy, and Samwise will go down.

Byron's defense isn't holding up too well.


Ron and Cherry deal with the final hobgoblin.

And Cherry finishes off the last witch.

Unfortunately, Byron dies to a critical from the death archer.

Cluny goes nuts avenging his death, earning level 14.

Ah! You have the Jewel of Evil around your neck. It's you, Nigel. We've been waiting for you.

Apparently, the Death Archer was their leader. With him dead, the remaining enemies activate their explosive vests.

Nigel, did you hear that? He said, he had been waiting for you. Why do the devils want you?

We don't have an answer for him.

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